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News To Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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  1. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Whatever we may think of Mr Jinnah, his role as sole peacekeeper cannot be denied. Besides being the rationalist and the progressive of the nation, he was always keeping the dangerous situation of 100 million Muslims of India revolting at bay.

  2. HistoryBuff United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Yes, Jinnah exerted such a peacekeeping role, so much so, that during Viceroy Wavell’s reign, the contingency plan in case of trouble (e.g., unrest if Gandhi died in prison) was for the British to evacuate to what is now Pakistan, and abandon the rest of the country.

  3. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Mr. Jinnah Saheb was a great man. Period. So was Mr. Iqbal. But life must move on. Muslims must produce a Jinnah, an Iqbal and a Sir Syed every year. Every generation needs its own icon to get inspired from. This is 2012. Where is the Iqbal Jinnah Sir Syed of today ?

    How about some talk on Computers now., for a change ? Its boring, eh ? Religion – theology – abuse – politRicks – us mein mazaa hai. Math – Computers – Sciences are such a bore. Entreprenuership, Innovation, Start ups are not manly.

    Cricket IS ! Woaw. Cricket will destroy Muslims more than Aids and Cancer.
    Why dont they show interest or liking for Swimming, Cycling, Athletics, eh ? IS cricket Islamic ? And do they want to swim in Sherwanis ? Such obsession with the physical form. Its time to de-sensitize sex, so that the mind is liberated once and for all, and students can concentrate on research.

    Maximum numbers of Porn Search(es) on internet are from Muslim societies ! WHY ? Because there is too much restriction on men and women.


    City coders prove the smartest

    3 developers S.Nithin Reddy, Paulomi and Ashish Das in a jubiliant mood after their app on mobile security, developed in 24 hours, received the first prize in AppFest 2012, which concluded in Hyderabad AP. Developing innovative applications, they walk away with the accolades

    An app that assists users to remotely lock down their lost smartphone, back up contacts and track its past locations on the map, conceptualised and developed in a day, was adjudged as the best app in the ‘AppFest 2012’ here on Saturday. Another app ‘Rosary Mate’, a personal virtual prayer partner, and an app, ‘Memory Booster’, which promises to boost memory, were adjudged second and third respectively in the AppFest 2012.

    Nearly 400 developers participated in the three-day AppFest 2012 organised by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) at HICC. The ‘Hackathon’ and ‘Challengathon’ commenced on Friday during which the developers were given a time of 24 hours to develop apps in the Hackathon, while in the Challengathon, several companies asked the developers to designs apps for their products.

    Working non-stop for 24-hours, the developers slogged all through the night till wee hours of Saturday and came up with finished products on Saturday morning.

    Though the judges faced a formidable task of scrutinising a large number of applications, they were apparently impressed by the night-long effort. “This is the first AppFest where large number of coders have managed to submit a finished product. Usually, in such fests, they fail to develop the application from the conceptual stage. Here it was very different,” observed CTO and Co-Founder of, Ashay Padwal, who was one of the judges in AppFest 2012.

    Engineering graduates S. Nithin Reddy, Ashish Das and Paulami Roy Choudhary, the developers of the mobile security app, walked away with a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh. “You can control your phone remotely by using our app. If you have misplaced your phone, there is a lock down or scream option. If your select scream option, then even if you have kept phone in silent mode, it will raise alarm,” explains an elated, S. Nithin Reddy. The feature-rich app works on all platforms and was developed within 24 hours.

    City-based developers Shibu Devasia and Ken. M. Raja, who developed the ‘Rosary Mate’ app walked away with a second prize – a cash award of Rs. 75,000. “Our app helps users to pray on the go. With this app, users will get a step-by-step instruction on how to pray the Rosary of Blessed Virgin Mary. When users complete the prayer, a Rosary appears on the screen,” explains Shibu, who runs a start-up EthicCoders and specialises in spiritual apps.

    The duo of J. Adilakshmi Visali and K. Sriram, who came up with ‘Memory Booster’ app, received a high-end laptop for their efforts. “The app enables users to remember numbers. It has nine text boxes and at random these boxes are filled by numbers. The users have to observe these numbers and later recall them within 30 seconds. This app is good for persons with Alzheimer’s, because it keeps the brain alert. It is useful for children also, they said.

    The winners of the Challengathon were notified to the participants. The results are likely to be made public by Monday.

  4. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    They are (attempting to) killing Girl students in Pakistan ! Woaw. They really must be true well-wishers of Pakistan !

