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Mahatma Gandhi on race relations between Indians, White people and Africans

By Yasser Latif Hamdani 

Will the real Gandhi please stand up?

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most extraordinary men in human history. While he is respected as the founding father of India by most Indians, his impact is truly global, more than any other leader from the subcontinent. He continues to inspire millions around the world and amongst those who claim to be the great man’s devotees have been leaders as diverse as Dr King and Robert Mugabe, freedom fighters like Mandela and presidents like the US President Barack Hussain Obama.

 Given the global and universal nature of Mahatma Gandhi’s impact, it is the duty of a researcher and a seeker of truth – to use Gandhiji’s own vocabulary- to place on record those things that can at most only be blind spots and minor blemishes on a global figure. After all Gandhiji was human and never claimed t be God, even if his followers thought he was. 

I therefore reproduce here Bapu’s statements on race relations taken directly from the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi. These are a series of writings Gandhiji indulged in during his South Africa period. He was well in his 30s and a political leader and activist of great renown.  I reproduce these statements without comment.  Some of the greatest men have had their shortcomings, from Jefferson to Lincoln. Gandhiji was no exception.  This should be taken in a spirit of inquiry and should not be considered blasphemy (since these are Gandhi’s own words not mine) against Mahatma Gandhi’s memory.  A point of clarification : Kaffirs = native Africans.  Gandhiji in these letters and writings seem to entertain a two-race theory which he never seemed to recant.


“The last week has been very busy. We have not had a moment’s leisure. We saw Mr. Theodore Morison of Aligarh and the well-known Mr. Stead of the Review of Reviews. Mr. Stead has boldly come out to give us all the help he can. He was therefore requested to write to the same Boer leaders that they should not consider Indians as being on the same level as Kaffirs

Indian Opinion, 15-12-1906, CWOMG Vol. 6, pg 183


“The cell was situated in the Native quarters and we were housed in one that was labeled ‘For Coloured Debtors’. It was this experience for which we were perhaps all unprepared. We had fondly imagined that we would have suitable quarters apart from the Natives. As it was, perhaps, just as well that we were classed with Natives. We would now be able to study the life of Native prisoners, their customs and manners. …Degradation underlay the classing of Indians with natives. The Asiatic Act seemed to me to be the summit of our degradation. It did appear to me, as I think it would appear to any unprejudiced reader, that it would have been simple humanity if we were given special quarters. …the Governor of the gaol tried to make us as comfortable as he could…But he was powerless to accommodate us beyond the horrible din and the yells of the Native prisoners throughout the day and partly at night also. Many of the native prisoners are only one degree removed from the animal and often created rows and fought amongst themselves in their cells.”


Indian Opinion 7-3-1908, CWOMG Vol. 8, pg 120


“Apart from whether or not this implies degradation, I must say it is rather dangerous. Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilized – the convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty, and live almost like animals. Each ward contains nearly 50 to 60 of them. They often started rows and fought among themselves. The reader can easily imagine the plight of the poor Indian thrown into such company “


Indian Opinion, 7-3-1908, CWOMG Vol. 8, pg 135


I have, though, resolved in my mind on an agitation to ensure that Indian prisoners are not lodged with Kaffirs or others. When I arrived at the place, there were about 15 Indian prisoners. Except for three, all of them were satyagrahis. The three were charged with other offences. These prisoners were generally lodged with kaffirs. When I reached there, the chief warder issued an order that all of us should be lodged in a separate room. I observed with regret that some Indians were happy to sleep in the same room as the Kaffirs, the reason being that they hoped there for a secret supply of tobacco, etc. This is a matter of shame to us. We may entertain no aversion to the Kaffirs, but we cannot ignore the fact that there is no common ground between them and us in the daily affairs of life. Moreover, those who wish to sleep in the same room have ulterior motives for doing so.

Obviously, we ought to abandon such notions if we want to make progress.


Indian Opinion, 6-1-1909, CWOMG Vol. 9, pg 149


“It is one thing to register Natives who would not work, and whom it is very difficult to find out if they absent themselves, but it is another thing and most insulting to expect decent, hard-working, and respectable Indians, whose only fault is that they work too much, to have themselves registered”


What is a Coolie, Indian Opinion 2151904, CWOMG Vol. 4, pg 193



“The whole affair is as much a disgrace to the Indian community as it is to the British Empire. The British rulers take us to be so lowly and ignorant that they assume that, like the Kaffirs who can be pleased with toys and pins, we can also be fobbed off with trinkets|

Indian Opinion, 29-2-1908, CWOMG Vol. 8, pg 105


“His Excellency has, moreover, justified the definition of ‘coloured person’ on the ground that it is a legacy from the old Government. But British Indians object to the definition for that very reason. Their position is this. The ordinances will not in practice apply to them. The Boer Government insulted the Indians by classing them with the Kaffirs. Now there is no occasion to perpetuate a needless insult” |


Indians in the O.R.C, Indian Opinion, 6-1-1906, CWOMG, Vol. 5, pg 177-178


“It reduces British Indians to a status lower than that of the aboriginal races of South Africa and the Coloured people.”

