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Communalism and the two-nation theory

By Saad Hafiz:

Press Council of India Chairperson Justice (Retd) Katju was quoted recently as saying that “Before 1857, there was zero percent communalism. Today 80 percent Hindus and 80 percent Muslims are communal.” Justice Katju is also reported to have said, “The cause of the Kashmir problem is the partition of India on a totally bogus basis — the two nation theory — that Hindus and Muslims are separate nations.”

In a country which takes pride in its secular and pluralistic society with the second largest Muslim population in the world, Katju’s admission that communalism remains pervasive and that Hindu-Muslim riots can be engineered at the drop of a hat is concerning but welcome. It also raises questions about the frequently made assertion that Hinduism has always tolerated other religious viewpoints. It seems that as long as Indian politicians continue to play communal politics in the name of secularism and ignore the very Indian tradition of religious tolerance that exists for centuries, the country will have more conflicts that are religious.

Pakistan, where the near ‘genocidal’ killings based on sectarianism, ethnicity and communalism are rampant, can hardly take comfort from Katju’s admission. Despite the killings of thousands of people in sectarian clashes, the state has been unable or unwilling to identify the forces and factors behind them or taken serious action against the perpetrators. The standard excuse put forth is that Islam, which gives a message of peace, love and respect for humanity, has been betrayed by those who intend to use the Muslims and Islam for their political gains or attainment of power. One can only wonder what to make of Jinnah’s supposed advice to a supporter in 1942 to “Achieve Pakistan or perish” when Muslims and minorities are perishing at the hands of fellow Muslims daily in Pakistan.

Katju is also reported to have said, “I do not recognise Pakistan as a legitimate country because the whole basis is the two-nation theory and I do not accept the two-nation theory.” He said, “The one and only solution to the Kashmir problem or the militancy problem in Pakistan is the reunification of India and Pakistan under a strong, central, secular, modern-minded government, which just doesn’t tolerate bigotry,” adding that such a government would deal with fanaticism with an iron hand. Katju seems to be in agreement with Jinnah who in a lone stand argued in favour of a unitary government for India at the first Round Table Conference in 1930. Jinnah felt that a federation in a country made up of such diverse elements would strengthen fissiparous tendencies.

A counter-argument to a centralised setup is the political progress made by India from the early enunciation of a linguistic state framework for handling the country’s ethnic and linguistic diversity by the Congress Party, while the reverse holds true for Pakistan. Pakistan’s abysmal experience also does not lend credence to the argument that a strong central government is better suited to hold a country together or confront bigotry, fanaticism and terrorism as compared to a decentralised democratic structure.

Katju’s last comment that the “two-nation theory” is bogus and should be reversed is probably the most contentious. In India, within a secular polity power sharing between disparate ethnic and communal groups in multinational and multi-ethnic states is working despite periodic challenges. No recognisable group questions its validity. Religion is getting more and more personalised, the divisions between religion and state are becoming bolder and bolder in relief. In Pakistan on the other hand the influence of religion on governance of the state is on the increase and the leaders of the government have been seen to bend backwards to accommodate the views of the fundamentalists. In this milieu, the two-nation theory has stayed in place in its pure glory in Pakistan and none can question it.

Finally, Hindus and Muslims, separate nations or not, have to learn to live together as peaceful neighbours. Communal and political issues have to take a back seat to finding economic solutions. The general mass of the people in India and Pakistan are more concerned about problems that concern them directly like employment, rising prices, education and healthcare. Reversing the two-nation theory, impractical as it sounds, is not a priority at this stage. The only way forward is to forget about fighting ‘thousand-year’ wars and invoking cold start doctrines and instead focus on providing a head start to millions of South Asians still languishing in poverty and misery.

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  1. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    Mera Bhai toh mussalmaan hai… Aur merey khoon kaa pyaasa. Dupatte mein Teri jhooth ki dastan chhupi hai.
    Now tell everyone here how you stole zakat money and ran away from here and will be beaten with shoes if you ever come back. And by the same Muslims whose cause you pretend to be fighting for! What a criminal hypocrite!

  2. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    How he won an election is the tragedy of democracy

  3. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Rex Minor says:
    December 23, 2012 at 6:31 am
    This should not surprise us; the so called soldiers of fortune usualy travel to war zones or coutries with dysfunctional Govts. usualy at the behest of the third party. Is the name taliban, the afghan patent is the export item

    i think alqaeda is being tricked to go to syria and die.

  4. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    DHOORT DALAAL : tum ney apni amma kaa rate nahi bataaya? Tumhari dalaali Alag lagega kyaa?
    Since you claim to be in your 20s, your ammi must be in her thirties…. Is she fair? Tall?

  5. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    “i think alqaeda is being tricked to go to syria and die.”
    Why tricked? They WANT to achieve shahdat… They are going straight to jannat via septic tank

  6. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Why tricked? They WANT to achieve shahdat… They are going straight to jannat via septic tank

    but not that way.i dont agree with their ideology but till america is occupying their area,they will have relevance.jihadis are never defeated.but as now america is on their way after accepting defeat,jihadis will fininsh.eatwa will be taken much u abuse them fact is,neither pak army nor americans could defeat them.same was the fate of russians and britishers with them before.