    State’s first duty is Law and Order. Pakistan is collapsing on that front. I do NOT wish it bad. But the truth must be uttered. Fact of the matter is : (and no one says it plainly cuz it may break the heart of the other).. Pakistan is NOT working. Even if you hand-over the whole of J&K, or even Delhi… it will NOT work. The idea., that followers of one religion can make a Society (Samaaj) is childish, naive, impractical and stupid. You do not find a model to support that worldview in the human anthropology.


    Education : Pakistan has no money to build., brick-and-mortar schools. Honestly there isnt any money at all. Except to maintain an army (against India, eh ?).

    Justice Katju has rightly advised Indo-Pak-Bangla to merge into ONE INDIA (that it always was). But it wont happen unless 200 Million more die.

    How about HOME SCHOOL Model for Pakistan ? aided by Technology, of course.

    Why not outsource the whole School Education (K-12) to Educomp. Whats wrong if you teach CBSE Sylabbus in the whole of Pakistan (Atleast Core Subjects : Math, Science, Commerce). Is CBSE Math/Science a “Hindu” sylabbus ? If so, what is the Pakistani Math/Science… Can i have a look ? The same books that were written in 1940s, eh ?

    ——————– Case Study ——————-

    Thrice a week sharp at 7 pm, 15-year-old Delhi girl Shilpa Trivedi puts on her headphones, gathers her notes and logs in to her Skype account. She connects to the call that rings out, switches her laptop camera on and spends an hour dissecting complex questions with her biology

    Till last June, Trivedi attended a popular South Delhi tutorial class. But when her favourite teacher left the coaching class, she felt her motivation slipping. A chance visit to a friend’s house while he was in the middle of an online tuition class with an ace tutor hooked her on to a new way to learn.

    “It’s been brilliant,” Trivedi said. “There’s no going back for me.”

    Across India, thousands of students like Trivedi are transitioning from conventional face-to-face tuitions to myriad online avatars that offer a win-win deal to tutors and students. Viewed as little more than tech gimmicks by many Indian educationists when they started in the mid-2000s, online tutorials are now here to stay, commanding a market of Rs. 1500 crore, which industry chamber ASSOCHAM estimates will grow to Rs. 3500 crore by 2015.

    On the way, the industry faced speed bumps but recovered. Poor broadband speeds and low internet penetration – only 10% of India’s population can access the web – still limit the reach of online tuitions. But internet access is improving and Kapil Sibal’s telecom ministry plans to connect 2.5 lakh villages on a fibre optic highway.

    For Rajiv Shah, the benefits are impossible to ignore.

    The Ahmedabad class XII student is preparing for Indian Institute of Technology admissions with the Delhi-based Vidyamandir coaching classes – online. “I can get the best tuitions available without having to travel to a different city,” said Shah.

    After taking over the coaching class in 2010, Educomp Solutions – one of the country’s first and largest e-tutorial providers – expanded the Vidyamandir imprint online to 22 cities. Like Shah, students in these cities go to designated centres, where they study long-distance with the Delhi institute’s famed teachers.

    “We see this market as the future,” said Chandan Agarwal, Educomp business head.

    The other big advantage online tuitions offer both students and service providers is the cost. Unlike the physical space and infrastructure that traditional classrooms require, online tutorials only need internet connectivity.

    This allows e-tutors the chance to earn more than they could demand traditionally or by offering their services at conventional coaching classes, while at the same time charging lower than what students need to pay for face-to-face classes.

    But the journey for the sector hasn’t only been smooth.

    The first online tutoring firm based out of India was launched in 2006, by serial entrepreneur Krishnan Ganesh. TutorVista has since grown to today reach 20,000 students across the world. The youngest student is a 6-year-old from the US, and the oldest a 65-year-old from South Korea learning English.

    About 2000 Indian students also use TutorVista, but Ganesh has expanded onto other online tutorial techniques than just one-to-one or classroom-simulated live online sessions. “We believe this approach is better suited to India.”

    One of the reasons why firms like Ganesh’s or Educomp are offering a bouquet of online tutorial options – including a focus on packages that schools can use during formal class hours – lies in the origins of the industry itself.

    The India-based online tutoring industry was born out of a demand from the US in the middle of the previous decade, when the Bush administration pushed through the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) policy.

    Under the NCLB, federal funds flow to schools that show an improvement in their results, especially with students from traditionally weaker backgrounds. This encouraged schools to turn to additional tuitions – at cheap rates – for their students.

    “Many schools turned to Indian teachers who could offer tuitions long distance, online,” Agarwal said. But as the NCLB lost steam, the demand for Indian teachers also dropped. “That’s when we realized that we needed to broaden our approach.”

    But the NCLB – and its effects on the industry – mainly affected the major online tutoring firms.