Indian Opinion 15-9-1906, CWOMG Vol. 5, pg 419-423 


On Minority White rule in South Africa:


“We, therefore, have no hesitation in agreeing with the view that in the long run assisted Asiatic immigration into the Transvaal would be disastrous to the white settlement. People will gradually accommodate themselves to relying upon Asiatic labour, and any White immigration of the special class required in the Transvaal on a large scale will be practically impossible. It would be equally unfair to the Natives of the soil. It is all very well to say that they would not work, and that, if the Asiatics were introduced, that would be a stimulus to work; but human nature is the same everywhere, and once Asiatic labour is resorted to, there would not be a sustained effort to induce the Natives to work under what would otherwise be, after all, gentle compulsion. There would be then less talk about taxing the Natives and so forth. Natives themselves, used as they are to a very simple mode of life, will always be able to command enough wages to meet their wants; and the result will be putting back their progress for an indefinite length of time. We have used the words ‘gentle compulsion’ in the best sense of the term; we mean compulsion of the same kind that a parent exercises over children”


Indian Opinion, 9-7-1903, CWOMG Vol. 3, pg 359-360


“What the British Indians pray for is very little. They ask for no political power. They admit the British race should be the dominant race in South Africa. All they ask for is freedom for those that are now settled and those that may be allowed to come in future to trade, to move about, and to hold landed property without any hindrance save the ordinary legal requirements”


Petition to Natal Legislature, CWOMG, vol3, pg 330


“…The petition dwells upon “the co-mingling of the Coloured and white races”. May we inform the members of the conference that, so far as the British Indians are concerned, such a thing is practically unknown? If there is one thing, which the Indian cherishes more than any other, it is the purity of type. Why bring such a question into the controversy at all?”


The Transvaal Chambers and British Indians, Indian Opinion 24-12-03, CWOMG Vol. 4, pg 89


“Why, of all places in Johannesburg, the Indian Location should be chosen for dumping down all the Kaffirs of the town passes my comprehension. ..Of course, under my suggestion, The Town Council must withdraw the Kaffirs from the Location. About this mixing of Kaffirs with the Indians, I must confess I feel most strongly “

Indian Opinion, 10-4-04, CWOMG Vol. 4, pg 130-131

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  1. Gautama United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Jinnah zindabad, Gandhi murdabad.
    Are you happy now Mr. Hamdani?

  2. YLH Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    No! Last I checked both are dead as dead can be.

  3. Ilmana Fasih Canada Google Chrome Windows says:

    What is the author trying to prove by this? If being honest, please also tell about how a pork loving, non religious Jinnah had the audacity to ask for a separate homeland for followers of Islam. I can only laugh at it :D

    On a serious note, tell one sentence that Jinnah addressed to the Feudals, who were going to be his major partners post partition?

    No Jinnah expert has yet been able to give a reply to that, so far.

  4. आलोक India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Do you think Gandhi was born and bred with a love for his fellow being irrespective of caste color or religion? He wasn’t.

    You have to understand that Gandhi’s beliefs and principles have evolved over his lifetime. South Africa was the first tryst with discrimination.

    It takes a brave man to admit they were wrong and change their beliefs.

  5. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Gandhi remained the same. From South Africa to Delhi 1948. But he became sophisticated. “One great use of words is to hide one’s thoughts” said Voltaire. So, Gandhi said something and DID exactly the opposite.

    Vijaye Raje Scindia (Financier of RSS for decades) rightly said : “He was an old hypocrite”. An honest confession is : Gandhi was NOT a honest person. He was dis-honest to the core ! He said, “India would be partitioned over my dead-body”…. and then took a 180 degree turn !

    True leaders do not change their hats, that easily ! India is (was) a land of fools, as Jus. Markandey Katju rightly said… and Indians are fooled easily.. As late as 1992.. Advani was successful in fooling the HIndus over Ram Temple.. and “hatred for the other”. And if Muslims express anger : they are dubbed terrorists… Provoke and Attack…. THAT is the RSS strategy.. until they are so subdued., that if killed., they dont cry. If raped, they dont complaint. They accept it as their FATE.. KARMA.

    RSS wishes to break the WILL of Muslim psyche, thru-out India. They have succeeded in that endeavor in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The cowards do not go on world-conquests. Like a wife-beater, they want to crush Indian Muslims within Indian borders..

    Sadism in the name of symbolism/religion : That is RSS

  6. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    By the by, Gandhi loved RSS. Keshav Baliram Hegdewar (Daktar Saheb) was a member of the Congress ! So was Madan Mohan Malaviya ! Later on., Hegdewar estd. RSS. Malviya’s parent organisation was HMS., but he was ALSO the President of the Congress ! (A woman has 2 husbands at any given time, waali baat hai.. This is surpassing the Pure Devadasi Tradition where a Devadasi has only ONE patron at a time !).

    Hegdewar got out of hand. RSS was Gandhi’s Pvt. Army. to be used inisde India., just in case of …………………….

    RSS was given the job of Policing Indian streets, during the 1965 war w/Pakishtan, in India !

  7. yasserlatifhamdani Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Ilmana fasih,

    Ayesha Jalal and H M Seervai have answered both your questions very well. This article is not about Jinnah. You may choose a number of articles about Jinnah on pakteahouse to address your queries.

    Not sure why Gandhi’s worshippers are so insecure.

  8. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Kaffir is a special Islamic word – lets not misuse it. Already there is been so much confusion because people are misusing Islam and Muslim.

  9. Maggu India Google Chrome  GT-N7100 Build/JRO03C) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Mobile Safari/535.19 says:

    , they want to crush Indian Muslims within Indian borders..
    India is not North Korea…. the borders are open for people to leave or come in.
    And you DRONE, are a saudi liar from the dirty filthy land of saudi arabia. RSS has never even policed a mohalla. They do their meetings before the sun rises like thieves. Quite like you.

  10. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    India is not North Korea…. the borders are open for people to leave or come in.
    MAGGU, u have seen the fate of burma muslims.muslims have to solve their problem with these criminal cowards by remaining within bouneries of india.they have done the same with others as well in past. now time is not with them.most of the muslims are original inhabitants of this land.these foreign invaders have to leave india or mix with indians.muslims may loose battles but will win war at rhe end.muslim warriortaimur conquered 5 subcontinents and 68 countries.presence of muslims is must for liberation of commom indians from the clutches of brhmnsm.
    Although these Brahminical forces are just a micro-minority, unfortunately they have become our leaders and rulers. This is the misfortune of India.