  7. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    read FATWA

  8. Maggu India Google Chrome  GT-N7100 Build/JRO03C) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Mobile Safari/535.19 says:

    No one can win with a mad man. They should be left alone to kill each other or starve. Problem is, afghans have never in their history produced anything useful except drugs and food. They have lived by plunder and loot. So people keeping them engaged in fighting to defend themselves are doing those in the neighbourhood eg india, pak etc a big favour else these guys will keep attacking. They are like mad dogs who just cant stop. Pakis think afghans are their friends, they are gravely mistaken. As soon as Americans leave the afghans will sodomize “brother” pakis and then kashmir and then the rest of india. The show has just begun

  9. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    EUROPE IS NO BETTER,………..Why Depardieu, the rich and the poor flee France and Hollande

    Is it a tempest in a glass of water, as would ask inspector Clouseau? I don’t know, may be. French superstar Gerard Depardieu wants to give back his passport ; he is tired of paying so much taxes, up to 85% of his income, tired too of being insulted repeatedly in a country where public insulting has become a full-time job, involving now even the PM, his cabinet and a bunch of petty manipulators of opinion. If you study the case, you will find that the partisans of tax-raising are the worst warmongers too. Nobody is perfect, yet someone has the ability to be totally imperfect!

    Print version Font Size Send to friendDepardieu is facing a French “new wave” of insults and sarcasms. Since the government’s official newspaper, Liberation, has insulted Bernard Arnault, the prestigious manager of LVMH and the richest man in Europe for having fled to Belgium (“scram, you rich jerk!”), nobody is spared by the French autocratic press, financed by public money and the unavoidable Rothschild heir, who enjoys wasting his money in crippled media. So the French star is being labelled a jerk, a lame-duck, a vile servant, even an asshole (in the front-page!) not to say worse… lately a French actor, a rather radical chic one, Philippe Torreton, used again the tribune of Liberation to insult our national Obelix! Yet our last national glory, Brigitte Bardot, has replied violently, as she is used to do: “The unknown Torreton, may keep his thrash, his vulgarity and his jealousy, his rage too to insult those who deserve better than him.” Dear BB: she is finally defending the Gauls, after having spent so much time in defending less valuable mammals!

    Since he has been elected, François Hollande has been perfect, having committed what we call a “sans-faute”; he is flawless, an almost perfect president, for being worse than Sarkozy, Chirac, Mitterrand, whoever has been here lately! He has increased the French war-effort in Syria; raised a lot of new taxes, discouraged private initiative, impoverished the poor and hunting down the rich with hounds of technocrats, clerks and reporters turned into insulting jokers. The number of unemployed is soaring every month, up to more than three millions, and no employer is willing to take risks in a country driven by a somewhat loony rhetoric of equality. The PM Ayrault had even the guts of asking -with a threatening tone- his victims to stay in their country in order to pay more taxes for the increasing number of poor, the always ill-treated immigrants and the victims of a system that has driven him to power! It is like if Hitler had asked Einstein to stay in Germany in order to help Heisenberg build the atomic bomb! Anyway the socialists are already losing all local elections, and the unpopularity of inexperienced and incompetent Hollande is at its high.

    The French socialist everlasting melodrama is then taking a new course, after the sex-scandal involving DSK; a dimension made of hatred, aggressiveness, bitterness and thrash. Despite ten million articles we don’t even know if Hollande’s current girl-friend is actually divorced or not! Yet we had no choice indeed: voting again for Sarkozy? Oh, my God… Better fleeing France -or Holland, or the now infamous Euroland – before it is too late…

    Gerard Depardieu is not alone in his fight against this “green-eyed monster” or bureaucratic machine. He has been helped by the fact that many rich people are leaving France; that many stars like Alain Delon (who even renounced his French nationality a few years ago) and sportsmen (rally ace Sebastian Loeb) already settled in Switzerland or in Belgium; that many showbiz people, including Brigitte Bardot, have advocated for more respect for the image of a man and actor who has incarnated with an inspiring power his decaying country so many times. Of course many little buzzards will still insult him and his supporters.

    In France, said once French genius Cocteau, equality means beheading the heads that dominate. France is not Russia; unlike Russia she has not digested her failed revolution turned into a petit-bourgeois everlasting republic made of complex of inferiority, rabid humour, jealousy and addiction to civil jobs (80 000 candidates for each concourse of postmen!).

    One may say that despite these evidences Depardieu is still too rich to be complained. But is the one thousand euros generation happier?

    A commentator has recently written that France is insupportable, that she is unbearable. He has added an interesting point: many poor Frenchmen are leaving France or want to leave her. Why? If France is such a socialist paradise, why do the poor run away from her?

    I’ll tell why: because the French socialist ideal is made of strenuous mediocrity. Because it is uneasy to stand a lifetime on a dole of one thousand euros or less, especially in brave old Paris where you hardly rent eighteen squared meters for than sum! Young Frenchmen are voting with their feet too because it has become – thanks to Chirac and Sarkozy too – an “insupportable” country, an oasis of ugliness, a concentration camp of politically correct, a horror of cop-control and bureaucracy and a paradise of rising taxes, not to mention a pretension to glary cynicism and repentance! Here we don’t either stand any mark of faith or religion, thanks to our lay bias and obsessive anticlericalism, not to mention patriotism, which explains French aggressiveness towards Russian one. There may be not such antipathetic country in the world, except maybe America, which at least spares her wealthy minions and keeps with Hollywood and the Fed printed dollars some of her fading charisma…

    In March 68 a famous commentator wrote in Le Monde – a newspaper that is the shadow of what it used to be- that France is bored. Not now: thanks to Depardieu we know yet that France is poor but not bored. Her sleep is merely bad. We shall see if she can awake. For the mediocre message of Hollande, “raise the taxes and drop the flag”, is rather frustrating.

  10. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    No one can win with a mad man
    DRLNG WHEN THEY ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT US WHY U ARE LOOSING UR HEALTH ABOUT THEM.enoy the new year fuctions at delhi and dubai.u cannot change the world.jews cheated americans by advising them to go afghanistan.

