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Passport to Paradise

By Ghazala Akbar

Every five years or so, those Pakistanis fortunate to travel for work or for pleasure
go through a period of extreme anxiety and trepidation: the renewal of the green Passport. What should, in theory at least, be a routine visit to a Passport Office or
an Embassy to establish a fundamental right often becomes a merry- go- round
that merits inclusion in Dante’s nine circles of hell. Thankfully, not anymore.
Welcome to E- Government, Pakistani-style.

Some of us born in pre-historic eras (i.e. prior to 1977) are inclined to view
Pakistani history through rose- tinted glasses, wallowing in nostalgia, wistful
and maudlin at the sorry decline in the standards of public services. Some of it is
justified, some is not. We should give credit where credit is due. Under the steady
watchful eye of N.A.D.R.A. (National Data Registration Agency) and the
introduction of Machine Readable Passports (MRP), the hitherto tedious business of applying for or renewing an existing passport is as easy as ABC.(Alpha, Bravo, Charlie!)

Gone are the cumbersome forms and the quest for an elusive Gazetted Officer to
countersign the application. Gone are the trips to the photographer for three photos
with the right background and your ‘likeness’ attested by a ‘professional’ (Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer etc.) And most welcome of all, gone is the reliance on sleazy passport ‘agents’ whispering ‘Jinnah, Jinnah, Jinnah’ in dimly-lit corridors. This unpatriotic
Mantra, a rather cynical reference to the hundred rupee note, needed to grease palms and smooth the way through the bureaucratic maze. (That’s why the Father of the Nation
isn’t smiling in that photo).

It’s not often that the indefatigable Chief at the Ministry of the Interior gets a pat on
the back for his untiring efforts on behalf of the citizenry but he can take a bow on this one. And that goes too for the NADRA personnel and staff at the High Commission in
Knightsbridge, London, SW1. They provide a sterling service dealing with an avalanche
of applications for passports and identity cards in what must arguably be one of the busiest Pakistani offices overseas.

So impressive is the service that prospective applicants (termed as ‘customers’) almost don’t notice that the initial ‘Reception Centre’ is housed in a Tent. Spelt, T-E-N-T. Defined in various dictionaries as a ‘temporary shelter made of canvas and supported by pegs’. That is perfectly understandable. We are a developing country with a booming population. And given our penchant for all things Arab, what better place to affirm your Pakistani Muslim identity than a tent.

All right, perhaps I am prone to exaggeration. Tent is a misnomer. It is a grand marquee, the type they use for weddings and parties with lights, floor covering, plastic chairs and four suspended ceiling fans that do double duty as heaters in winter. As providers of warmth, these are as effective as candles in an igloo, but no matter. What’s a little discomfort when so many are without gas or electricity and live in tents all their lives. Besides the system was fair. First come, First served. Take a number and wait for your turn. No ‘sifarish’, no ‘wasta’ necessary or the standard question to intimidate bureaucracy: ‘Do you know who I am?’

Any thoughts of whiling the time in pleasant conversation, reading or in quiet contemplation reflecting upon the wisdom of Rumi – ‘be quiet, sit still and listen’ was rudely hit for six. My fellow Pakistanis had other ideas. They jostled, they shoved, they pushed and they played musical chairs, moving incessantly like a herd of restless camels in a tent. This alarming group behavior compelled me to quit Rumi and focus on two mystifying questions:

Firstly, what is it with overseas Pakistanis that will queue stoically at bus stops,
ticket booths and immigration counters – or – wait patiently at public hospitals, banks
and post offices in foreign lands – yet – the moment we are in the precincts of an area designated as ‘home ground’ a transformation occurs, the persona changes, good manners, discipline, decorum and civic sense is thrown out of the window?

Secondly, how is it that the devout amongst us – the ones that can go up to eighteen hours in the holy Month of Ramadan without a drop or morsel passing the lips are unable to exercise the same admirable self-control for a few hours, voraciously and noisily consuming greasy parathas, samosas, burgers and other edibles leaving a trail of tell-tale crumbs and detritus that attract vermin – carrying pigeons from places as far as Trafalgar

After an hour and a half of contemplation, with no plausible answers forthcoming, I was
saved by the bell. My number came up. Thereafter I was sent to a building and a brave new world. Once I had paid my Fifty-two Pounds, the whiz kids of NADRA took over. They are efficiency personified. The whole process — entering personal data, fingerprints, photo, and security checks against the Exit Control List was simplicity itself. My only objection was that my photo wasn’t flattering. The kind photographer remarked that in ten years when the passport came up for renewal, I would probably appreciate it a bit more.