    Ever since Buddhism was defeated by this very Brahminical forces led by Adi Shankara, a dwarf Namboodiri from Kaladi, Kerala­ more than 2,500 years ago, we have been living under this Brahminical tyranny.

    Brahminism did not suffer any defeat, not even a minor dent, for centuries. When Christian missionaries came to India through the Kerala coast, they were shocked to see even young women naked above their waist. The missionaries inquired about the reasons for this nakedness. And they were told that it was the Hindu custom which prohibited the “low castes” from wearing clothes. What type of a religion it must be?

    The shocked foreign missionaries then invited the “low castes” to the Church and gave them care and protection. Their loving care attracted the Untouchables – Ezhavas and other “low castes” into the Church. And today Kerala has the country’s highest number of Christians – about 25 per cent of its population. Later Muslims also came from the Arab countries to Kerala and the history repeated. Another 25 per cent of the oppressed Malayalees embraced Islam. Christianity and Islam liberated Indians, particularly the Kerala Malayalees. And that is how Kerala today is on top of the country in every respect

    banias are far more dangerous than ghandhi was choosen by international zoinism to divide and hurt india.brhmn katju is right.

  11. HistoryBuff United States Safari iPad says:

    Never seemed to recant….

    (ii) ” England has got successful competitors in America, Japan, France, Germany. It has competitors in the handful of mills in India, and as there has been an awakening in India, even so there will be an awakening in South Africa with its vastly richer resources — natural , mineral and human. The mighty English look quite pigmies before the mighty races of Africa. They are noble savages after all, you will say. They are certainly noble, but no savages and in the course of a few years the Western nations may cease to find in Africa a dumping ground for their wares.”
    Gandhi, speaking at Oxford, October 24, 1931 (CWMG , Volume 48, p.225).

  12. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    When Swami Vivekananda, Hinduism’s most famous monk, walked through Kerala, he was shocked to find the caste division and described Kerala as a “lunatic asylum”. But what did the great “Marxist revolutionary” EMS Namboodiripad say? He called Kerala a “Vedangalude Nadu” (the land of the Vedas). Was he right.

    In Kottayam, where slaves were once bought and sold. Kerala had slavery before the Christians/muslims came. They showed me the dead bodies of their three leaders who fought the Upper Caste Nairs and Namboodiris who were enforcing slavery. The bodies are preserved even to this day.

    But what did Mahatma Gandhi say?

    I am reading out from Gandhi’s own book, Christian Missions (Navajivan Publishers, Ahmedabad-14, 1941). This book has a section on the speech delivered by Gandhi at the United Theological College, Bangalore, which he visited in 1927, long before India became independent. Talking to foreign missionaries who were then in charge of the college, he criticised them for liberating the Untouchables. He was against religious conversion. He wanted the missionaries “to make them (Untouchables) better Hindus” (p101).

    Can we call this man, who came in the way of our liberation, as Mahatma? Do you agree with Gandhi’s views? Conversion liberated our people but as the agent of Brahminical people, he criticises Christians/muslims.

    That is why Dr Ambedkar, whom we describe as the “Father of India”, called Gandhi as the enemy No1 of Untouchables. Gandhi wanted our people to be permanent slaves of Hindus.

    While Christians have rendered such great services, which can be written only in letters of gold, Gandhi says you are doing a great disservice. now It is a thing of the past.

  13. HistoryBuff United States Safari iPad says:

    Never seemed to recant….

    (ii) ” England has got successful competitors in America, Japan, France, Germany. It has competitors in the handful of mills in India, and as there has been an awakening in India, even so there will be an awakening in South Africa with its vastly richer resources — natural , mineral and human. The mighty English look quite pigmies before the mighty races of Africa. They are noble savages after all, you will say. They are certainly noble, but no savages and in the course of a few years the Western nations may cease to find in Africa a dumping ground for their wares.”
    Gandhi, speaking at Oxford, October 24, 1931 (CWMG , Volume 48, p.225).

    Never recanted, hmm…

  14. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Muslims made GANDHI into a Mahatma ! It was M.A. Jauhar’s emotional leadership (or was it opportunism) to start the Khilafat Movement with Gandhi as its head ! Hello !

    After that he never looked back. Gandhi’s Aandhi Swept India., because Gandhi was like Rakhi Sawant. He thrived on Opposition. He started using Hindu Symbolism – the Muslims got ‘AFRAID’ – that they would be converted back into Hinduism (SHuddhi / Purification). Nehru added his “Socialist” fuel (fodder) to Gandhi’s Havan (Purification Urn). This rattled the Muslim Zamindars who were afraid to protect their lands. This religious fear + fear of the elite= Pakistan.

    Pakistan gave new life to Hinduism. Otherwise pre-1947 it was at best a loose philosophical eco-system. Thanks to Pakistan, it is revived as a religion. SInce its man-made, there is room for improvement/adjustment until the end of time.

  15. Mohammed Iqbal India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    All your quotes by Gandhi was from a very early period in his life (Prior to 1910). That was the time when Gandhi considered to be British is to be gentlemanly. His ideas have evolved over a time. Can you provide any objectionable quotation from a later period?

  16. kaalchakra United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Muslims in the subcontinent have too much Hinduism in them. So they are liable to make foolish mistakes. Here is another one. Muslims of Pakistan should be strenthening their roots so all of the subcontinent can be liberated for Muslims. But what are they really doing? Did you hear – they are actually inviting some biggest HINDU JEWELLER of India to operate in Pakistan! Can we imagine how much money will be given into Hindu hands without a thought for its eventual consequences!!

    Alas, nobody thinks deeply about these things anymore. Too much Hinduism as a religion around, sadly. :(

  17. Mohammed Iqbal India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @Tajender, Did Christianity liberate Kerala’s Dalits? The caste system is very strong in the Christian Church. The Syrian Christians take pride of their uncorroborated Namboodiri lineage. Haven’t you read Arundhati Roy’s “God of Small Things’? It is about how these high caste Christians discriminate against their low caste bretheren.