  11. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    [Taliban attack on convoy kills 10 US soldiers.

  12. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Mrs. Sonia Gandhi : This is not the time to sit indoors. Please come out and speak the truth. Say the facts – that the 7 rapists are RSS workers – and that your hands are tied. If you took action – there is a danger that RSS will unleash civil war on the streets of India. And that terrifies you… and holds you back.


    RAHUL UNCLE : IF you can make it…. make the speech… or let Mrs. Sonia Gandhi do it. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is a very fine lady… and she will connect well with the audience… given the situation in Delhi. Either she can speak to the public directly @ India Gate., or she should call a Rally @ Ramlila Maidan tomorrow.

    IDEALLY, it is time for Dr. Maun-Mohan Singh to take the boldest step of his life by introducing 10% Reservation for Indian Muslims in Education and Jobs., by INTRODUCING A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.

    POLITICS IS PERCEPTION. MAHOUL SAAZ-GAAR HAI. LOHA GARM HAI – MAAR DO HATHODA. This will strengthen the roots of Indian Democracy – and the Idea of India. THis will be MMS’s and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s highest service to The Idea of India.

    The Next Prime Ministerial Candidate could be : Mr. Harsh Mandar., who is from Gujarat., or Mr. Sanjiv Joshi IPS., or Mr. Ramakumar IPS., or Mr. Sachin Pilot.

    LOSE ALL – IF YOU WANT TO WIN ALL (The Bible). If Rahul Uncle declares AT THIS POINT.. that I dont wanna be PM.. i wanna serve THE IDEA OF INDIA.. it would be a FANTASTIC MOVE.




    * This would take the winds off Jayalalithaa and MODI MIAN…

  13. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    tajender, now that is what I call good news! The brave fighters will not let oppressors rule!

  14. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    rss is hijacking the movement.salwar wale baba,ramdeo,has also reached there.nobody know who is leading the movement.things are taking dangerous turn.

  15. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    YEH TO HONA HEE THA. Why did you allow Salwar-wale Ramdev Baba to step in ! (BJP/RSS is testing waters). Advani/Sushma dare not take lead of the movement – because all the 7 Delhi Bus Rapists (Delhi Daredevils) are R.S..S Members !

    Sonia ji must now come out – and give the most historic speech of her life. She should read from a written script., as her ability is limited. Or.. if Rahul Uncle can read.. thats even better.. looking at it from a future-viewpoint.

    They must tell the truth that the rapists are RSS workers / BJP workers., and if they touch them, RSS/BJP have threatened to unleash riots thru-out India. That their hands are tied.

    Rahul must additionally swear before the whole of India., that he is NOT a candidate for PM-ship… in 2014… or in 2044.

    THIS will infuse new life into the dying Congress (I) which is in ICU, anyways.

    PS 1 (By the way, the rape victim Shahnaz, died long ago – and buried too – secretly in Okhla Graveyard). The rest is for media-consumption.

    PS 2 (The situation will get out of hand., IF., Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh enter – and change the dynamics). Akhilesh will win 50 seats anyways next year (Lok Sabha). If he jumps into the well of masses now… IT WOULD BE A SUPER HIT. B4 HE JUMPS., RAHUL UNCLE MUST TAKE THE INITIATIVE.. OR … MRS. SONIA GANDHI MUST COME OUT.. AND GIVE A SPEECH (ROTEY HUE). TELL THE FACTS THAT SHAHNAZ WAS RAPED BECAUSE SHE WAS A MUSLIM. THE RAPISTS WERE ALL R.S.S. AND BJP WORKERS.. WHO WERE PROGRAMMED TO HATE.. RAPE.. AND KILL “THE OTHER”.

  16. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Drone has a point. I don’t think there was any way to save this thing (or anything else in India) from visible Hindus. It goes back to the original mistake – Gandhi bringing visible Hinduism into India. Now all is pretty must lost. Unless communists, Muslims, and the family of Sharat Chand Bose (in which one includes all his intellectual heirs) join hands to lead an armed war against visible Hindus, the idea of India is dead and buried.

  17. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    DELHI RAPE VICTIM SHAHNAZ DEAD. THE 7 CULPRITS (RSS/BJP MEMBERS) will be released after 2 weeks on Bail.

    Meanwhile Pakishtani Cricket team has arrived. SO after 2-3 days we would be talking about cricket ( I wont – I hate it – It doesnt exist for me – I dont know the bloody cricketers at all – and thank God for that – There are better / far superior sports) w/popcorn.

  18. Maggu India Google Chrome  GT-N7100 Build/JRO03C) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Mobile Safari/535.19 says:

    Dhoort dalal: Rate?

  19. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Pakistani cricket team should go back to protest mukhtar rape.

  20. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Sports is haram anyways.

  21. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Unless communists, Muslims, and the family of Sharat Chand Bose (in which one includes all his intellectual heirs) join hands to lead an armed war against visible Hindus, the idea of India is dead and buried

    kaal u are right i was actively involve in bengal politics for quite long.the way the brhmns treated qazi nazrul islam is example of their brutality.this great man of burdawan was starved to death.300 rs coming from dhakha saved his life.because of muslim support cpm enjoyed power for 37 years.but did nothing for them after aquiring power.but now situation is changing budhhdism they detroyed communism from within.cpm has become party of baidyas and brhmn.inspite of this
    Brahmins are losing faith in Indian state.recenly there was an article in Deccan Herald stating that “Hindus are losing faith in the Indian state”, i am at a loss to understand how the very ruling class lording over India and its 1,300 million population for thousands of years is “losing faith in the Indian state”. Every Prime Minister, whoever he is or whichever party he belongs, is a puppet in their hands. They not only run the govt., control its finances but govern the country’s very value system.

