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Tahir-ul-Qadri and Doomsday Conspiracy

By Abrar Kureshy

A telecom professional, Abrar holds an MBA degree in marketing. He tweets as @Abrar_kureshy and occasionally blogs at 



Ok this comes in a little late as I was confused on 21st December about what to do. Curse Mayan calendar for wrongly scaring the whole world for nothing, watch the movie 2012 again and laugh or consider it alright as self-claimed “Sheikh-ul-Islam” Prof. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri was “launched” in Pakistan on that day and in Nazir Naji’s words, after this incident we don’t need a separate doomsday.

Whole world almost gone crazy about probable occurrence of doomsday and did pre-emptive measures to counter the calamities and we Pakistanis, as always, welcomed the sugar coated calamity with arms wide open.

I personally don’t like to bother about ‘conspiracy theories’ but this matter is of slightly different nature. Mr. Qadri has been a controversial character ever-since he gained popularity back in 90’s, first that [fake attack story][1] and then countless [revelations that Sheikh-ul-Islam sb came up with][2] time to time.

Here’s a small story that I read in Ashfaq Ahmed’s Zavia-1. It goes like once a saint was travelling with one of his followers and they saw a snake, badly hurt and about to die. Saint picked up the snake, fed him, kept in safe custody until that snake came back to life and first thing he did, was bit saint’s hand. Saint calmly took him off his hands and continued travelling. Follower inquired about the incident, saint replied ‘it’s his way of expressing gratitude, all snakes bite regardless of how you deal them’. Story ends here and many readers would recall the first political stunt of Qadri sb when he accused Mian Nawaz Sharif of attacking him and whole episode was found fake ([court’s remarks in link][3]). I don’t support any party’s political agenda here just that Mian Sharif was the one who gave Tahir-ul-Qadri wings to fly and his son was the first person whom Qadri sb chose for character assassination. It doesn’t mean I called Mian Sb a saint or Qadri sb a snake, these were mere characters of the story to make my point. He might return the favor in similar manner in days to come.

Tahir-ul-Qadri who went in self-exile and moved to Canada for “research” purposes is known to twist facts and manipulate his own statements as and when required. This [video, that I found online][4], is testimonial of the fact. He has done a great damage to the religion Islam ever since he got audience. He might be welcomed by ‘secular’ circles within the country but a common man never want such ‘enlightened moderation’ that is achieved on cost of one’s own identity and ideology.

Now comes the part of Qadri’s return and agenda. He runs an NPO namely ‘Minhaj-ul-Qura’n’ which has many donors worldwide and this institution provides both religious and worldly education to students. Pakistani’s witnessed massive TV campaign about Qadri’s return and message with posters and banners well placed in all the places in major cities. Now the question arises, who is supporting Qadri? Who sponsored his campaign and bearing all other expenses? The message that Qadri gave is not new. As mentioned by honorable Nazir Naji sb in his urdu column on 22nd December, this slogan, with different versions, has been used before as well. All our dictators chanted the same slogan and needles to say what they did to Pakistan, so will Qadri sb, if God-forbid, he comes to power. Also his version of Government is beyond debate.

Political parties like MQM formally and PTI informally ‘embracing’ Qadri’s version and columnists like Hassan Nisar praising Qadri as if he’s long-waited Imam-Mehdi, gives a hint that Sheikh-ul-Islam is being backed/launched by uncle-sam. In my humble opinion, he’s just a ‘guest-appearance’ for an ‘item number’ or two, just to give whole story a boost and enhance ‘marketability’.

All I, or common people like me, can do is keep our eyes open and pray to Almighty that none of our political leaders fall prey to Qadri’s attractive words and derail the system for worst.

May Almight save us and our beloved country for Qadri sb’s conspiracy is no smaller than that of doomsday conspiracy

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84 Responses to "Tahir-ul-Qadri and Doomsday Conspiracy"

  1. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Brahmins who sent him a brahmin daughter – a vishkanya – these Hindus call such women (and you know about Hindu women already).

    kaal she killed her husband baba saheb with the help of her brhmn boyfriend.she was vishkanya.