  18. Mohan United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Until and unless everyone on this planet will accept that Jinnah was
    the most secular, most intelligent, most democrat,the nicest person ever born and people like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel were just shit in
    comparison to him than only YLH will stop writing article after article to ‘prove’ his point.

  19. HistoryBuff United States Safari iPad says:

    In my area of Travancore, Sri Narayana Guru liberated Dalits. This was aided by a rather enlightened royal family.

  20. Landaghar Turkey Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    YLH probably looks like a typical South Asian like Gandhi or Jinnah but he has a grand Arabic name and he identifies with Islam more and shuns his Indian heritage.

    Bad mouthing Gandhi is not going to turn you into an Arab. The last time I checked Mahomedali Jinnahbhai’s grandfather was a Hindu just like most Pakistanis were before their conversion to Islam.

    I just don’t understand why former Hindus (Pakistanis) are in such denial of their heritage? Arabs, Persians and Afghans still call you Indian, because that is who you are. Pakistan is not a race or ethnicity, it is just a fake identity.Muslim Indian is what you are and that is all you are in the eyes of the world.

  21. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Gandhi is known in the west as a man of the hour who spoke for non-violence agaist the Inglez! What was new for me to learn recently that he was a womaniser! Are those Indians, who are now making the headlines of gang rapes and the BJP is proposing the 7th century sharia law of death sentence, related in way to Gandhi clan?

    Rex Minor

  22. Paktea United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Interesting to hear somebody who idealizes Prophet Mohammed talking about others being womanizers. I thought you idealized womanizing, given the example that you hold in such high esteem.

  23. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    I think you have a point when you assert that Pakistan gave a new life to Hinuism and even the status of a religion though they openly state that Hiduism is not a religion with commandments and regulations.Bacha Khan family never realised that they had hindu relatives of different religion- different culture perhaps or the spoken language which got integrated with other cultures. What a confusion for both parties.

    Rex Minor

  24. Call Me Shameless Demagogue United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Call me a Shameless Demagogue pretending to be a historian. Pakteahouse is my home.

    Why and when was Gandhi in South Africa?
    Gandhi went to Natal to work for Dada Abdulla & Co who were Indian Muslim Traders. He was there for 21 years, from 1893 to 1914.

    What was the Indian community in South Africa like?
    The Indian community in South Africa was led by much richer Muslim traders. The indentured laborer population was largely Hindu and some Muslim.

    What was happening to the Indian community in South Africa during this time? How did the Indian community get involved?
    This was the period of the famous Second Boer Wars between the British empire and Dutch settlers of the Transvaal and Orange Free State areas, and its aftermath.
    These settlers were descendants of farmers who had broken away when Britain abolished slavery. Local racist authorities in Transvaal, Natal, Orange Free States areas had begun to extend many restrictions hitherto imposed on blacks to Indian communities as well.
    Indian community in South Africa (Muslims and Hindus) asked Gandhi to plead its case to the British authorities in London that the Indian community had a different basis in South Africa and should not be lumped with the blacks to face the same discriminations.
    This is the case that Gandhi was making, on behalf of both Hindus and Muslims – many rich people belonging to the same community as Jinnah, who had hired and paid him for this job.

    White British Empire versus the White Boers
    Most of the world viewed the British empire as much more enlightened and tolerant in race matters than the Boers. In Boer wars, the British received help from many countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Indian community volunteers – both Hindu and Muslim. Gandhi served as part of the Ambulance Corp.

    How did this experience affect Gandhi’s behavior later?
    Members of the British empire who sided with the British during the Boer Wars had hoped that their efforts would be recognized and they would rewarded with greater freedoms. In most cases that did not materialize. This early disappointment stayed with Gandhi and shaped his later unwillingness to easily come to British aid in international conflicts.

    Call Me Shameless Demagogue. I pretend to present history. is my home.

  25. Call Me Shameless Demagogue United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I am a shameless demagogue.
    Why is my mouthpiece, my platform to abuse history and actual historians who take pains to learn history?

  26. Call Me Shameless Demagogue United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Gandhi who went to South Africa and Gandhi who left South Africa

    Gandhi who went to South Africa was a 23-year old who had just returned from London, who accepted many of the notions of the superior British and white civilization, and had attempted to imitate them. Gandhi who left South Africa was a changed man, although he never saw himself as the enemy of white or any other race.

    In a good sense, Africa own Gandhi. Africa made Gandhi into who he was. Africa today celebrates him as a hero. Descendants of the rich Indian traders who had hired the young Gandhi to present their legal case to British authorities betray him today for their own reasons.

  27. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    @Tajender, Did Christianity liberate Kerala’s Dalits? The caste system is very strong in the Christian Church. The Syrian Christians take pride of their uncorroborated Namboodiri lineage

    syrian christian church is with hgh caste hindus.blood is thicker than water.but they are not considering low caste convert as slave.outside kerala they are treated equally.
    that way islam is best rwanda after mascare nearly 30% population converted to islam.muslims stood above tutsi/hutu parochialism.

  28. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Gandhi who went to South Africa was a 23-year old who had just returned from London

    he has gone there to make money leaving his wife to others.was fucking her while father was dying.whenever any lady will come to see him,first question MERE LIYE KYA LAEE HO.

  29. Call Me Shameless Demagogue United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Descendants of some of the people Gandhi died defending in India betray him as well.

    Religious bigotry, blindness, and demagoguery turns human beings into automatons more than Gandhi could imagine.

  30. Call Me Shameless Demagogue United States Internet Explorer Windows says: will need to consider – what is the benefit of becoming the official home to shameless Pakistani and Islamic demagogues? Should shameless demagoguery be accepted as history of equal standing with all others, or can not tell the difference between shameless demagoguery and any serious reading of history?