The whole process was so swift, that there was barely time to reflect on the one unsavoury part of the whole application business: signing a cleverly-worded declaration that asks us to confirm our belief as Muslims by recognizing the finality of the Prophet hood, (PBUH), condemning a group of fellow-citizens to non-Muslim status and denouncing the founder of their sect as an impostor, all at one go. Whoever designed that pro forma is a genius. You cannot just agree with one part and bypass the other two. It is a logical progression. There is no provision for ‘don’t know’ or ‘conscientious objector’ or ‘Pass’.

Electronic excommunication at the click of a mouse. The irony couldn’t be more acute, the contrast starker. State-of-the-Art technology facilitating bigotry; intolerance and the embedding of a medieval mind-set on adults and children too, as everyone under the age of eighteen now needs an MRP of their own. The most chilling aspect is that I signed the declaration automatically, robotically without a moment’s hesitation or a murmur of disapproval. Like the Party Members in the State of Oceania in George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty- Four’, I vented my ‘two minutes of hate’ effortlessly and mindlessly, in two seconds flat.

In ten years when the passport comes up for renewal will there be more sects to excommunicate and denounce as heretics and apostates? At the rate we are going, yes possibly. Will I put my name on the dotted line as easily as I did recently? Yes, probably. Because for the past several decades I am slowly but surely being conditioned to expect and accept bigotry, hate and intolerance as the norm. It is now part of my psyche. It doesn’t shock any longer. Minorities may go to hell. I am part of the Silent Majority. I am a certified Pakistani Muslim. I have a passport to paradise. My entry is guaranteed.

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32 Responses to "Passport to Paradise"

  1. Mohan United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:


    A very good article and the last paragraph is just superb.

  2. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    One can now understand why many travelers from other continents show up at frontiers of Europe asking for asylum without any documentations. The travel document no longer needed at the end of the travel and therefore conveniently discarded.

    Rex Minor

  3. nasreen Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Ghazala your writing truly makes me laugh!!. When will your book be out?

  4. Raju Jamil Pakistan Safari iPad says:

    Excellent Ghazala….and Faiz Sahab use to say “Ye mulk jaisa lutrumm puttrumm chall raha hai…..Aisa Hee Luttrumm puttrumm chalta rahega….!

  5. Zohra Yusuf Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    brilliant, Ghazala! I cringe each time I have to sign the unmentionable part but end up doing so – passport to paradise, indeed

  6. Amin United Kingdom Safari iPad says:

    In the next ten years the ‘ Declaration in case of Muslims’ on the
    form will also include : Deobandi/ Barelvi/
    Hanafi/ Sha’fi/ Ahle Hadees/ Ahle Sunnah etc etc.
    Please cross out as necessary!

  7. Ahmad Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Avery good piece of writing indeed. So true and so well worded and amusing, but to the point.

  8. AKB Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @Raju Jamil

    If this mulk latrum patrum chal reha he tu issay chor kion nhi detay??
    Tum hereitc Mirzai jis thali mein khatay ho ussee mein chaid karto ho..
    tumhari khaslat mein badi he ….tum log fitratan shaitan ke pero kaar ho!

  9. AKB Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Mere aur Rex ke ilawa yehan sub jhootay Mirzai heretics hein….in shaitanoan ne is blog ko ghaira hua he….ATP kee tarah woh is blog ko bhi kisi bhi waqt band karwa ka chodein gay!!

  10. Kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    One of the cardinal principles of Ahmadism is that if you do not agree with them you will be destroyed. They allows for a silly psychological game where any trouble anywhere outside the charmed Ahmadi circle is attributed to not agreeing with the Ahmadi position (which is equivalent to oppressing them and thus fit for earning Ahmadi Allah’sw wrath).

    Some Pakistani liberals have bought the suggestion that any troubles that Pakistan faces is because of the Ahmadi issue. Come of think of it – it is a rather bigoted, obscurantist idea that posits Ahmadis as more human than the rest of mankind – but then our liberal friends where never known to be too sharp.