    Lalita Jain, studying for her PhD in math at Jaipur University, manages to supplement her stipend by teaching school and undergraduate students online, sitting at her desk in her apartment.

    “My elder sister, like me, funded her own studies by offering tuitions,” Jain said. “But she needed to visit homes of students. I don’t. That’s a big difference, especially as a woman.”

    Students benefit by saving on the travel too – even if the tutor is in the same city. Trivedi’s biology tutor is also in Delhi, but the class XI student saves “at least an hour and a half” every tuition day on travel.

    There are pitfalls too. Students need a lot more self-discipline than in physical classes. And the camaraderie of a classroom can be missing in one-on-one online sessions.

    But for students like Trivedi and Shah, online tutorials today offer opportunities to dream of a better future.

    “It works for me,” Shah said.

    Bottomline : India has a very weak leadership at the moment. You need a very firm action. India-Pak-Bangla must be forged into ONE UNIT., with the blessings of the 5 Powers at UNSC. THIS is the only way to contain/cap non-state criminals and their Mafiasos… be they Taliban / RSS / Altaf Husain or Bal Thackerey.

    Otherwise the States will crumble – and Mafiasos will take over. Thackereys : Mumbai, Modi : Gujarat, Some criminal : bangalore, some criminal : Karachi, some criminal : Peshawar.

    COMMON MAN (irrespective of his faith/formal religious persuasion) : will feel insecure coming out of his home. He will suffocate and die. There is too much religion in SE Asia – YET – too little of humanity. Gandhiji stressed on ‘religion’, because it sold quickly.

    He was a great marketeer. SO is Narendra modi. (Jinnah was a pure secularist.. but he too fell into the trap post 1938).

  5. tajender United Arab Emirates Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    The last head of state of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, has warned the US of an imminent Soviet-like collapse if Washington persists with its hegemonic policies.

    Speaking at a Thursday conference on the future of the Middle East and the Black Sea region in the Turkish city of Istanbul, Gorbachev noted that disintegration was the atonement that the former Soviet Union made for its mistakes and the same fate awaits the US if Washington continues to repeat similar blunders.

    On 26 December, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the world’s first and largest Communist state, was formally dissolved into fifteen independent republics, marking an end to the Cold War.

    He said the Soviet Bolsheviks sought to undermine Islamic values while in power, and noted that during the Cold War era, the world powers used religion as a tool and a weapon.

    Gorbachev denounced the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan during the Cold War era as an “unpardonable mistake” and pointed out that the US is now repeating the same mistake.

    The United States and its allies launched the war on Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but after 11 years, the foreign troops have still not been able to establish security in the country.

  6. Kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    While education is surely important, Hindus were educating themselves even when their behinds were kicked repeatedly by Believers. Real strength at the end of the day lies in true Faith, unity, and discipline behind true God’s plans. Anyone who believes even slightly in Allah’s Word knows, He does not promise victory to the most educated, but the most believing, righteous, and just (who of course is encouraged to educate himself to be aligned with the faith).

    Besides, the challenge for Indian Muslims right now, as you so well point out in all posts, is to survive. They live in an environment where Hindus are taught to rape Muslims, kill Muslims, destroy Muslims. Would any Muslim get a job in any company? I doubt it. Colleges are out of question since they are directly or indirectly funded by RSS. One shudders to think what untold horrors any Muslim must face should he or she step inside those ‘temples’ of Hindu bigotry and prejudice.

    Drone, the life of an average Believer in India is very difficult. For them staying alive is the challenge! Oh, where are our Great Sheikh Sirhindis who would bring justice and righteousness to the land and make the Muslim free again?!

    Drone, is there not a way you could organize these suffering Muslims and lead them to a just revolt? It is hard to believe that Allah would not be with you and you would not gain miraculous victories very quickly with His powers on your side.

  7. Kamath. Canada Safari iPad says:

    How come M.A.Jinnah dropped letters, ” Bhai” from his birth name Jinnahbhai? Does any body know?

  8. HistoryBuff United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Yes, Kaalchakra, and Hindus are cunning and devious too, to deflect criticism from themselves. Syed Asif Ibrahim is the new chief of the Indian Intelligence Bureau! Of course, that is a false identity, his real name is rumored to be Balachandra Chaturvedi. Meanwhile Hindus will claim that even the most sensitive of jobs can go to Muslims in India.

    Allah willing, this will be the new map of India:

  9. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Education promotes materialism. A Muslim should not care about the life on earth but strive to please Allah to get in jannat for the life hereafter.

    Life on earth is only to praise and pray the almighty.

    Kuffar creates these products which are destroying earth and spirituality. Islam is the only answer.