  31. Call Me Shameless Demagogue United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Gandhi served in the volunteer corp during Zulu rebellion, just after the 2nd Boer War.

    From Wikipedia about Gandhi’s role -

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was in South Africa at the time, felt that the Indians in South Africa would do best for themselves to serve the British Empire as a reserve force in the Army against the Zulu uprising.[3] Gandhi actively encouraged the British to recruit Indians. He argued that Indians should support the war efforts in order to legitimise their claims to full citizenship. The British, however, refused to commission Indians as army officers. Nonetheless, they accepted Gandhi’s offer to let a detachment of Indians volunteer as a stretcher bearer corps to treat wounded British soldiers. This corps of 21 was commanded by Gandhi. Gandhi urged the Indian population in South Africa to join the war through his columns in Indian Opinion: “If the Government only realised what reserve force is being wasted, they would make use of it and give Indians the opportunity of a thorough training for actual warfare.”[4] Later in 1927 he wrote of the event as “No war but a man hunt.”[5]

    Question: Why has become the official home to shameless demagogues set in opposition to any serious reading of history? Does this situation promote Pakistan’s welfare?

  32. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Gandhi was kuffar afterall…

  33. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    If Jinnah was a kaffir with one eff, Gandhi was one with double eff!
    No sense in digging old graves and laying aspersions on the dead.
    Who doesn’t know the story of Apartheid?? YLH ought to look forward rather than count crumbled bones from old graves!!

  34. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    jinaah was possibly one of Allah’s prophet who did not reveal himself. ye Allah ke razo me se ek raaz hai…zaid hamid know its…

  35. Majumdar India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Yasser Pai,
    Thanks for bringing this aspect of Gandhiji’s life to the Netizens of the post-chowk era. Hopefully, you will also reproduce possibly in a later article on what he had to say about the sacredness of the caste system and what was the place of women in society- a view he held to the last of his days.

  36. Pankaj India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    ” Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most extraordinary men in human history. While he is respected as the founding father of India by most Indians, his impact is truly global, more than any other leader from the subcontinent. He continues to inspire millions around the world and amongst those who claim to be the great man’s devotees have been leaders as diverse as Dr King and Robert Mugabe, freedom fighters like Mandela and presidents like the US President Barack Hussain Obama.”
    The ABOVE Paragraph that you have written shows your JEALOUSY
    That TODAY Nobody remembers Jinnah
    ” Given the global and universal nature of Mahatma Gandhi’s impact, it is the duty of a researcher and a seeker of truth – to use Gandhiji’s own vocabulary- to place on record those things that can at most only be blind spots and minor blemishes on a global figure. ”
    This Above Paragraph shows your HATRED for Gandhi which you
    yourself have displayed by BLAMING Gandhi for Partition
    You have written in an earlier thread
    ” Gandhi was RESPONSIBLE for PARTITION “

  37. Pankaj India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    This is what YLH has written in that THOMAS FRIEDMAN thread

    “Let me put it plainly Gandhi caused partition”

    And YLH you have quoted that NEW Gandhi BASHER called
    Perry Anderson

    YLH Please understand that EVEN A MILLION such Perry Andersons
    and Ayesha Jalals can DO NOTHING to bring down Gandhi’s STATURE
    in the World TODAY
    It is ANOTHER MATTER that Nobody can really HELP to INCREASE Jinnah’s
    GREATNESS or Stature

  38. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    History Buff : Fantastic ! And thanks for bringing in Sri. Narayana Guru. I love Sri Narayana Guru., who saw the danger in Gandhi and called him a “hypocrite and a snake in the garb of religiosity”. Sri Narayana Guru was a true “Hindu”. But., his desicple Sri. Kumaran ASAN (Asan Memorial School, Chennai !!) wrote a classic.. wherein the villian is a “Muslim” character. (Same like Bankim.. who changed the role from Brit to Muslim in the 2nd or 3rd Edition of Anando Math). The problem is (has always been) : Muslims are an easy prey.. a soft target.. a punching bag. You abuse muslims, and you can easily get away with it. Do it with an Israeli… and you have to PAY for it (it has consequences).


    Whats the latest on the “Rape” of a Paramedical Student in Delhi ? The Rapists : RAM LAL (note the name) and YOGESH have been caught.. but the other guys are still at large. I hope they do get caught. By the way, the name/identity of the girl is hidden (it is a NCW rule.. not to disclose the identity of the victim).. but.. i have my own doubts. WAS THE RAPE VICTIM IN DELHI, A MUSLIM GIRL ? I have had this doubt since yesterday… because i thought.. “Had the perpetrators of the Crime been Muslim”., how would BJP/RSS have reacted ? There would have been an All India Bandh called by VHP/BJP/RSS/Bajrang Dal. Today they are silent ! Why ? Because the rapists are HINDU.

    Rape of a girl in the bus is despicable.. be she HIndu or Muslim.. but if she is muslim.. then it takes an even dangerous complexion. It is crime… aided… pushed by hatred. It is hate-crime + Crime proper.

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS., when you inject the “Police Tumhare Saath Hai” syndrome in the Hindu boys’ psyche. THIS IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF HINDUTVA-POLITICS. It leads to “Crime”., and a breakdown of law and order. Once law and order ‘ON THE STREET’ collapses., its the end of economic progress.

    I hope the Govt. of India and the State (Provincial) Govt. of Delhi, catches the culprit soon., and bring them to justice within 6 months or 9 months max. The country must know – the end result. They must not be out on bail (Rs. 5000/-) and the case must not drag on for 45 years ! The rapists must be handed the toughest sentence possible… and a message must trickle down… you rape, okay., but you cant get away with it. There is a price you have to pay for crime.

    When you raise a private army of hindu boys (with martial arts training) trained in killing and raping and burning and looting, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. You dig a pitch for “others”., and you will yourself fall into it one day.