  11. Sardar KHAN United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Reading your article,it is clear that you object ahmadis/qadianis are denied the right of calling themselves muslims.But have you ever asked the same question,”Do you accept main stream muslims,who do not accept mirza ghulam ahmeds teachings are true,are they muslims?.”
    Iam sure that you will be surprised by his answer,that no they are not muslims at all.If any ahmadi/marzai ever says,yes they are also muslims,he will be lying.As mirza ghulam ahmed has called all the muslims,who do not accept him as massiha/prophet are not muslims at all.Therefore,these qadianis/marzais/ahmedis do not accept 1.5 billion Muslims as true believers.Then why you insist rest of the Muslims must accept these 100000 amedis/marzais/qadianis as muslims?
    Mirza ghulam ahmed was an imposter and will remain liar and imposter for ever and no true Muslim will ever accept his fallowers(miss guided people)as true Muslims.As Quran say,2Prophet Muhammud SWS.was the last Prophet/Khatam – e – Nabuiat and no prophet will ever come among the muslim,up to the DAY OF JUDGMENT.”There the case rests,no matter how much these qadianis/ahmedis/marzais beat their drum for acceptence.The only way they will be called Muslims,when they denounce mirza sb.first and accept the doctrine of KHATAM – e – Nabiuat(finality of Prophet MUHAMMUD SWS/PBUH.

  12. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    “”****I really do not wish to be the cause of any personal anguish to you. As a desperate measure, will it help if I advised you as a senior Ahmadi might. Hope it helps.””””**
    anything you say against ahmadiyyat is personnel,im sorry!you definately sound very desperate here, otherwise how could you relate yourself with a senior of the same ahmadis you never hesitate from talking shit about, the same ahmadi you loathe. what happened to you now you act like senior ahmadi, what happened to you , why are you so frustrated, did anything i said made you like that, well i m sorry in that case.Hope it helps.
    ***”””Mahee, Rex follows a dead religion. The True Allah whom you follow revived True Islam through Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah & Mahdi. So Rex is living in sin. He is headed to jahannam.””***
    well, k.c , i dont think any human has the power to judge whose going where , atleast not us muslim. but i dont know since you said that, are you the god now? should i take your picture and start worshipping you or at least let others of your religion know about this, they might be missing the oppurtunity of worshipping this new God who has arrived in there alive religion. please share your picture if this is the case.thanks to you i was worried amitabh bachan is going to be worshipped in india for a very long time , but you solved it for me.
    “””**I follow a dead religion. The True Allah whom you follow revived True Hinduism through Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah & Mahdi. So I am living in sin. I am headed to an even worse place””**
    whatever you are following is between you and your GOds, im no one to judge your faith.again
    Mirza Ghulam (a.s0 or me or anyone donot know who is going where?? im the one who speaks for the messiah, im the one who spreads enlightenment, im the one who shares divine the one who wishes good for you and all others.
    “””****Sufis follow a dead religion. The True Allah whom you follow revived True Islam through Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah & Mahdi. So sufis are living in sin. They are headed to the worst place reserved for those who engage in shirk on this earth.”””****
    there is no sufi , no mujadid, no hindu prophet, no baba nanak we dont give respect to. we have the highest level of respect for all the sufis, all the saints, all the holy founders of all the religions , and thats what we,ve been screaming on the highest of ourr voices here,Whats your problem with that? whats actually wrong with with giving respect to all, spreading **PEACE** huh!!our motto is that
    your problem??if their followers have taken their teachings in the wrong direction, and started worshipping them instead of one GOD who sent them , then its not at all their sins.but the sins are on their mislead followers.
    “””***Except as a good human being, you need not lose sleep over what we say or write. We are headed to hell anyway. You have done your part – warned us, now let us all say and write what we will, while you just take it easy and relax.”””****
    you nailed this part, cause im actually having the best sleep ever. i sleep like a baby, and the entire night even day i feel divine blessings on me.but even then im no one to judge even my ownself, i really have no idea where im going it might be hell, it might be heaven. i strive everyday for the right path and will keep sriving thats what “”jihad”” means literally to strive and to struggle, and whatever i struggle for i share with others thats my generous nature, but still the day i sit and relax will be the last day of the faithful life im struggling for to please ALLAH. the day my eyes and ears and head will stop working, the day world will not need me, and the day GOD will not be pleased with me.
    “”***So long as you continue to offer complete obedience to your Khallifa in all ‘right matters’, keep sending your monthly chanda to him, you can look forward to the joys that await you uniquely in the world hereafter.
    I really hope that sense of heightened anticipation would calms your nerves down.”””*****
    anything, or anyone speaking immorally can never heighten my nerves, it rather inspires me to strive more.neither my chanda, nor my khalifa can help me on the day of judgement, the sad part. only my struggle in the way of ALLAH is gonna count. Its ALLAH alone, that i want to please and my KHALIFA is someone who strongly persuades me towards GOD and righteous way, just like every man needs reminder im always indebted to my KHALIFA for reminding us time and again and discouraging us from sinful , dead and immoral life.