    Not one person in India, not even its PM, has the courage to criticise this ruling class. And yet the rulers are “losing faith in the Indian state”. What is the meaning of this?

    i met some hard-core Brahmins and sought their reaction to the DH article. They frankly confessed that they would not be happy until they establish the Brahminical dictatorship over the Aryavarta as envisaged in the Manu Dharma Sastra.

    What they mean is they want the existing Indian constitution be scrapped, and replaced by the constitution propounded by their jatwala Manu. They want the existing legislature, judiciary and even the executive scrapped and all “religious minorities” made to live at their mercy. They want India to go back to the Vedic Age under the dictatorship of the Bhoodevatas. Such an ideal setup would pave the way to the Ram Rajya in which their favourite god Ram threw his loving wife, Sita, to the forest and allowed her to die. This is Ram Rajya.

    Full support from Israel: They said they hated the SC/ST reservations, and the OBCs creating all the nuisance, the courts constantly coming in the way of Hindu temples amassing all the wealth. Their hatred is mainly directed against the Muslims and Christians who are already living under the Brahminical mercy. Even this “little freedom” given only on paper must be scrapped.

    Full hope in Israel: We asked them how they would establish the Ram Rajya when their own favourite Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) was defeated. They said the Congress proved to be a better Brahminical party.

    But their main hope today was in the zionist state of Israel — the world’s only exclusive racist state. Israel has offered them all-out support to establish their dream state of Ram Rajya in India. But the point is Israel has not succeeded in ousting the Muslim Palestinians from their dream state. Israel is already hated by a major portion of the world. With the defeat of US in Iraq and Afghanistan, the rise of China as a super power and Iran becoming a nuclear power, where is the chance for Israel to rise?

    Waiting for World War-III: The Brahminists reply is all this will be achieved once the World War-III begins paving the way for the establishment of Zionist state in Israel and the “Jews of India” establishing their racist Ram Rajya. Wonderful.

    sarat chander bose,his brother subhas chander bose were true nationalist leaders fought for united bengal with hussain shaheed suharwardy but divisive brhmns obstructed all their effort of for unity and properity.i am great fan of mnroy.i may be wrong but i think he was genuine person.

  22. lord of the rings India Google Chrome Windows says:

    If Tajendra and Drona reach mental asylum then Kaal is responsible. That is if they are not already posting from there.

  23. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    After NYT, next stop Le Monde Paris.

    Point No. 1 – After the rape of SHAHNAZ in a moving bus in Delhi by 7 Bhartiya Rape Party and Rashtriya Rape Sangh Members, BJP is offering RTR (Right to Rape), RTK (Right to Kill) and RTL (Right to Loot)., against boring RTI/RTE offered by Congress. It is time to take a stand. Even if Congress loses 10 elections (str8) in a row. “What is morally wrong – cannot be politically right”, said S. Radhakrishnan. The achilles’ heel of the Congress Party is its DYNASTIC MODE. If it throws off its dynasty-tag.,and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (a fine lady) and Mr. Rahul Gandhi (a gentleman) simply leave the party and politics, handing it over to OTHER INDIANS who believe in the idea of India., they can (and will) take the Hindutva bull by its horns and save the Idea of India.

    Point No. 2 – Respected Smt. Sonia Gandhi ji – must sit with the girls – and give the FINEST SPEECH of her lifetime. It must be a “Classic”. She can read from a paper – or give extempore… But she must cry… voice must quiver.. and she must meet the girls.. hug them.. and cry.. Those LIVE IMAGES MUST COME ACROSS.

    Point No. 3 – After the display of the quality of the “heart”, it is time for Mr. Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Uncle) to take over., and dispay the head of “steel”. He must sit with the volunteers for 3 hours.. without food and water.. (SHARE FOOD WITH THEM.. BISCUITS.. ETC)., AND THEN.. TOGETHER WITH THE VOLUNTEERS., MARCH TO THE HOME MINISTRY. RAHUL MUST WAIT OUTSIDE.. AND SEND THE GROUP INSIDE.. They must get re-assurances (followed by Sincere Action). If need be., Rahul must sit silently with the volunteers NON-STOP for a week.

    Take a week-long vacation, Rahul Uncle. This will pay huge dividends LATER. Throw away the calculator. For a change, listen to the heart.

  24. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:



    1. Shahnaz – 23-year-old inside a moving bus in Delhi, Dec 2012.

    2. Bhanwari Devi (Bhateri, Jaipur district) : Bhanwari Devi was gangraped in 1992 by a group of BJP/RSS Members in Bhateri village, 50 km from Jaipur, while trying to stop a child marriage. At the time, she was a grassroots worker with the Women’s Development Project, run by the Rajasthan government.(Supreme Court’s: ‘Vishaka Judgment)’.

    And yet 20 years on, Bhanwari still awaits justice. RAPISTS are free men out on bail. WOAW.

    When she spoke out against the perpetrators, she was accused of fabricating the entire incident. Her alleged rapists offered her money to withdraw the case, and she was shunned by her family and community. The rapists were let off by a lower court in 1995. The state government appeal against the acquittal in the high court in 1996 still drags on.

    Bhanwari, now 55, is now resigned and bitter. “I did not get justice. Why do you want to highlight my case again? It does not serve any purpose,” she said.