    RSS/VHP/BJP/Bajrang Dal have to be banned – their leaders castrated – and only then you can save the IDEA OF INDIA and the success story of India Inc. Otherwise both go to dogs… and the country goes the way of SOmalia.

    Au revoir.

  39. Gautama United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Call Me Shameless Demagogue says: “” Descendants of the rich Indian traders who had hired the young Gandhi to present their legal case to British authorities betray him today for their own reasons.”"
    Will these descendants acknowledge this fact or will they forever
    remain in denial ?

  40. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Muslim Boys Must Emulate : Marc Zuckerberg. Marc should be our ICON… not Salman Khan… Shahrukh Khan.. (They are Bhaands), Sania Mirza… or some cricket playing idiot.

    Forget XYZ / died in the 1940s. They were gr8. Period. We need new ICONS.

    Muslim boys new icon : Marc Zuckerberg. Facebook CEO. Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday he is donating nearly $500 million in stock to a Silicon Valley charity with the aim of funding health and education issues.

    Zuckerberg donated 18 million Facebook shares, valued at $498.8 million based on their Tuesday closing price. The beneficiary is the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a nonprofit that works with donors to allocate their gifts.

    This is Zuckerberg’s largest donation to date. He pledged $100 million in Facebook stock to Newark, N.J., public schools in 2010, before his company went public earlier this year. Later in 2010, he joined Giving Pledge, an effort led by Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates and Berkshire Hathaway Inc. CEO Warren Buffett to get the country’s richest people to donate most of their wealth. His wife, Priscilla Chan, joined with him.

    In a Facebook post Tuesday, Zuckerberg, 28, said he’s “proud of the work” done by the foundation that his Newark donation launched, called Startup: Education, which has helped open charter schools, high schools and others.

    With the latest contribution, he added, “we will look for areas in education and health to focus on next.” He did not give further details on what plans there may be for funds.

    “Mark’s generous gift will change lives and inspire others in Silicon Valley and around the globe to give back and make the world a better place,” said Emmett D. Carson, CEO of the foundation.

    – PS — We need to be superbly rich. Creators of “wealth” that we must spend “wisely” (and not like an idiot buying a $ 400 MM airplane.In that amount we can build an IIT). So., we have to be rich… and creators of Wealth… and also develop the finesse on how to use money. We have to be like Warren Buffet. Live life like Warren.. Bill Gates.. and of course.. I am so glad., Marc Zuckerberg (one of my class-room heroes) has joined the “elite” club. Woaw !!

  41. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Drone Brother

    Neither the Quadiani Maulana Syed Siddique Hussain Chanabaseswara nor Sri Narayana Guru are of much use, either here or in the hereafter. The Holy Quran has all the guidance one needs. But one must have faith. Wavering of faith, looking here and there, is not good. Nor can a Muslim turn into a Bania or a Jew. These only care about money, while a Muslim cares about justice, first, last, and middle. That is what entitles him to Allah’s special favor of his Last Word. After a period of trials and tests by Allah, victory belongs to Muslims who stay the course with Islam alone.

  42. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ ALL+YLH
    The problem with YLH is that he likes to delve in obsence controversies which are only aimed at causing hatred and hard feelings among different people. For example, this note by YLH is only to malign Gandhi through hand-picked excerpts from Gandhi’s own writings or sayings. In doing this YLH has forgotten that Gandhi must have uttered these words when he attired himself in suit.pants and tie to (at least) look like an Apartheid gora.It was later on when his own shoe pinched him and he realized the truth and did away his past. This could also be said about Jinnah and Mirja Ghulla and his bunch of clowns.

    If such hand picked crap has to be publicized then there are many many works of great men as well as divinity which could be made fun of for self-aggrandisement and spreading hate. One of such examples is the book Rangeela Rasool whose author finally suffered the fate I don’t want YLH to suffer at his boyish age!!

  43. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    LOL, AKB, one thing cab definitely be said about Gandhi: the man was downright ugly and unimpressive in his suit pants and tie. I think that’s why he gave up and took a shortcut to fame (or infamy).

    OK, Gandhi admirers, I am only kidding here. Don’t go all Ghazi Illum-Ud-Din on the rest of us.

  44. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    YLH, Kaal-Chakra, REX, Others : Gentlemen : I humbly submit you to have a look/read at the following :

    Point # 2. A girl was raped in a moving bus by 7 Hindu boys (RSS/BJP workers hain yeh). The identity of the girl is deliberately “covered”. I have a gut feeling the victim (the girl who is fighting for her life now) and her friend are “Muslim”.

    Just imagine a scenario… a reversal of roles… where the victim would be a Hindu girl… and the 7 criminals having Muslim names. How would BJP / VHP/ RSS / Modi have REACTED ! There would have been an All-India Bandh today.

    I have a gut feeling – the victim (the poor girl) is a Muslim. This angle must be highlighted.

    RAPE is bad. Whether it is Delhi Dec 2012., or Gujarat 2002. Crime is crime. Catch the culprit.

    But if the culprit is HIndoo (BJP / RSS worker), set him free with a bail of Rs. 5000/- so that he can rape and kill more muslim girls !

  45. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    In my area of Travancore, Sri Narayana Guru liberated Dalits. This was aided by a rather enlightened royal family………………….
    Shameless Demagogue…….enlightened royal family is hiding trillions of dollats in temple vaults pauperising keralians.situation of dalits cannot be improved till they leave hindu samaj.

    ghandhi was major of apartheid south african army and chief recruiter for british army in india.churchill deecided to leave india in 1905.they were searching for trusted agent.he was living with german zoinists homosexual lover in south africa.their media hyped him and provided guidence to him.