  13. Amin United Kingdom Safari iPad says:

    @ Sardar Khan: here’s a parable for you:
    An American tourist was on a boat in Zanzibar.
    He asked the Boatman, Do you know any Biology, Zoology, Sociology, Geology or
    The Boatman replied, No I don’t. The American said, then what the heck on Earth
    do you people know! You will die of ignorance and illiteracy.
    A few hours later the Boat began to sink. The boatman turned to the terrified tourist
    and asked , Do you know any swimology and escapology from crocodology?
    The Tourist said, No, I don’t
    The Boatman replied , well in that case today you will drownology and I will not
    helpology your assology from being eaten by crocodology. You will dieology because
    of your badmouthology.

    Moral of the strory: Be nice to everyone, sir. They may not have all the answers.
    Neither do you.

  14. parliament certified muslim United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    {{..Mere aur Rex ke ilawa yehan sub jhootay..}}
    Bakwas. Yahan sirf aik sacha musalman hai aur wo mein hoon. Kyoonke sirf mein hee Aain-e-Pakistan ka sanad-yafta musalman hoon. Mein hee “Parliament-Certified Muslim” hoon. Tihattar kay aain ki doosri tarmeem ke mutabiq mein hee musalman hoon. Mujhay Aain-e-Pakistan ke ilawa Mumlikat al Saudia al Arabia al Islamia al Wahabia ka bhi certificate hasil hai. Meray ilawa PTH par aik bhi sacha musalman nahin.

    Qadiyanis, which we have dealt with so often, are not muslim simply because they do not follow the Islamic definition of the parliament.


    Tauba kar aur musalman ho ja. Aur yad rakh ke musalman wohi hai jo Aain-e-Pakistan ka sanad-yafta musalman ho.

  15. Sardar KHAN United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The trouble with you merzai/qadiani/ahmadi’s that you always go round and round the actual argument instead of giving any solid proofs of mirza ghulam ahmed’s claim of prophet/messiah at all.
    My whole point was that you people do not accept all Muslims(who do not accept mirza’s claim of prophethood/messiah)as true followers of Islam.You have failed to deny it and gone round and round using abusive language as you people always do.
    My question is still there,”As you people do not accept us as Muslims,then Why should we accept you as a muslim?.”
    Stop crying as a baby.Stop crying at your treatment while you yourself treat others with contempt.
    As mirza was a liar and an imposter,which can be prooved from his own writtings and his so many claims,of being (a)an auliya,then (b)massih e malud and finaly(c) a messanger of ALLAH SWTreceiving devine messages and performing miricals,which were always prooven wrong.
    That will be a good start if you can give a straight ansewer to my basic question without going round and round.