  2. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Kancha Ilaiah’s book ‘why I am not a Hindu’, should be made a textbook in all the colleges and universities all over the world. This is the most highly scholarly book on religion. Even Bertrand Russel’s book ‘Why I am not a christian’ is nothing in comparison because Bertrand russell was very superficial. Christianity is a great religion and Bertrand russel gives superficial reasons about why he is not a christian. Bertrand Rusel was also influenced by zionists. There is enough proof on that and we at Dalit Nation are doing research and will be publishing a paper soon.
    When the editor first read Kancha Iliah, immediately we realised that this book is next only to Dr. Ambedkar’s ‘Annhilation of caste’. But it is also different because Kancha talks of his experiences as a Kuruma the shepherd caste. How the shepherds had so much knowledge of different ways to breed and look after sheep. The Brahmins know nothing of all this. Yet they rule the people. Since the editor is also from the weaver caste we can understand and sympathise with Kancha iliaiah.
    How brahmins have taken away our gods is still a shame. When pocchamma’s festivals are celebrated how we dalits sacrifice and offer what we love to eat. We sacrifice buffalos and sprinkle the blood of the buffalos and cook them and eat them. We also drink toddy and sing and dance all night. Why should we dalits learn the classical music popularised by these brahmins. All their arts like bharatanatyan and classical music has only survived because of the Devadasis. The uncultured brahmins dont even know how to sing and dance properly and they call us uncultured. They offer bananas and coconuts to their gods but our gods need meat. Because our gods eat what we dalit bahujans eat. The barbaric brahmins wants to prevent us from sacrificing animals. They want to kill our culture. The brahmins dont know that they were also meat eaters 2000 years ago. They became vegetarian only to conquer Buddhists. The Buddhists were fooled by newly converted vegetarian Brahmins and thought that they are non violent and slowly Brahmins absorbed Buddhists. The Brahmins can go to any extent even change their diet to enjoy their monopoly. The brahmins have also influenced the christian missionaries to preach against animal sacrifice. Shame on them.
    In Kancha’s childhood he never saw any Brahmin children in the fields. There were only his own caste people. Where were these brahmin children at that time. They were probably hiding in their houses eating food all the time and chanting the stupid mantras. The brahmins have no contact with nature. They dont touch mud and dont know anything about plants and animals. Still they call themselves intelligent. Kancha has clearly exposed the Brahmins with regards to sex education. The Brahmins never talk of sex in their homes. They act as if sex does not exist. The brahmin children have no clue about sex unlike we dalits. As dalits we are taught sex education in our houses but for Brahmin children they dont even know about birds and bees.
    Brahmins also treat their own children as untouchable. Brahmin mothers dont touch their own children and brahmin mothers also dont love their children. What a horrible people these brahmins are. Kancha clearly exposes all these things. The world should know these things. How the brahmin treats women and widows are so inhuman. They just light a fire and burn the widows after the death of the husband. Why are they not booked for murder when they do this.
    Kancha completely exposes the gods of the brahmins, even the godess of learning saraswathi is an illiterate. How come brahmins dont allow woment to study. Their gods are all violent rama who killed dalits like shambuka and the ravana. Krishna who was a master of deceit. Krishna also studied chanakya’s arthashastra and vatsyayana’s Kamasutra. He mastered them.
    The brahmin gods are all symbols to destroy the oppressed. The brahmans say ‘aham brahmasmi’ which means everything belongs to me. Why should we give everything to brahmins our women, the products from the toil. The bagvad gita and upanishads are books which will put mein kampf to shame. Bagvad Gita asks the upper caste pandavas to kill their cousins the lower caste kauravas. Kancha clearly exposes the hypocrisy of the Mahabharatha.
    These books like Bhagavad Gita should be banned. Even people who discovered atom bomb were influenced by bhagwad gita. All of them were jews. Einstien and Opphenhiemer were influenced by bhagvad gita. They are extremely dangerous books and they used it to kill millions of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The Japanese should ask compensation from the Brahmins and Jews because it is they who created the destruction of the two cities.
    The brahmin manu created the manusmrithi and without any political power the brahmins ruled us. Even when muslims and the british were ruling india the brahmins were ruling us. Surely they are extremely crafty. The most cunning people on earth. They dont own lands and they dont have power all they know is some mantras and then they mesmerize people and rule them. Kancha surely exposes all of them.
    Their time is coming to an end. We dalit bahujans are now coming together and with sister mayavathi is now the chief minister of UP. She will be the prime minister of India in the next elections. We dalits should stop reading all the other nonsense these brahmins and their media talk about and read Kancha’s book. It will surely make you understand how evil the hindu religion is. Like Kancha we at Dalit Nation are also closely working with the Christian Missions. We should not waste the funds that we get for personal things but use them to destroy Hinduism. Because only then we can have peace and justice. How long can this atrocities continue.
    This books should be read by everyone and it should be given the Nobel prize. But the Nobel prize is completely controlled by the zionists. The hypocrites will never give Nobel Prize to Kancha Ilaiah

  3. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:


    Your first post gave us cause for happiness because it proves that we can’t trust ANY of them. You never know which one of them will kill you! Baba Saheb made one mistake and was killed. The ONLY solution is Islam, which is beyond these little things.