  46. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


  47. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    rex drona akb maggu kaal and mohan,

    How to Exterminate Muslims in India?
    Dalit Voice, Editorial, May 16-31. 1999

    Muslims ruled over Spain from 712 AD to 1492 AD for 780 years, yet today there are no Muslims in Spain though every aspect of Spanish life has a touch of Islam. Spanish language has many Arabic words, its music has an Arabic tone, its culture has more Arabic influence than the European, and proper nouns in Spanish often have the Arabic prefix al. From 1492, when the last bastion of Muslim political strength Grenada fell, the Muslims of Spain were on the decline and its culmination took place after 120 years when the last batch of Muslim die-hards left Spain in 1612. From that year, Islam vanished from the Spanish horizons.
    A particular noteworthy point is that during this period of Islamic decline from Spain, the entire civilised world was ruled by Muslims. The Ottoman Turks had conquered Constantinople in 1553, and were ruling the entire Balkan Peninsula, Egypt was ruled by the powerful Mamiukes, Persia was at its political pinnacle under the Abbasi rulers, and India was ruled by the Moghals. Still Islam vanished from Spain and none of these great Muslim armies did anything to protect the Muslims of Spain. How Islam was ejected from Spain had been a subject of keen study by lndia’s Hindu Nazis in the 30s and 40s of this century. They studied this aspect to be copied in India and to counter this possibility, the Muslim leaders also studied this to prevent a repetition of the Spanish methods because Muslims (forming 11.35% of the population as per 1981 census) as lndia’s single largest minorities have become the biggest headache to the upper caste Hindus. But the present-day Muslims are totally ignorant of the history of Islamic decline in Spain and hence of the designs surrounding it.
    Through this we intend to shed a little light on this subject so that the thinking section of the Muslims and their sympathisers may do some more research on this subject. As in India, Spanish Muslims had three categories: (i) the descendants of the original Arabs, (ii) descendants of Arab fathers and Spanish mothers and (iii) Christian converts to Islam. Immediately after the fall of Grenada many of the original Arabs to save their lives (not property, as they were not permitted to carry their wealth) left Spain to Tunisia and Morocco; many died on their journey by the attacking Christian hordes. Rest of the original Arabs who opted to live in Spain itself were subsequently branded ‘foreigners” (as in India) and destroyers of Spain. The other category of Muslims viz. the descendants of Muslim fathers and Christianmothers and converts from Christianity opted to live in Spain believing in the declaration of King Ferdinand that complete religious freedom would be guaranteed. (in India also, we are told that Muslims enjoy full religious freedom and minority rights). The attacks by Christian on their lives and property during the earlier years was pardoned as a temporary phenomenon.
    Compare it with the development that took place in India after the partition (1947). But these attacks on Muslim life and property in Spain did not abate but continued for about 50 years with lesser intensity in a sporadic manner, just as it is happening in India today. In the earlier years, the Indian Muslims resisted and fought back. There were mini-battles in the streets, but gradually there were one-sided attacks and every time Muslims were the losers. Of late, the Hindu police itself is let lose to kill the Muslims in India.
    While the organized Christian groups were committing such massacres, Ferdinand’s Govt, in Spain adopted the policy of eliminating Muslims from the services and adopting the following measures:-
    Arabic was removed from administration,
    schools attached to mosques were debarred from teaching academic and secular subjects like science, history, mathematics and philosophy. Only religious teaching could be imparted,
    Lessons in history were faked by which the Muslim rule was dubbed as barbaric. Contribution of Muslims to the development of Spain was avoided,
    Muslim houses were made objects of constant searching by police on allegations of arms hoarding and secret meetings,
    Original Arab Muslims were projected as enemies of Christians and destroyers of Spain.
    Christian converts were persuaded to reconvert to Christianity on the ground that their ancestors were forced to become Muslims and as there is no more coercion, they should revert to Christianity.
    Muslims who were from Muslim-Christian parentage were branded as bastards and ridiculed and persuaded to revert to Christianity.
    Marriages performed in the Islamic manner were directed to be registered with the judicial officers.
    Islamic law was declared illegal. Every method followed in Spain is being experimented in India with better precision and timing.
    Thus Muslims in Spain were made objects of ridicule, condemnation and continuous attack. Burning of Muslim houses and shops was encouraged to destroy their economy. Mock ceremonies of reconversion of Muslims to Christianity were held and publicized. In India, Hindu Nazis of all hues-Arya Samaj, Ramakrishna Mission, Vishwa Hindu Parishad etc,. are doing the same. The first two generation of Spanish Muslims adopted passive methods to save their religion by teaching Arabic to their children at home and mosques, and telling them orally about the realities but gradually they lost the zeal. When marriages were ordered to be celebrated only through Govt. agencies, Muslims in early stages performed dual marriages – one with the Govt. authorities and again privately in their homes in the Islamic manner. Gradually the second ceremony was given up as even such a private ceremony was banned.
    During this period, Muslim masses gradually fell out of the grips of the Muslim leadership and Muslim elites started flocking to Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt where they were received with sympathy. Poor Muslim masses were left uncared for. This is exactly what is happening in India. The richer, English-educated Muslims are getting Brahminised. They have become imitators of upper caste Hindus as they live not in Muslim localities but in Hindu areas. The poor Muslims (they form 95% of the Muslim population) live in ghettos and being better followers of Islam, they are left high and dry. Hence they are getting killed in all anti-Muslim riots.