    3) Seema (Bhilwara district)

    Seema (Muslim) from Bhilwara was abducted by her neighbour 6 years ago when she was just 13. The neighbour, Anil Chipa (A member of Bhartiya Rape Party and Rashtriya Rapist Sangh), was a married man with 3 kids. He took her to Chittor, Ajmer and Kota, where he had planned to sell her to a pimp. However, when that plan failed, he took her to Madhya Pradesh.

    When they got off at Ruthiai station in Madhya Pradesh at night, Seema saw 3 Railway Protection Force (RPF) policemen and she shouted for help. The policemen took Seema and Anil to the RPF quarters, where they raped her the whole night and left her bleeding. (HINDU POLICE DOING ITS DUTY WITH SINCERETY. THEY WERE ALL PROMOTED LATER)

    The next morning, Anil took her back to Kota, where Seema again appealed to some police personnel to help her. The police contacted her family in Bhilwara and she returned.

    Seema’s parents, who are masonry workers, ran around trying to get an FIR lodged but Anil had bribed the police and they refused to help.

    Police did arrest 2 RPF constables and Anil, and the case went on for 4 years. In 2010, all of them were acquitted after bribing the assistant public prosecutor. This is Hinduta !

    “I don’t want to talk about it. I am married now and live in fear of them as they are influential people and can harm us,” said Seema.

    “The police personnel tried to pay us off and wanted us to settle the case out of court. But my parents and I wanted them to be punished, and we persevered. But for what? They were let off because they were influential. I did not get justice.”

    4. Parveen (Muslim / Sikar district)

    11-year-old Parveen was forced into a jeep by 5 Bhartiya Rape Party and Rashtriya Rapist Sangh Members and gangraped in Sikar.

    It was Eid, and her mother’s friend Munni had taken Parveen and her three siblings for a movie. They were returning when Parveen was snatched by the men.

    Four months down the line, and after four major surgeries, she is still unable to sit.

    “She had been brutally injured. The lining between the vagina and rectum was completely torn. We had to do a colostomy in the abdomen, so she could pass feacal matter while the vaginal tear was repaired and the sphincter muscle was reconstructed,” said the Professor of paediatric surgery at JK Lone Hospital in Jaipur.

    Frail and quiet, Parveen lies listless on the hospital bed. Her elder sister Chandni said Parveen used to be a chirpy young kid, but had gone completely quiet after the incident. “Sometimes she suddenly cries or wakes up from sleep when she remembers the incident.”

    The rapists still threaten the family.

    “The rapists should be hanged. If the precedent is set, no one will dare to exploit girls. Till when will girls have to bear this injustice?” said Chandni.

    The family hails from Bihar. There are six sisters, three of them married. Their mother ekes out a living as a worker in a plastic factory. She earns about Rs. 5,000 per month.

    5). Savita (Barmer district)

    Hamira Ram has been making rounds of police stations and courts, pleading with the authorities to find his 16-year-old daughter Savita (name changed).

    Savita was first abducted in July by a RSS Shakha Pramukh, who took her to Goa where he repeatedly raped her for over two weeks.

    “He lured my daughter to elope with him, even though he is married. . The police initially uncooperative” (on the payroll of Rashtriya RapIST Sangh)

    Savita told police she was kept in confinement and raped, but the man was not arrested. On December 3, Savita was again abducted and there is no news of her since.

    “Police did not register a case of rape but of abduction. They have not produced the challan in court and demand a bribe from me,” says Hamira Ram, who works as a labourer and earns about Rs. 7,000 per month. He lives with his wife and five children.

    He says he feels angry but can’t do much. “My daughter’s life is ruined. I spent more than Rs. 2 lakh to try and get her back. But no one helps the poor.”

    6) Kalpana (Bansur, Alwar district)

    Four years ago, then 15-year-old Kalpana from Bansur in Alwar district was kidnapped on her way to school by a man from Jharkhand and his two friends.

    “She left that morning and did not return. She was missing for 15 days,” said her mother. “Then she somehow managed to call us and provided us her location.” The police went and rescued her from the three men who had kept her in confinement and raped her.

    “When my daughter came back she was ill and very scared. The men had raped her repeatedly and beaten her. She had to be admitted to a hospital,” she said.

    The family filed a case of rape and kidnapping, but the pace of investigation has been slow. In the meantime, Kalpana got married. “We wanted punishment for the rapists, but the police did not act.”

    Police finally arrested two of the accused four months ago. “My husband earns around Rs. 6,000 per month, so we have borrowed money to fight the case. But the police and lawyers only make us run around and harass us.”





  25. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    ANALYSIS OF THE HINDU WOMAN’S MIND : The Hindu Woman of India is sold to the ideology of the Rashtriya Rapist Sangh. She considers it her duty to encourage her father/brother/husband/son., to go and rape the Cute Looking Muslim Girl, next-door. It is for her a PRAYER, a Puja., which she wants her male-family-member to do (to please her). She wants to make the male members of her family HAPPY (at the expense of the muslim girl next door). The Hindu Woman rejoices when a Muslim girl is raped and killed.

    That is why she voted en-masse for Narendra Modi, the planner and perpetrator of Pogrom 2002, Gujarat. Otherwise how do you explain the defeat of Shweta Joshi ? Women themselves didnt vote for Shweta., and voted for Narendra Damodardas Modi instead.

    Modi had asked : Who is YOUR CM Candidate ?
    The perfect reply should have been : Radhaben Modi (the Ayah). But there was deafening silence.

    Strategy was : Containment. Give HIM Gujarat, so that we keep Delhi. You have to READ the mind of the Hindu Woman. Who rejoices when the Muslim girl next door is raped by her father/brother/husband/son and grand-son !

