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Bilawal Bhutto’s speech and why I will Vote for PPP

Raza Habib Raja
Let me be clear: I don’t like legacy politics. However, I do understand that in the context of South Asian politics, it is perhaps the only way for the political parties to survive. So when Bilawal was launched, I had mixed feelings. Knowing that PPP has a consistent vote bank and the internal culture of the party is such that if anyone drawing direct lineage from Bhutto is made the leader, the party workers generally accept it, I was curious to know what the young man had to say. After all, Bilawal would be the image and face of PPP which is the largest political party.

And yes, I was impressed. This young man was rhetorical as it was a political rally but it was the basic substance which got me interested. After a long time, I heard what I wanted to hear. He talked about extremism, referred to Malala and said clearly that war against Taliban was our own war. Yes his Urdu may be weak and he may have indulged in some pretentious sloganeering, but he was still impressive and his speech laid out his vision very well. He was clear that Pakistan’s real enemies were from within. He praised those who had sacrificed their lives for a liberal and tolerant Pakistan. And yes as he spoke, I was hopeful. Pakistan may have a horrible present but all is not lost. As the torch of political leadership passes to younger blood, and to someone who has gone through the experience of actually losing a parent due to monster of terrorism, there is a reason to believe that Pakistan will be taking steps towards the right direction.

After all a political leader is not merely a mere representative of the people, he also tries to give a direction to the party loyalists. I sincerely hope that the young Bilawal (as someone who has personally gone through a tragedy) realizes it and sticks to his articulated vision. Yes politics is a game of compromise but that compromise should arrive through striking a right balance between ideology and realpolitik concerns.

There are many, chiefly belonging from Pakistan’s urban middleclass, who hated that speech. In fact, when I praised Bilawal on my own Facebook page, I was swarmed by haters, many of them my very good friends. I heard what I have heard for zillionth times: PPP is “corrupt” and Pakistan has been made bankrupt by its rule. I was told that I was clueless about the common man’s problems. How they understand the common man’s problems is still beyond me considering the fact that almost all of them belong to more privileged, if not the outright rich class.

This white collar class wants rule of law and talks about merit. However, while it laments about these, it is completely divorced from much graver realities which the real common man faces. You will hear merit but hardly a word about a more egalitarian Pakistan. This class wants liberal values of freedom of speech and rule of law but is completely oblivious of the fact that these attributes don’t materialize from thin air. Even in West these have evolved over a long time and what we see today did not materialize out of nowhere.

You have to have a commitment to democracy and try to engage particularly with the mainstream parties. Parties like PPP and PML (N) represent Pakistan for whatever it is. You want to change Pakistan, then learn to engage with the real representatives of Pakistan rather than just shouting the word corruption ( of which you don’t even have any idea in the first place).

I hardly hear a word from this class about extremism. And when they do talk about it, it is often blamed at “foreign powers” or as a reaction to US hegemony. Most of them get their information as well as “philosophy” from rightwing anchors like Hamid Mir, Talat Mehmood, Javed Chaundary and Ansar Abbassi and hence their “concerns” reflect what the anchor persons are parroting continuously.
While they shout about “corruption of PPP”, I hardly hear them asking the same question about the corruption of other institutions particularly the armed forces. In fact many of them prefer the military rule over civilian rule. They blame corrupt politicians all the time and while those who are the real power brokers are hardly questioned. I have hardly heard anyone asking the right questions about the role of military.

They blame politicians for everything and yet do not even bother to ponder over the fact that political parties do not control everything in Pakistan. You can make political parties accountable to the extent they actually wield power.

Yes, since I am not a Jiyala, therefore I am not going to spin facts here or call all the critics of PPP as “civil society types.” I have always had a love hate relationship with PPP. I have loved it and hated it. It is a party which has the support of the poor and minorities. It is the party of the intellectuals. And at the same time, unfortunately it is the party thoroughly riddled by controversies. It is the party which passed second amendment and yet is also the party which brought political mass mobilization.

Moreover, PPP needs to improve in its governance and dispel the impression that it is incompetent. But at the same time, I have to make it clear; media and its target audience the white collar urban middleclass have seldom given any credit to PPP for its achievements. PPP is the party which successfully brokered an improved NFC award. It is the party which has tried out to reach to all the provinces and is chiefly responsible for 18th amendment which rectified the central province imbalances. It satisfied the longstanding demand of renaming NWFP. It made Gilgit Baltistan a separate province and tried to address its grievances. Pakistan is an ethnically diverse country and all that could have only been done by a party which has stakes in all the country. It also passed anti-harassment bill and tried what it could to modify the controversial blasphemy law.

These are all achievements and yet I hardly hear these white collar professionals and their source of information, all those anchor persons appreciating or even acknowledging PPP. But then their concerns do not venture beyond the word “corruption”.