  16. truth power Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @Sardar KHAN, sahab,
    reading your comments clearly reflects the venom you have catered in yourself for i dont know how many years against ahmadiyyat! beCAUSE no matter how many proofs we give , to some one with this anti ahmadi venom, the blindness due to the poison always multiplies, i just dont know why??
    as to your question “”**My question is still there,”As you people do not accept us as Muslims,then Why should we accept you as a muslim?.””**
    1. in none of the literature that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed has written, is it written, that anyone who recites a kalima is not a muslim, okay lets be very clear about it!!this is no merry go round trip, i state this very sound mind that , Mirza Sahib, has never declared a reciter of kalima a non muslim!so clear this in your mind for once, and all time, and please depress the venom secretion, while registering this info in your poisonous mind.
    2.when Holy Prophet(s.a.w), has declared that anyone who recites the kalima is a muslim, then who are we to say anything, we must be very clear on this an ahmadi, will chose death over declining any command of Holy Prophet (s.a.w), and mark my words when i say that. i dont know if the same applies on your mullah brigade, and their certifying body, that issues certificates to its certified muslims,the chosen ones who sign on the declaration of declining Mirza sahib as prophet.these chosen ones please the mullah brigade for sure,but we dont know with the tiniest certinity whether Allah is being pleased here or i say and say again faith is a matter between man and God, no parliament or government has the right to judge it.why are they judging faiths now, are they certified by ALLAH? who is going in the wrong direction here? its for you to judge!
    3.please open your mind and clear your venomous red eyes, when i say this to you with utmost conviction, that ahmadis, believe anyone who calls himself a ” muslim is a muslim.”
    4The promissed messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (a.s) sahib was sent for spiritual elevation of humanity.there are numerous levels of faith, the messiah/mahdi, was sent to uplift the level of faith. it was good fortune , and true prayers of those noble pious people, whose prayers came true in the shape of Mirza sahib. he came to elevate the level of our faith from lower levels to higher levels of faith, to bring us closer to lead us toward the right path of following by seeing, by making us see the divine light in a better manner.we all need guidance again and again dont we? when Allah is really happy only then he blesses us with this great blessing of a prophet to revive our faith and clear the dust and dirt on our hearts.when every thing else has been completed by holy prophet(s.a.w), the shariah, and his sunnah, contain all the guidance a man needs, but messiah was sent to revive these divine teachings, he didnot bring any new teachings, but yes he gave much clearer interpretations of those controversial hot spots , that are disputed among different sects of muslims. the messiah , was sent to clear these disputes and bring all the muslims together following the only one , real islam.if you read his literature clearly you see, that he has pretty much cleared all the disputes, all the misconceptions. when you get rid of this venomous red eye syndrome, only then proceed with reading his divine books, otherwise dont bother, you will start going round again.which will give you hallucinations, so that the sysmptoms of your disease will become even more severe, and you will read abusive language writen by ahmadi, which in reality however never existed, it was your own mind lying to you.
    not even a single ahmadi has ever been caught using abusive languagee unreasonably on this page, not even when agitated to his or her extreme levels.
    at least read something before writing crazy non sense!

  17. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear Sister (brother?) Mahee,

    Let us love everyone. Let us love ourselves too. So much excitement is not good for you.

    Dear Mahee, this is a friendly exchange of information. Your understanding of Ahmadism is very poor, of Islam, nil.

    Making judgements of right and wrong, of what will take us to hell, and what will take us closer to Allah is not called ‘power’. It is called basic responsibility of a believer.

    May the true God show you the right path.

  18. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    Tauba tauba!

  19. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    Brother, are you telling us that Ahmadis use abusive language reasonably and non-Ahmadis do so unreasonably? That is an unfortunate statement to make.

  20. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:


    December 17, 2012

    Some dead children are mourned; others are dehumanised.

    By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 17th December 2012

    “Mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow, nor can they heal your wounded hearts … These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.”(1) Every parent can connect with what Barack Obama said about the murder of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut. There can scarcely be a person on earth with access to the media who is untouched by the grief of the people of that town.

    It must follow that what applies to the children murdered there by a deranged young man also applies to the children murdered in Pakistan by a sombre American president. These children are just as important, just as real, just as deserving of the world’s concern. Yet there are no presidential speeches or presidential tears for them; no pictures on the front pages of the world’s newspapers; no interviews with grieving relatives; no minute analysis of what happened and why.

    If the victims of Mr Obama’s drone strikes are mentioned by the state at all, they are discussed in terms which suggest that they are less than human. The people who operate the drones, Rolling Stone magazine reports, describe their casualties as “bug splats”, “since viewing the body through a grainy-green video image gives the sense of an insect being crushed.”(2) Or they are reduced to vegetation: justifying the drone war, Obama’s counterterrorism adviser Bruce Riedel explained that “you’ve got to mow the lawn all the time. The minute you stop mowing, the grass is going to grow back.”(3)

    Like Bush’s government in Iraq, Barack Obama’s administration neither documents nor acknowledges the civilian casualties of the CIA’s drone strikes in north-west Pakistan. But a report by the law schools at Stanford and New York universities suggests that during the first three years of his time in office, the 259 strikes for which he is ultimately responsible killed between 297 and 569 civilians, of whom 64 were children(4). These are figures extracted from credible reports: there may be more which have not been fully documented.

    The wider effects on the children of the region have been devastating. Many have been withdrawn from school because of fears that large gatherings of any kind are being targeted. There have been several strikes on schools since George W Bush launched the drone programme that Obama has expanded so enthusiastically: one of Bush’s blunders killed 69 children(5).