    (IN return the mother-******* Arabs, have surrendered the Dubai economy and are stuffing Hindu Pockets with billions ! Shameless – financing rape and murder thereby. They are financiers of rape, in a way. Starve Hindu of funds – and see how he LEARNS TO BEHAVE.. WITHIN 48 HRS).

    INTERNAL MATTER : Read : we have a right to rape and kill Muslim girls within our bothers. You dont expose us., okay !!


  26. Maggu India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    DHOORT: Here, take a banana

  27. Raj United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    The comments are strange and do not re;late to the article. Two nation theory at face dos not make sense because India still has the second largest population of Muslims. Minor problems aside, it appears to me that various communities in India have learnt to live together.
    separation of religion and state is a valid and strong principle and needs to be strengthened further .

    Creation of Pakistan on the other hand has been the best thing ever happened for India ( current India). I think the religious disharmony would have grown deeper and violent and Indian democracy would have been at risk and with that the nation.
    Indiua is progressing reasonably well and let us hope that so does Pakistan.

  28. Satyamukhi United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Kafir Raj,
    Raaj Ki baat hai ki Pakistan is not complete. On Quaid’s 136th Birthday, no better gift for Pakistan than giving them 100Plus Million Muslims living on Indian Land. Dont know why 400% pure Paki Musalmans dont want to share the glory of their fourfathers with these forsaken Muslims since 47. May be they all be sent to the camps in Kashmir Valley and for repackaging the gift.

  29. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Indian Muslims have been kafirized, they are not suitable for Pure Land anymore. They have even trashed Arabic for Chinese and English- what can be a bigger insult to Allah’s profet.

  30. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    D-RATING FOR INDIA SOON ! Why ? Because the 1st duty of any government (anywhere) is to ensure Law and Order on the streets. One can live without “development”, but this principle is CARDINAL. It is here, that Dr. Maun-Mohan Singh and his colleague Montek Ahluwalia failed (and failed miserably). They were too busy with the multi-coloured pie-charts, bar charts, statistics, etc.

    Now the 10% growth Trajectory is gone down the gutter. Keep dreaming about it.

    Once the “BRAND” has been dented., it is not easy to restore investor-confidence. Who would want to invest in a “Dengue-Country”, and “Rape Country”, a country where you give approvals first., and after 7 years you tax the Corporate House “RETROSPECTIVELY”. Woaw. A country when its 2nd majority is raped and abused 24×7 ! No one dare open his/her mouth – as it is an INTERNAL MATTER. (Rough Tr : Within our boundaries, we have a right to rape + kill at will ! No one expose us. Bury your head in the sand. Mind your own business and pretend AAL IZZ WELL).

    Why should a tourist come to India now ? To get raped and mugged ? Since the past 50 yrs., every single western Tourist has been mugged, pinched, raped, and his wallet stolen in India. The moment you step into the Airport – you face the Customs’ / Immigration Officials – and perverted eyes. The western tourist is clean minded. The indian eye is DIRTY AND PERVERTED. Having gone thru that pervert-eye-scan, the moment a Tourist steps out of the Airport – the man must get ready to lose his Wallet and Credit Cards. The woman tourist must get ready to be raped by an ugly filthy foul creature.

    The problem is this : Indians are a very ugly race. Even Africans are smart looking. They may be dark, but they have gr8 physical beauty of form. Indians have neither brains nor brawns. They have become a nation of PERVERTS. Khushwant Singh rightly calls India a “perverted and a country of hypocrites”.

    Late. Hz. Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) came to India some 30-40 yrs back. His wallet was stolen. Passport / Credit Cards / Airplane ticket and all. He had to starve in India. SOmehow the US Embassy helped and he returned home shattered. He hated India until his dying day.

    What happenned to Steve Jobs, has happened to every single Western Tourist ! The moment you land in India, people spread their hand and beg. Give us, Saab. Saab, give us. Our parents produced us just in a moment of passion… so you take care of us… feed us… take us back to California (Bel Air / Pasadena / Elcino / Beverly Hills). Get us married to Riri. (All on your account).

    NOW INSTITUTIONAL-INVESTMENT WILL DIP. INDIA CREDIT RATINGS WOULD FALL TO D-. TOURISTS : NIL. WHO (AND WHY) should any tourist come to India. Give me a reason ? To have his wallet/passport/credit cards stolen. To have his wife/daughter raped by filthy uncouth dirty crawling pests of earth.

    Dr. Maun-Mohan Singh was focused on the 10% Growth Trajectory. Now he must think about RAPE-TRAJECTORY. RAPE STATISTICS. RAPE CONVICTIONS. Once Indian streets are RAPE-FREE, only then would investment come – only then would Tourists come.

    ATITHI DEVA BHAAVA : You rape the Guest (your Gods / Goddesses). Woaw. The tag line should be : VISIT INDIA – and GET MUGGED/RAPED. If you want a Rape-Safari, travel to India.

    It took 8 days for Dr. Maun-Mohan SIngh to address the Nation ! Woaw. President Obama would have arrived and met the protesters [maximum] in 8 hours ! (or even less). Here it has taken 8 days. Cold freezing weather – and you use water canons ! All these youngsters will vote for the Congress Party in 2014 ?

    NARENDRA MODI, THE “BOTTOM” OF GUJARAT, IS SILENT. HIS SILENCE IS DEAFENING. HE doesnt open his mouth because the rape victim is a Muslim, and the 7 rapists (+ the one in Bangalore) are members of BJP/RSS… and Congress is so afraid of BJP/RSS Street Power that it did not even utter this basic, simple fact before the nation.