  10. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Milestogo : I cannot afford… and will not forego my claim on “Earth”.
    Historybuff : Hindus are a very evolved race. They know how to survive.
    Kaalchakra : Its not as easy as you think. One man leading – and Aal Izz Well.

    India has 200 MM(20 crore) Muslims. Out of which 97.5% are poor. There is no power on earth that can give each one of them a bottle of water (600 ML). They are passing thru the “Hudaybiyya” Stage of evolution. A compromise is necessary. My culture is completely Hindu. Language. Food. Dress. I enjoy Dhrupad Music (Temple singing). And i have the Islamic Faith (Advaita/One God.. Eko Jagadeeshwar – Eko Jagatguru). The two are complementary. There is NO contradiction.

    Hindus are not willing to give the job of a PEON to a Muslim. That would be “appeasement”. So what do they offer ? Migration or Death. One muslim dead is one muslim less ! (They will steal his kidney first – before killing him.. even dead-bodies can fetch money, you know… Skeletons sell well). Muslims in India will have to (and luckily are) adjust to changing times.

    First : We have to (and we have) give up urdu/arabic/persian completely for the next 300 years. THat has to be replaced by english/french/chinese mandarin..

    Second : Shaayri (urdu/arabic/persian) must be suspended for the next 300 years. That has to be replaced by Physics/Math/Sciences.

    Third : Music and Dance must be accepted as + points. The taboo from liberal arts must be removed. Man needs aesthetics too. So we delve deep into the ocean and dance… flowers… rivers… rain… nature worship ? No. In nature we see Allah.. and remember him. We dont worship the rain. We see it as His manifestation of Grace !

    Fourth : Education. GOI has no money (and no will) to spend one single rupee on muslim welfare. Then what ? Solution is : Home Schools. A network is needed… wherein we DUB the whole KG-XIIth CBSE Sylabbus in Urdu.. and that resource material (it would take atleast Rs. 200 crores to do this project) should be available for free.

    Muslims do not have money to feed themselves.. who will pay for the internet connectivity.. who will buy them the Tablet ? There is no free lunch in this world. I think some creative Financial Solutions are needed in this regard.

    Muslims need not burden themselves with a single rupee. They need not give a single rupee out of their wallet. A change of mind is needed. THey need to improve their AQLAAQ. Respect people. Speak mildly. Fight arrogance and pride. And there must be MUTUAL SYNERGY amongst muslims.

    If you have lots of clothes and want to get rid., wash your clothes, iron them., put them in a plastic bag., and give it to the needy muslims. Same for books. Shoes. Bags. Linen. Bedspreads. even Furniture and appliances. Speak gently.. LOVE EACH OTHER.


    INDIAN MUSLIMS ARE 20% OF POPULATION. IF they achieve synergy.. they can survive. We need 100,000 Muslim C.A.s. We need Muslim Startups. Musilm start-ups must employ poor muslims. Those poor muslims (labour) must work sincerely and not stab their Master. Pyaar-Mohobbat-Khuloos- Mutual dukh sukh.. a certain BOND.. needs to be strengthened.


    This is the agenda for the next 300 yrs. Any other issue(s) may be discussed after such time. Whats the hurry. Lets try this for the first 300 yrs… and see the outcome.

    Au revoir.

  11. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Earth belongs to Allah because he created it.

  12. yasserlatifhamdani Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    BJ Kumar,

    After so many years, you remain an incorrigible liar. I have posted tomes of evidence. What is the point a Mullah is going to remain a Mullah and that is what you are.

  13. Satyamukhi United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    MAJ betrayed majority of his followers by leaving them in India. The best tribute to Jinnah is for Pakistan to open its door for so called Indian Muslims so they too can enjoy the Islamic benefits in the land which is personally blessed by the Prohpet. The only land where majority of them are not only Syeds but also have the maximum dream appearnace of the founder of islam , Mohammed. Islamic Pakistan protected by Pathan, Arab and CAR warriors have nothing to fear from India. It needs to make the move and consolidate the Islamic population in one territory which was won by great freedom fighters of Pakistan in struggle against British , Hindus and Sikhs.

  14. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Narendra Modi sweeps Gujarat 3rd time ! Why and How.

    Ser (Sher) Aaya – Ser Aaya ; Gujarat Kaa Ser Aaya..

    Development : Kuch nahin hua. Except the NANO Factory in Sadand, 40 kms from Ahmedabad (now they call it Amdavad. They hate the sound of the word “Ahmed” so much !… and well… the Official Capital is GANDHINAGAR ! by the way).