    The second post, though, had me worried. Brahmind gods are no doubt bad and ram lalla surely the worst of all, but I hope you are not implying that dalit gods are good enough, or that kali is good enough to create good morals with!! I am not sure if you know but the first thing that the progeny and followers of Sarat Chandra Bose do is to stop taking part of those ugly kali processions, let they be seen in the company of visible Hindus.

    Tajender, what at least four Indians, you, drone, ravi bhai, and I have realized is that ONLY Islam is the solution. Let’s not get sidetracked into unproductive avenues of dalit gods and brahmin gods, yadav gods and kshatriya gods (given how difficult these people are, some might claim that krishna etc are not even brahmin gods!!).

    Asman se gire khajur pe atke would be rather sad. Let’s trumpet forth the clarion call of complete freedom, full truth, and uncompromised justice for all – Islam and nothing else! The ONLY true god is Allah. The only true Book is the Holy Quran. Not some dalit gods and books.

  4. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Milestogo wrote:

    5. Muhammed was just a postman – he never understood the message

    1. Well it is a open question whether he was a postman or an author!
    2. If he was a postman, he was a mighty illiterate one who pretended to be able to read, so read something or the other not written and the ignorant believed what he claimed to read.
    3. If he was an author, he ensured that Allah sanctioned all of Muhammed’s sexual exploits and highway robberies!

  5. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    I have read US/UK statements, and although taking them merely at their word would be insane, Dr Qadri does not appear to be a foreign agent at all. All said and done, TQ speaks of Mr Jinnah and catches the imagination of an average Pakistani and that is what seems to have all major parties scampering.

    No matter how far he goes or doesn’t go, he will leave an imprint.

  6. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ KC

    As regards MQM that is a purely ethnic party, extremely organized like the Mirjai’s, this party is the King maker because it controls the major Urban cities of Pakistan. the muhajirs or the so called Urdu speaaking public finds shelter under mqm because if this party is not there they will have to live like orphans in Cindh, which is the major region of their occupation. All sorts of social evils are attributed to this party …..and honestly speaking not a leaf stirs without their consent in big Urban cities like Karachi and Hyderabad.
    MQM does not find appeal in Punjab, Baluchistan and Pakhtunkhwah…they don’t need it because they are ethnically different races and can manage their own affairs well enough.
    As a result of counter effect of war on terror the Pashtun population has greatly grown in Karachi and it’s these Pashtuns who are posing a hard time to mqm….and will do the same in future as well.
    Though mqm won a few seats in AJK but I can guess that those who won for mqm did so with the intent of protecting their vested interest from the hands of mqm in Karachi etc..


    TQ has appeared like a bolt from the sky. He emphasizes the Constitution and implementation thereon other words, inter alia, he has good reason to screw the deviate Mirjai’s for good unless they obeyed the constitution and accepted the supreme court verdict against them. I do not find anything repugnant in his demand as a citizen of Pakistan …..and if he succeeds the old junk of leadership will be wiped off never to appear again ..and it’s likely that Pakistan will come to see better days soon.

  7. Rex Minorr Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    AKB and Others,

    What Pakistan needs is to build and stregnthen its Institutions; which are the causual factors for most of its problems. The laws of blasphemy and certifiction of muslimness simply places the country among the most underdeveloped Nations of the world. The world has most recently witnessed and woke up to what has bee brewing up within the Indian social cultural ehhnic structures, despite having a so called secular constitution and country of laws, most of them ofcourse inherited from the Brits. The majority living with ancient culture and practices which denegrades the status and existance of a woman per their facy Gods, and reinforced by the Bollywood cultureand reflected within their homes when the children grow up on fibs and lies, without being admonished by the parents which is the case for a jew, christ and muslim child. coming from peountry Bolywood

    When a stranger accused of burning Quraan pages after spending an overnight in a Sindh mosque, was forcefully taken away from the police custody and beaten to death in the village street, how could one now apply the law of Blesphamy to the dead man? Fools and fools are the legislators who kept the law of the Brits. The same applies to classifying a minority group of people as non-muslims, when the majority group of muslims have no advantage from the law.