    So how could such terrified bunch of people (old) lead the nation ? No way. Congress is laying the Red Carpet for Narendra Modi (the “Bottom” of Gujarat) for 2014.

    And 10% growth is now out of the window. [for a decade or two or more]. In these recessionary times, who has a dollar to invest/put in a sinking / burning / riot-prone Titanic ???

  31. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Raj says well;

    the separation of the state and religion is a valid and strong principle and should be stregnthened further. however, the principle of democracy has also laid down and more or less accepted by the UNO in human rights, reflect the values of the ten commandments which Moses brought to the world.
    The UNO building in NY shows them iscripted on is building.

    India must restore the rights of women by stopping the gang rapes.

    Rex Minor

  32. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:



    Who will hold India’s hand. Who will bell the cat ? Who will hold the hand of the gay bottom, Narendra Modi ?

    The world KNOWS the cancer that RSS is., but is simply not bothered., because RSS is not hurting “THEM”. It is raping and killing muslims “within Indian Boundaries”. So as their crime doesnt impact others, others are not interested.

    Once RSS activity starts hurting OTHERS., then they will wake up.

  33. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    What happened to our Love Jihad against Hindu and Sikh girls? Why don’t we revive it full scale? Are you encouraging all your sons to take part in it, I think we all should.

  34. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Such an enlightened Muslim, Saudis might give him citizenship…

  35. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    kaalchakra says:
    December 25, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    What happened to our Love Jihad against Hindu and Sikh girls? Why don’t we revive it full scale? Are you encouraging all your sons to take part in it, I think we all should

    this bullshit was creation of hindu media.hindus are enough to kill hindu girls.all ur religious places,like triputi,are biggest brothels of per gita women is between shudra and chandal whose killing is not crime.that is why indian cities are becoming rape capitals of world.rss is the biggest centre of sodomy in india.

  36. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    I don’t think we should scoff at Love Jihad. It ought to be the duty of every full-blooded Muslim youth. Jihadied Hindu women make the best workers for Muslims and Islam. As you said, many of them are brought up in brothels and with the culture of brothels anyway. Most of them are also brought up to side with the ones asking for ‘justice’. Making them Muslim will save them by helping them and the humanity – what could be better?

    Not only in India, at least I am happy that Love Jihad is in full swing in the UK and Australia as well – which is a very good news for all.

    Let’s not be shy of what ultimately does the world good.

    At the same time, it is most important to brand Hindus, Brahmins, BJP and RSS as rapists and murders. Drone has the perfect insight – violence and sex: that is the way to sell good ideas to the masses.

  37. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Jihadied Hindu women make the best workers for Muslims and Islam.

    in hinduism women has no religion.hindu is man.daughter of kayasth will not be kayasth.she is shudra,actually women is between shudra and chandal.killing of women carry no punishment so they were murdered in huge numbers.india is the only country where number of women is than men.i pity for the position of women in hinduism.

  38. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    What happened to our Love Jihad against Hindu and Sikh girls.

    kaal……. this was brhmncl bullshit concentrated in kerala.imperialists wanted to convert kerala into another somalia/karachi.brhmnst and high caste christians,their local agents in kerala started the seems it had no taker so died soon.

  39. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    tajender, that is truly deep, and as always true! I was pleased to hear that Hindu marriages are not officially recognized in Pakistan. I don’t know why don’t ban the marriage of Hindu girls to Hindu men. It is just cruelty and pure injustice to Hindu girls. They should all be married off to Muslim boys so they can lead lives of goodness, truth, and happiness. I guess full Islam is yet to be implemented :(

    Later my friends. Meanwhile, let’s not let up on branding Hindus, BJP, RSS, anybody and everybody except communists and saratis as rapists and murderers. That is important religious (and hence humanitarian) work. See ya.

  40. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Not only in India, at least I am happy that Love Jihad is in full swing in the UK and Australia as well – which is a very good news for all

    i have no such 90%of muslims are after education jihad.soon we will lead the world as before.brhmnsm(vedicism) will collapse because of its own condradition.people are leaving them in large number.victim of brhmnsm knows that conversion and good command on english is the only way to liberation.though they are not converting to india caste is more important than religion.

  41. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    tajender, that is truly deep, and as always true! I was pleased to hear that Hindu marriages are not officially recognized in Pakistan. I don’t know why don’t ban the marriage of Hindu girls to Hindu men. It is just cruelty and pure injustice to Hindu girls. They should all be married off to Muslim boys so they can lead lives of goodness, truth, and happiness. I guess full Islam is yet to be implemented

    it was but now they can do register marriage.hindu girls should marry hindu boys.before certificate from societies were and large muslims don not want non muslim girls in their family.

  42. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Meanwhile, let’s not let up on branding Hindus, BJP, RSS, anybody and everybody except communists and saratis as rapists and murderers. That is important religious (and hence humanitarian) work. See ya.

    kaal with hindus or hinduism we have no problem.hindutva is zoinism.will destroy hinduism and india both.bjp is their political face while rss is muscle.they have done lot of bad things for india and indians,especially to muslims.ab hindu inko pahchan gaye hain that is why they are loosing heavily in hindi speaking belt.mutalik of ram sena is socially boycotted also.

  43. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    india is the only country where number of women is than men.i pity for the position of women in hinduism

    pls read,

    india is the only country where number of women is less than men.i pity for the position of women in hinduism.

  44. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    kaal waiting ur suggestions and replies.

  45. Syed United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Saad Hafiz :
    You’ve written : “..Finally, Hindus and Muslims, separate nations or not, have to learn to live together as peaceful neighbours..”
    Hindus and Muslims are not neighbors – India and Pakistan are.