    The point is that the development story is an insidious cover: the credibility that Mr. Modi has acquired among large sections of Gujarati Hindu voters over the years is :

    “for what his government oversaw in 2002 and later in extra-judicial killings of Muslims, not for engineering a spectacular model of economic development.”

    Modi had the audacity to take on the might of the aggressive Muslims and to preserve our ‘asmita’ (regional pride). He is a real lion! At the heart of ‘asmita’ is a discourse of nativism and mobilisation around a narrative that had long seen Gujaratis as victims of outside meddlers, write Nalin and Mona G. Mehta : “Gujarat Beyond Gandhi: Identity, Conflict and Society”.

    Victimhood of Gujarati Hindu formed core of the nativism. Indeed, provision of State resources and economic development are not real winning factors for the BJP. In avoiding Muslim representation, the party has clarified that it has no intention to veer from its ideological commitment to Gujarati ‘asmita’ and Hindu nationalism. Unlike Congress that can be held by the scruff of its neck for swaying away from its secular ideology, the BJP cannot be held accountable for ‘sadbhavana’ promises broken !!! (Therein lies the difference of DEGREE).

    Modi’s ‘Ten years of peace’ : This is the BJP’s favourite catchphrase after ‘development.’ In Ahmedabad, communal violence and curfews were so recurrent during Congress governments that a year without a big / small riot was a rarity ! But are these 10 years of peace under BJP as vibrant as its economy?

    10 years later he is quick to clarify how his venerable reference to Ahmed ‘miyan’ Patel was misconstrued as a communal slur. Even as Hindus on one side cheered to every remark that their charismatic leader made, Muslims stayed silent. For many of them, Mr. Modi was giving across an untrustworthy signal. “I will not vote for him, though I fear that if I don’t there could be another riot,” a Muslim man from Jamalpur, said. In expressing his dilemma, the rickshaw driver simplified a vast scholarly literature on the subject of Hindu-Muslim relations in India:

    That Electoral competition and violence are crucially linked. (YLH.. note this).

    If there is peace in Gujarat today, it is primarily because violence is not required. In addition, Ahmedabad is as polarised as it used to be and Muslims continue to be refused housing. Life in post-riot ghettos is a permanent reality.

    Where communal segregation is assumed to be normal, peacefulness cannot be normal.

    Legitimisation of prejudice : Anti-Muslim prejudice is rooted in Gujarat. It always was, even before 2002, when Congress was in power. In earlier times, Prejudice was profound but latent; a semblance of guilt in expressing anti-Muslim prejudice existed…. The difference then and now is the expression of this prejudice. In these 10 years of peace the guilt has disappeared.

    Muslim hatred is completely acceptable today, for many continue their rant against Muslims even after they discover they are talking to one. Is the earlier hypocrisy preferred to the existing cockiness? Maybe so if one believes that legitimised prejudice is worse than calculated normality.

    I am proud of be part of a thriving democracy. But a thriving democracy inevitably means chaos and the liberty to dissent. The fear of disrupting peace by showing dissent is as frightening as violence. Development is as much about human dignity as it is about gross domestic product…. but….

  15. Mohammed Ahmed Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Totally this is being 100 to 1000 percent correct only. Only the Mr Jinnah was correct. Not the Hindu Brahmin (money-minded) bania Ghandhi invented by British.

    Yes he was the British invented. What the proof? That he totally to 1000 per cent betrayed the Musalmans. Only about MONEY he cared. Jinnah cared damn care about MONEY. He just given it all away but Ghandhi KEPT. This is the differnce. Biggest.

    Ghandhi lived in Palace, Jinnah in mud hut. Ghandhi dressed Savile Row suits, Jannabhai went in simple homespun khadi cloth, almost naked.

    That is why Churcheel sneered: “This Jinnah is half-naked Muslim fakeer!”. Jinnahbhai was only PROUD of that. He said “Mr Churcheeel, I am half-naked but trying to be FULLY naked!”

    Did you ever saw Mr Jinnah smoke? Oh no ! Not at all! But Ghandhi was never without huge fat Havana cigar, puffing puffing and blowing it in Jinnahbhai’s face.

    Did you ever see Mr Jinnah to drink? Of no! Not in the least! But Ghandhi was FULL of WHISKEY morning till late in the night. Drinking drinking drinking and vomitting then drinking. While uttering anti-Islam insults. What a goonda!

    Did you ever see Mr Jinnah eat even one small piece of meat? Oh no! Not at all! He would be SICK. But Ghandhi ate half a cow every SINGLE day. Eating, vomitting, eating. Telling anti-Islam jokes. What a horrible cannibal!

  16. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    You have totallee exposed the character of Ghandee today. You have opened my eyes

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