    The study reports that children scream in terror when they hear the sound of a drone. A local psychologist says that their fear and the horrors they witness is causing permanent mental scarring. Children wounded in drone attacks told the researchers that they are too traumatised to go back to school and have abandoned hopes of the careers they might have had: their dreams as well as their bodies have been broken(6).

    Obama does not kill children deliberately. But their deaths are an inevitable outcome of the way his drones are deployed. We don’t know what emotional effect these deaths might have on him, as neither he nor his officials will discuss the matter: almost everything to do with the CIA’s extrajudicial killings in Pakistan is kept secret. But you get the impression that no one in the administration is losing much sl…………………‘bug-splats’/

  21. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ Sardar KHAN


  22. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ truth poweR



  23. Mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear Sister (brother?) Mahee,
    “”"***Let us love everyone. Let us love ourselves too. So much excitement is not good for you.**”"
    K.C, YOUR PROPOSITION IS VERY ENCOURAGING, TOWARDS THE PEATH OF HUMANITY, AND MASHALLAH, IM ALREADY ON IT,the only problem with you here is that ,you should love others and your kind in the same manner as you love yourself, i know its difficult! but sadly my excitement is heightened every day on this path of “living and let others live”your hate comments and misinterpretations are contradicting this love message you are inculcating me to go on.actually it excites me even more brother, your hatred, is my inspiration to work more.
    “”"***Dear Mahee, this is a friendly exchange of information. Your understanding of Ahmadism is very poor, of Islam, nil.”"”***
    dear, k.c, sir, again this is a friendly exchange,.your understading of Ahmadism is non existent, and you have no idea about “islam”"…….
    “”"****Making judgements of right and wrong, of what will take us to hell, and what will take us closer to Allah is not called ‘power’. It is called basic responsibility of a believer”"”"***.
    again im unfortunately, no authority on making judgements tenth time im writing this for you.your faith is between you and your god, my faith and beliefs is between me and my god.i am not judjing it. if for you i will quote a few lines of promissed messiah
    “”"”"”"Everyone who is purified, is purified through firmness of conviction. It is conviction which gives you the strength to bear hardships, even to the extent of persuading a king to abdicate his royal throne and take to the life of a mendicant. Conviction dissolves all difficulties. Conviction enables a man to see God. All ideas of any atoning sacrifice are false, for every kind of purity comes only from firm conviction. The only thing which delivers a man from sin, and advances him in sincerity and steadfastness, far ahead of the angels themselves, is conviction and conviction alone. All religions which fail to create this firmness of conviction are false. All religions which fail to show God by means beyond any shadow of doubt are false; and all those religions are false which contain nothing more than a handful of tales and fables about what happened in the past.”"”"”"”
    i hope your closed mind, get the real message here!if you actually are a follower of any faith, and you are following it with conviction, my founder has words of respect for you, and i have my respect for you!so kindly refresh your biased knowledge.
    May the true God show you the right path.

  24. Mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:


  25. truth power Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    enough of your litany, enough is enough, yes you are right about alot of solid argument is been posted on “are ahmadis non muslims article” okay and regretfully i inform this to you brother is that you have lost every one of them, i have observed it for so long and i have given some arguments to you filthy person, myself and in response to those you have been nothing but bag full of lies , bad filthy language and arguments so weak,that no sane man can hardly see any wisdom or knowledge through them. and seriously man you are telling me that its enough, i am so sick of your bad mouth and your absurdity that all i dread is the curse of GOd you have invoked upon yourself.please mend your ways. your shitty mouth and perjurious arguments and false allegations has already brought alot of guilt stains on your clothes. stop spraying your poison on all pages, as this poison of yours is a liars and immoral persons poison, and the righteous can never be affected by it.
    tum apni behuda bakwaas band karo, aur jao jaa kay apnay gunahi ki muaafi mango Khuda say…..