    The seeds sown in the first half of the century in Spain started yielding results in the second half. There was no political leadership, no organization to protect Muslims and enlightened personalities to save the situation. Religious leaders knowing nothing but Islamic’ theology tried their best to save the situation, but against heavy propaganda by the Govt. agencies, lures and offers to reconverts, ignorance of Islamic values by the masses and sense of inferiority nurtured in the minds of Muslim masses were too big a force to be undone by the theologians. This needed a political leadership and an organization with arms to counter, but there was none. Those who spoke of invoking the help of Muslim powers of Turkey and Egypt were feared and exposed before the authorities (by the Muslims themselves) to be condemned. Without willing fighters, other Muslim powers could not help. Those who had settled in Turkey and Egypt advised the authorities there to desist’from such a thought as otherwise atrocities on Muslims of Spain would increase. An Ahmed Shah Abdaii was needed but th@’@ was none. And the Muslim masses joined the “mainstream” of Spanish life and the mullahs finding no job for their preaching gradually left Spain. And the last batch to leave Spain consisted of the diehard mullahs in 1612
    In India also the political leadership of the Muslims became a tail of the Hindu parties led by the upper castes. Only the theological leadership like that of Moulana Hasan Ali Nadvi has tried to maintain the cultural identity of the Indian Muslims.
    This “Spanish experiment” is being tried with greater energy and efficiency in India. Urdu, which is as Islamic in India as Arabic was in Spain, is being eased out. Muslims are voluntarily holding on to madrasas. English-educated richer Muslims are away from the Muslim masses. We saw this at the Tablighe Jamat International conference held in Bangalore (DV, March 15, 1985). They are not going to Muslim countries, but are taking refuge in their psychological and physical seclusion. Any move to organise them to protect the Muslim life and property is branded as communal. Any Muslim flirting, if not supporting the upper castes, is called a “nationalist Muslim”. The gulf between the Muslim masses and educated rich Muslims is widening every day. Mass killing of Muslims is considered something natural by the Muslim leadership itself. Whenever it is raised at international Islamic platforms such actions are called interference in the internal affairs of India. Muslims history is deleted from the syllabus. Names of Muslims who died for India are avoided. A great martyr who died for India like Tippu Sultan is unknown to youngsters, whereas the name of Tantia Tope, who fought not for India but for his pension, and Jhansi Laxmi Bai, who fought for her adopted son’s heirship to the throne, is brought on the lips of every Indian. No Muslim gets awards for his contribution to science, medicine, music, art or gallantry. Even those who fought from the ranks of the ruling Congress Party like Moulana Azad, Kidwai, Syed Mahmood, Humayun Kabir etc. do not have a road or extension named after them. But there are half-a-dozen in the names of each upper caste leaders in our towns and cities. History is being re-written. (“Falsifying Indian History”, DV editorial, April 16, 1985). Muslims are killed daily and their houses and shops burnt. The doors of the Army, police and administration are closed to them. And yet Muslim organizations to protect Islam are coming up like mushrooms. Everybody wants to protect Islam and nobody wants to protect Muslims. We are really worried.
    A study of the Ruling Class policies reveals that it has great similarity with the one followed by Ferdinand and Isabelle in Spain. The only difference is that the Hindu upper castes are more sharp and sophisticated because of the limitations imposed in the 20th century by the checks exercisable by the United Nations Human Rights Charter and international public opinion.
    The systematic and daily anti-Muslim riots resulting in loss of life and property, and above all the sense of fear in the hearts of every Muslim, elimination of the martial Muslims from the Defence, paramilitary and police forces and brahminising of these forces, closing the doors of appointments in Govt. services and public undertakings, Brahminisation of education and like radio, TV and advertisement, elimination of Urdu as official language from those areas which form the presentday States of Punjab, Haryana, UP, Bihar, parts of Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Andhra Pradhesh and Karnataka overnight in 1947-48, gradual closing of Urdu schools are all examples of positive anti-Muslim policies.
    On the brahminical psychological warfare side comes the cries of Personal Law amendment, now diluted as common civil code, greatness of the Indian (Hindu) culture, projection of notorious anti-Muslim personalities like “Mahatma” Gandhi, B. G. Tilak, Madan Mohan Malaviya, Veer Savarkar, Lala Laipat Rai as heroes of India to belittle the contribution of Muslims for the development and progress of the country, re-writing of Indian history, describing Muslim professions like beef-selling as a sin and glorifying cow protection policies, introduction of mechanical slaughter of animals to throw out of job butchers, declaration of import and export business carried on by Muslims as smuggling are policies through which vulnerable Indian masses are misguided, resulting in a psychological anti-Muslim bias. Muslim electoral constituencies are divided horizontally and vertically so that they don’t have an effective voting power anywhere and thrusting upon them ultra-secular Muslim leaders who have started worshipping Hindu idols and such scenes being systematically televised. Unfortunately Muslim leaders, who are dejected with the Govt., repose much confidence in Hindu masses and hope to secure their help ignoring the fact that the poor Hindu (Dalit) masses are as much victims of such a propaganda. And as on this day only seeds are being sown. The harvest is yet to come. When the harvest reason comes, what will be harvested in India is repetition of Spain, unless the Muslims resort to counter measures soon.
    It is high time the Muslim/ intelligentsia rises to the occasion to undo the repetition of the history of Spain in India. Islam has always been protected by the Muslim masses and not by the classes. Rich Muslims, who are not even 5% of the Muslim population (with minor exceptions) are joining the upper caste exploiters. They may talk of Islam but they have forgotten the fellow Muslims. Please note: religion does not protect its followers, but followers protect the religion. Remember if Islam has to be saved in India, Muslims have to be saved.

  48. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    I am very disappointed with the US and the West. Good Muslims like you and Tajender will have to raise the banner of revolt yourselves, and not expect much help from the corrupt West.

    They are busy cooking up their own hatreds and persecutions against Muslims. The world is going to dogs – the dirty animal!

  49. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    Terribly sad. How can any self-respecting Muslim still live in India?! Has warm blood in their veins turned to ice?

    Bengali Hindus should be easy to overpower. Many of them we are told wanted to live in Pakistan anyway. Why can’t at least Bengal be integrated into Bangladesh?

    Seriously, tajender – is this the time to be merely posting stuff from the safety of the Middle East, or to be in the trenches with brothers and sisters who are being oppressed?

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