    All people of the world are equal infront of the Creator, who created them and therefore a western democracy or a muslim rule of law in a muslim coury, all its citizens have equal rights and resposibilities.

    The only Truth in our world is the existance of God, the almighty one who has created the universe from an atom which is ever expanding and has not come to end. God alone rules and controls the universe. Fools are those who are of a different opinion.

    The people of Pakistan are relatively naive and hence the charlatans and the imposters rush over to the land which on one hand is classified as the most unsafe country for the tourists whereas on the other hand it has become the regional HQ for the CIA ad the Zionist net work.

    Rex Minor

    The European Institutions and its todays democratic system was developed over centuries; whereas the chinese developed their Institutios before the brirth of christ and are now developing the system of Govt. which is more beneficial for the chinese people.

    This compares to India and Pakistan which is ever growing in population but have some skeleton of the Itituitions but none a fully developed one.

  8. Rex Minorr Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    God is the soul Truth in the universe! The rest of your philosophies are not more than a distraction. The answers are covered in my previous statements.

    Rex Minor

  9. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    ..The Economy is Worshiping Our Enslavement – Morris

    rex will need comment on this thanks.

  10. Rex Minorr Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    We exist and therefore are free! Our needs enslave us not the economy, we work hard because we need more and not because we are slaves. We need to export our products to those who need them and are ready to either buy or exchange with what we do not have or produce. Therefore we need free trade and no barriers on imports and exports, and not because we are enslaved. We do not print paper money like the yanks or the anglo- saxons do but against our productivity.

    Morris is a clever one, a nomadic begger.

    Rex minor

    PS I am not an economist, nor am the type who complains about hard work.

  11. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:


    I partially agree with you. Although I would say god is not in universe but universe is in god.

    Even the word truth is not good enough to describe god. God is beyond truth and lies and good and bad. When we see a lioness kill a a deer – we perceive it as bad and when the same lioness feeds her cub we perceive it as good but for god both the events are neutral –

    Islam is one true religion that god has chosen for us – we need to stop this conversion practice which has kuffar origins and follow knowledge – knowledge will get us closer to divine.

  12. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    I think we take muhammed too seriously – god did not select muhammed – he just happened to be in right place at right time – he was probably the worst person to have gotten the message and a strong probability that he corrupted the message – intentionally or unintentionally..

    But god is no fool – his message is in our DNA – DNA is god’s divine language – that now we have started to understand…

    That’s why we Muslims need Abdul’s Salam not osamas.

  13. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:


    You have understood the message far better than muhammed. Keep illuminating this dark kuffar world.

  14. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Islam is rising in west.

  15. Rex Minorr Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    You are the infidel and are therefore deprived by birth to understand with your 18% average brain performnce the divine world. You have just witnessed the decadent of the communities in rural villages where the politcal functioaries are marching into houses and raping women in the presence of their husbands, and are later being dragged out by villagers women with rebukes and beating, a scene which we are being shown repeatedly on cable networks unashamedly and without any apologies of the moderator.

    Try and find some God very quickly, short of declaring yourself as atheist, so that you can rescue the coming geeratio.

    Rex Minor

  16. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:


    I agree with you. While Islam is rising in west it is declining in Islamic pure lands like Afghanistan –

  17. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:


    You make so many mistakes when you are angry. Muslims should always stay calm. No one is infidel by birth – if that was the case Muhammed will be first infidel.

    You are one of the few Muslims who have realized higher brain potential, don’t let emotions destroy that potential.

    There is no need to defend Allah. Allah does not need defense from lowly human beings.

  18. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    here listen to Drona’s favourite divine voice, this should help you get back to your higher brain potential –

    stay focused…

    We are all for Islam here. Allah is Akbar.

  19. rahat khan United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Muslims should always stay calm

    mtg a good muslimm should fk u wherever he find u.

  20. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:


    you are reading that verse incorrectly.

  21. rahat khan United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:


    this clearly shows that kuffar will finish by the end of this year.