  26. truth power Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    ahmadees are not allowed to call themselves muslims because the parliament doesnot certify them to say it alone, the terminology for our religion is only accepted when it has ahmadi or qadiyani with it!otherwise parliament charges them of blasphemy and what not, if they write or call themselves only muslims. if only the other muslims had the sense of what pain ahmadis have to go through on everyday basis in this parliament certified religious country.its a habit, in ahmadis to call thmselves ahmadi muslims, not to show ourselves superior but to protect ourselves from the skeptic eyes and laws which donot accept ahmadi status of being just a “”muslim”" hence ahmadi muslim!! duh

  27. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    truth ji

    Ahamdis cannot pose as Muslims in more and more islamic countries – so the question of ‘Ahmadi Muslim” doesn’t arise in Pakistan. AKB was asking why Ahmadis emphasize ahmadiyat in unIslamic countries where people don’t have a clue about any religion anyway. I hope that clarifies his question. Best.


    Thank you for that calm exegesis of what you know of Ahmadism. But I was speaking of Islam. In Islam every Muslim is required to make judgements of right and wrong, of virtue to be promoted, and of vice to be opposed.

  28. truthpower Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    k.c ji,
    in more and more islamic countries where there is an ahmadi muslim community there is a non hamadi muslim community as well, therefore in order to avoid any unrest arising between the two, because obviously in no matter which country we are the non ahmadi muslims donot speak for us, rather they love to speak against us.
    we are a peace loving community, we donot encourage any sort rivalry or hate spread. its only pakistan, that has failed to provide protection to its loyal and die hard patriotic ahmadi citizens, but in all other countries ahmadis are exemplary patriots of thier societies and they want to keep their image that way. it promotes our message of peace.
    plus sunnis even abroad go to the sunni mosque, and shias to their respective imam barha and ahmadis to thier ahmadi mosque, if they are all the same in other far distant countries then why cant all of them go the same mosque?its a matter of your identity, your community your specific representation.your faith doesnt change abroad.needless to say ahmadis call themselves “muslim”and not ahmadi or qadiyani alone, because thats not what they are, just like the the shia muslims they are ahmadi muslims! and to those who dont know the difference cannot differentiate at all between them as basics of all the muslims are the same.
    argument again is so weak, i dont know whats wrong with akb, when he portrays this imbicilic side of him so proudly! and you k.c are even worse.

  29. truthpower Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    error:non ahmadi

  30. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thank you for that calm exegesis of what you know of Ahmadism. But I was speaking of Islam. In Islam every Muslim is required to make judgements of right and wrong, of virtue to be promoted, and of vice to be opposed.”"****
    true that, mister, a man of any faith and not just islam, is required rather obligated to make judgements between right and wrong !!
    again for the eleventh time no muslim or ahmadi has the right to judge the “”"faith”" of some person, as its written in quran, that there will always be some pious jews and righteous christians who will be blessed by god and god will be pleased with them. hence, i or any human has no right to judge whats in heart of any man.its a matter between man and god.the messiah was for the spritual elevation of humanity, and he inculcated the humanity towards higher levels of faith and sprituality. nowhere, has he said that a person who recites kalima is not a muslim, and again for the second time, he believes that conviction in every faith is necessary and his true followers are supposed to follow the real faith with real conviction.and those religions with only tales and fables remaining are obviously lacking the true wisdom required to inculcate true conviction.the true spirit of following a religion lies in its practicality , divine teachings, wisdom,and its strong connection with reality.tales and fables have as such no reality in them they are just stories and we dont know for sure how much of those are true. so how can we follow them with the utter devotion required to reach higher levels of faith!so please dont take this in the wrong way but messiah was quite right about it!this is my judgement of right and wrong talking with the knowledge i already have and i respect yours too, your faith matters between you and your god!

  31. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    truth ji

    I am glad you are able to make judgements of bad from worse, whatever the value of your assessment be. Now, if you could merely follow Islamic guidelines and can tell right from wrong, you would make quite a progress.

    Mahee ji

    I do not know what ‘your god’ you have in mind. There is only one true God – Allah. Please don’t believe there is anything between you and some non-existent ‘god;. Such foolishness should be abandoned in this day and age. Who told you about these ‘gods’?

  32. Parliament certified muslim United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    {{–Tauba tauba!–}}

    Mere lip service won’t save you from eternal damnation. Say “tauba tauba” from your heart and also recite the Kalima from your heart. Zaban se Kalima to Qadiani bhi parhte hein. And also get the Certificate-of-Musalmani from the Parliament of Pakistan, countersigned by Mumlikat al Saudia al Arabia al Islamia al Wahabia. Also, you need a proper circumcision under the close supervision of a true Sunni Alim, certified by the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Then he will let you enter the fold of the parliament approved deen.

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