  46. saad Canada Safari Unknow Os says:


    It is both old chap. The background to partition and all that. Any other insightful comments on the article?

  47. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    BRANDING IS KEY. Few facts : IF you rape Muslims “within your borders” and call it your “Internal Matter” – fine. Turn India into a “Gas Chamber” and a “Rape Chamber” and supervise Gang Rape in your base camp (Internal Matter). BUT… it will (and it must) have a price.

    BAD-TAMEEZI must extract a price.

    Gang Rape / Violence / Discrimination and Prejudice must entail an ECONOMIC price.

    Downgrading the Country Rating to “D -” (D-minus) which means CRAP/junk.

    Moral of the story : you want to have 10% growth – maintain law and order (impartially). If you turn the whole country into a Gang-Rape Gas Chamber, you will have to sacrifice 10% growth.


    Dr. Maun-Mohan Singh, Dr. Montek Ahluwalia (who are fine men – but sad to note – removed from reality. They do NOT have the ear on the ground. They do NOT feel the pulse of the nation). They are bureaucrats – economists… but definitely NOT LEADERS.

    A leader does not work like a Clerk. He/She need not, either. The job of a leader is to understand the PULSE of his/her nation. THAT is key.

    So when I brand India as a “Rape Country”., where every Tourist is a target (for wallet picking/molesting/rape).. it is meant to send a message. Keep the Law and Order on the Streets first… and if you do that… you can have development. If you are lax on L&O., forget growth.

    SOFT POWER has its importance. The Jews have it. Speilberg made : Schindlers List… Do Muslims have the creative power… money… studios.. to make “BUS TO DWARKA”.. No. By new year, we all forget it.. as New Year Celebrations (is) Prime News and KIRKIT (Cricket).. that curse is ON.

    Write Novels, Plays, Songs, Dramas, make paintings, movies… and make sure “BUS TO DWARKA” reaches the farthest corners of the world. Cover 20 Major languages of the world. BRAND INDIA AS A “RAPE COUNTRY”.

    Hurt where it hurts – Economically. Do NOT say a single bad word to Hindu. Keep the lips sealed. Maintain decency.. but hit the criminal society : “ECONOMICALLY”. If you give them money, you arm the rapist.. to rape and kill you.


  48. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Ujjain, December 25:


    National Investigating Agency (NIA) arrested the man who planted the bomb at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad in May 2007 that killed more than 13 people.

    Tej Ram Parmar, 25, was arrested from Ujjain in Uttar Pradesh on Monday. He is a driver by profession, police said.

    He is believed to be a member of “Abhinav Bharat” (how many Muslims know about Abhinav Bharat, Bhonsale Military School ? They feel they dont need to know.. UNCARING ATTITUDE), the same group believed to be behind the Samjhauta Express blast which claimed 68 lives on February 18, 2007.

    Nine people were killed in the blast during Friday prayers at the historic Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad AP on May 18, 2007. Five more people were killed in police firing on protesters outside the mosque after the blasts.

    Earlier this month, the NIA had arrested two men – Dhan Singh and Rajinder Chaudhary – in connection with the Samjhauta Express blast case.


    EXPOSE : ABHINAV BHARAT, BHONSALE MILITARY SCHOOL., WHAT IS TAUGHT IN THE 100,000 SCHOOLS RUN BY R.S.S. (An un-registered body). Infact these schools are FACTORIES that produce bombers and gang-rapists.


  49. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    December 25: A 3-year-old girl was raped and later abandoned in a bush at Goai village in Burdwan district. The little child, having injury marks all over her body, was raped as reports of medical tests at Katwa hospital prove. Alerted by the child’s screams, a local woman Sohagi spotted her lying beside a bush yesterday and rushed the girl to a hospital after attending to her wounds. Police said all efforts were being made to locate the miscreants (members of RSS Local Shakha – Gymnasium – that trains boys in body sculpture during day – and gang-raping muslim girls by nite as a way of “relaxation”), who committed this heinous crime. This incident came close on the heels of the gangrape of Shahnaz, a paramedical student on board a bus in Delhi on December 16.

    And the rape goes on and on and on… in the RAPE COUNTRY.

  50. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    2 1/2 yr old girl, raped in Gujarat. She died at a hospital in Vadodara on Tuesday. A large number of people attended the funeral procession of the victim at Halol near Vadodara. The girl was
    raped and thrown into a thorny bush on Friday night by her maternal uncle (MAMU) working as a private security guard at Virpur.

    After raping the girl Friday night, the accused had thrown her in a thorny bush. Some youths in the area heard the cries and found her there. The victim’s parents had then taken her to a nearby hospital from where she was shifted to SSG hospital in Vadodara for treatment.

    After she passed away in the hospital on Tuesday, her body was buried at Halol.

    —- P.S. HALOL OR HELL-HOLE ? —- The Gay Bottom, Narendra Modi is silent ! After reading these news – all in 1 day – I am sorry to say that the picture emerging in my mind is this. There is a poster : “Welcome to India” with the background pic of the Taj Mahal.

    I think the poster should be changed to a RSS man raping a 2.5 year old…. and the tag line should be : Welcome to India – Rape Country.
    Travel to India. Visit India. Come to get mugged – come to enjoy gang rape !

    Ab kaun aayega India ? There wont be 20 Tourists at the Taj Mahal. Who would want to spend money – travel – only to be mugged /raped / assaulted by the most ugly crawling creatures on earth… uglier than africans.. filthier than the dirtiest dogs.. rotten dark souls.. child rapists.

    Paisa kharch kar kay – kaun Rape Country aayega ? Bataao !

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