  22. Rex Minorr Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Do not post porno videos on PTH nor flag ‘Red’, unless you want to draw the attention of AKB in 2013. Not a very good year for those who oppose spring revolution. The wolfsons are leaving us and are being replaced by the camel riders Qataris and the saudis and the Obamas of this world are trying to have a smooth ride over the cliff. The Chinese are assessing the additional territory needs for their folks an are currently surveying the neighbouring Islands, but soon they would be having a chat with its direct neighbours and to this effect have asked Zardaris and Qadris haulage companys services.

    Rex Minor

  23. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ mtg

    your obsession with Islam and Muslim shows that you are vying for a Mullah’s up yours….

  24. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:


    I don”t mind mtg posting his own porn vid….but no way he can do that….he’s as impotent as Mirja Ghulla…

  25. Asim Hashmi United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    Milestogo posted a comment. It’s a bit confusing to understand whether he is criticising Muslims in his number bullet point or highlighting kufriya ideas. I’m concerned because this should have been done with extreme care if he speaks as a Muslim, if the opposite, I strongly condemn his comments in the strongest possible terms that you MUST speak with utmost respect about our Holy Prophet PBUH. Even though if someone is non-believer must respect other religions and never should any one speak with disrespect about our Holy Prophet or religion. I say the same for Muslim brothers and sisters to speak with respect about other religions too as per sunnah of our Holy Prophet SAW.

  26. Rex Minorr Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Let MTG answer your query but be careful, he usualy does not mean what he says and what he says means very little. So keep cool with his phiosophies as with other non-muslims; who are raping their women folks toay all over India as an expression of their respect for their avatar Gods who live in the Himalayas! You advise muslims to respect their faith and expect them to respect yours. Mister, we are not in the 7th century and have long confronted several crusades and have survived the test of times in history. A believer does not live at the pleasure of pagans or those who are the enemies of God and his Prophets(peace be upon them), self respect is a great virtue and the recognition that we are all children of God and born as sinners, our deeds to determine our fate.

    Rex Minor

    PS Tahir Qadri should be put to a litmus test by sending him to the Taliban country.

  27. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ AH & Rex

    Mtg is a gone case….he doesn’t even believe in himself, and even doubts his parents.

  28. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ rex

    TQ has been condemning wrong actions of the Taliban and I think they will finish him off at the first opportunity.

  29. dronacharya kaa naate United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Indiscriminate killing is creating more hatred
    America can only succeed in combating terror in an alliance with true Muslims

    By Sinem Tezyapar

    Following the attack on September 11th that caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people and the injury of many more, the United States of America initiated a wide ranging fight against terror. A large part of its resources were, and are, occupied with monitoring organizations that resort to terror and taking precautions against their activities. But has this struggle really been effective? Or has enmity toward America spread over a wider base? How much longer will the campaign go on? Can talk and measures that turn Americans into a fearful society really provide a solution to terror? And can problems really be resolved in direct proportion to the amount of force used? These are just a few of the questions the U.S. government needs to ask itself.

    It is of course obvious that all those who perpetrate and support acts of terror must be punished within the bounds of international law and justice. What is even more important is the adoption of a policy that will totally resolve this problem. The USA has thus far largely relied on military and security measures in this struggle against terror and all those elements that support terror. However, we have now reached a point where it is clear that this campaign cannot produce a definitive solution.

    One of the main reasons for this is that the U.S. war on terror has – largely – been shaped in the framework of military measures and that the requisite supplementary measures to support that campaign in the educational and cultural spheres have not been undertaken. However, it is wrong to seek to solve terror, a socio-psychological and ideological problem, through military means alone. This both leads to the loss of innocent lives and further nourishes radicalism, and by extension, terrorism. Terrorism can only be completely eliminated through an intellectual campaign that neutralizes the propaganda or terrorist groups, and the military campaign can only be of limited use.

    Of course the Western world, and in particular the USA, must take deterrent precautions against terrorism, and is justified in doing so. However, it must make it clear that in the same way that these are not aimed at any faith and its members, that they are not aimed against Islam and Muslims, and that on the contrary, these measures are in Islam’s interests.

    Some ideologues and strategists who make the mistake of regarding Islam as a faith and civilization that is completely “hostile” and who literally encourage a bloody war between the Western and Islamic worlds are in fact simply creating more enemies of the U.S. government. The U.S. government needs to issue rational statements rejecting the scenarios of war between the “West and Islam” in such a way that these are made clear to world public opinion, against those circles who insist on portraying the war on terror as a fight against Islam.

    In addition, it is utterly essential that the fight against terrorism be waged within the rules and norms of international law and using as peaceable means as possible. It must not be forgotten that all actions that ignore the law and basic human rights and lead to the loss of civilian lives cast a shadow over this campaign that was initiated on legitimate grounds.

    On the other hand, making sure that the moral values of Islam are properly understood and that those who misunderstand Islam and implement it wrongly are forbidden from doing so is actually something that can and must be done by Muslims. The policy that the USA needs to adopt on that issue is to support and facilitate a solution that emerges from inside the Islamic world.

    The development of a “True Islam,” a religion of love, friendship, peace and brotherhood, and the proper understanding of Islamic societies need to be supported. The solution to be applied against radical groups in Islamic countries is not “enforced secularization.” On the contrary, such a policy will just cause greater mass reactions. The solution is for the true meaning of Islam to be properly understood. In other words, the spreading of a Muslim model that adopts concepts required by the Qur’ans moral values, such as human rights, democracy, liberty, moral virtue, art, science and beauty, and that offers happiness and the joy of living to all mankind.

    The origin of terror to a large extent lies in ignorance and fanaticism, and the solution to it is education. Those who feel sympathy for terrorism need to be told that this is a complete violation of Islam and that, on the contrary, they are actually harming Islam, Muslims and all mankind in this way, and these people need to be educated so as to rid them of their barbarism. U.S. support for such a policy of education will lead to highly positive outcomes.

    Long-term cultural solutions must also be developed against the terror that stems from communist, fascist, racist and other ideologies. Materialist and Darwinist thinking today constitutes the basis of education in countries all over the world. A mindset that regards man as an animal in a constant state of conflict and that believes he can only progress through conflict and war, represents the basis of all forms of terrorism.

    In addition to judicial and police measures to be adopted in the fight against terror, a major educational mobilization needs to be commenced across the world as a whole. One hopes that such measures will help in liberating the world from terror and other harsh, savage and bigoted activities because America, with the Judeo-Christian culture it represents, is really the friend of the Muslim world.

  30. Rex Minorr Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    S Tezyapar means good, but makes a mistake in her thinking. There can be no alliance of a muslim with Evil power! Turkish alliance with non- muslim Nations is the concern of and has always served the interests of Turkey and this is good, but it in no way serves the interests of other muslim Nations. Turkey has very quickly failed to expand his influence in the broader Islamic world by interfearing in the internal affairs of the neighbouring Syria. too late for a non arab Nation to dominate Arabian world(past History caught up very soo).

    There is no such animal as ‘terror’ per say in the 21st century. No one in the civilised world seeks any political gains from terrorising others but what we witness is a classical ‘resistance’ appearing all over the world from non violence and peaceful protests to violent and armed resistance in many parts of the world which are simply the expressions of living people who no longer are prepared to tolerate hegemony and colonisatio of their lans.

    Here are some of the examples; military occupation of kashmir, occupation of Northern Ireland and Malvina islands, occupation of Palestine and Afghanistan, occupation of several parts of Africa and korean and Japanese islands etc etc.

    America can go where the pepper grows and the Qataris and the Saudis are on the buying spree in Europe, which is now the main concern of the French Govt. who have alreay served notice to Lakshmi Mittal to leave France. The terror against the women, not MALALA Yousafzai, but the Indian women should be the concern of the Turkish media princess, no longer the muslim world.

    Rex Minor

  31. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    I think the best way to bring peace to the world is let go the policy of interference in affairs of others by the strong ones!!
    Liberalism, in its wider meaning, is to let all do what they want….

  32. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    PS Tahir Qadri should be put to a litmus test by sending him to the Taliban country


  33. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    AKB, Tajender

    It is not easy to get on the ‘favourite list’ of the talbans! But once this happens no one can escape their justice who operate across Frontiers. Dr Qadri is a special case, the talibans will grave him alive, if they like him and if not then he gets the economy class to heavens. As far as the American leadership is concerned, it is adding a good one Chuck Hagel, the Pentagon expert to cut down the conventional military force and a bad one Brenner the boss of Drone army and cyber units, to the team. A new move by Obama in the poker game to get the powerful army of the world out of Afganistan before 2014.

    Rex Minor

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