Moreover as Pakistan continues its descent into mayhem and rightwing lunacy, PPP still remains the LEAST right wing party. For someone who thinks that secularism is the way forward, no party scores high as far as I am concerned. But eventually, we have to make a choice among those who are in the field. In Pakistan’s ideological spectrum there are no “secular” or for that matter even liberal/left parties. What we have is the variants of the same ideology and the ultimate niche of any party is less in ideology and more in economic sub groups or ethnicity. For example, PPP in my opinion is ideologically a centrist and it draws its main support not from those who believe in “middling” politics but those who are economically in lower segment. Yes it will have support from liberals ( who in reality are in a very low quantity) but this support is primarily due to the fact that PPP is the least right wing compared to other options and since it has political stakes in all of Pakistan, it will always try to cultivate a tolerant Pakistan.

For whatever its weaknesses may be, let’s not forget this party lost Benazir Bhutto, Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti from the hands of religious extremists. PPP still remains the obvious choice for minorities like Shiites, Christians and all others. Moreover, PPP still remains the only PARTY which draws support from all the provinces. It represents and articulates the interests of most diverse set of population.

Yes, since politics is eventually a game of power therefore it like all other parties has that Machiavellian streak. But then you need to have that streak in order to win. Many of my friends who think that Imran Khan is the epitome of “clean” politics are just simply overlooking the fact that he too right now has a large number of turncoats in his party. And yet they think that just because he built a hospital and is “sincere” therefore Pakistan will be on the right track if and only if he is made the Prime Minister. They often overlook the fact that Mr. Khan does not even openly condemn the monsters like Taliban and is a reactionary as his interests merely reflect the military’s interests. They call Asif Ali Zardari all sorts of names and yet don’t even mention that he willingly gave up his powers. They have never forgiven him for not restoring judges but don’t even remember that this judiciary is vindictive and ideologically reactionary. And by the way it is acting more like an executive rather than the ultimate arbitrator of justice.

Yes I have decided to vote and my vote will be for PPP/ANP coalition in the center and PML (N) in Punjab. My best wishes are for both the mainstream parties. Bilawal I am looking forward to your next move!!!

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87 Responses to "Bilawal Bhutto’s speech and why I will Vote for PPP"

  1. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    A Muslim should only visit Islamic lands.

  2. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    In an effort to save the “ASMITA” of everyone.. we did our very best efforts to warn people not to travel to India – and get raped and mugged in the process (even killed). After that – every one is responsible for his own act(s). Cant help if people do come get mugged/raped and even killed (after warning). But substantially, I am sure young people will avoid this kind of DIRTY and FILTHY environ. There are many other places to visit., where there is Law and Order., and Security of Life and Honor. Go there.

    I dont want Americans/EU/Aussies/Newzealanders/Chinese and most of all JAPANESE tourists to make the mistake of travelling to India.. and in the bargain get hurt… pained.. and LOSE THEIR ASMITA.. along with their BELONGINGS.

    MODI MIAN : Every human being has “ASMITA”. So I am a soldier protecting and fighting for the Asmita of one and all in the world.. against RSS Rapist Army / Mafiasos.

  3. Kamath. Canada Safari iPad says:

    Maggu,: Salaam,
    You say,”…Small error in this number its actually 93.6348%. Good to be accurate in such things..”
    Actually polling error is omitted here. Shall we agree on +/- 3.5%?

  4. Kamath. Canada Safari iPad says:

    Kaalchakra says, “.. Mohan, we don’t mind India being the land of Hindus so long as it is ruled over by Muslims. Please note: it is HindusTAAN, not HinduSTHAN….”
    One should really say, ” Hindoostan. ” and not anything else , Yaar!

  5. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    LATA is a predator of humanity and so is AMITABH. Both have looted Muslims in Billions. Lata ne bahut loota Muslims ko.. and even Amitabh.. they spent their whole lives cheating and LOOTING muslims. They built their empires after looting Muslims.


  6. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    MUSLIM SWADESHI ! Ah ! The wisdom of “Muslim Swadeshi”. There is a SEA of MEANING in these compact 2 words.

  7. Thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    OOOOO Look….. Another reason to vote for PPP….. They kill the people of Pakistan…

    More death and misery……. Compliments of you know who….. Other than assuring that Imran Khan is the next President…….. What is the reason for such insanity…?????? First they killed Al Qauta leaders… Then ‘signature’ strikes…… killing young men… Next it was AND IS boys…& CHILDREN like Terek Aziz…. Eight and twelve years olds… Now “student” leaders….!!! WTF…!!!!…???? What will be next…. Killing babies born in the wrong districts….????? Or to the WRONG families….????

    Christmas Eve, nearing midnight, over a dozen helicopter gunships swoop low overhead, attacking the Balochistan village of Mehi. 100 homes were destroyed that evening. The helicopters belonged to the Frontier Corps (FC), the government’s paramilitary, and the attack was the beginning of a multi-day bloodbath across three districts, killing over 50 people and displacing hundreds of others.

    The whole offensive spanned several days, saw large numbers of civilians tortured in “interrogation centers” and some villages virtually destroyed, all as part of a push by the FC to locate Dr. Allah Nazar, who was rumored to be in the area.

  8. Thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    “As the torch of political leadership passes to younger blood, and to someone who has gone through the experience of actually losing a parent due to monster of terrorism, there is a reason to believe that Pakistan will be taking steps towards the right direction.”

    He lost a parent to terrorism….. But whose terrorism was it..??? Was it the Taliban, the Saudis, or those getting the billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in bribes from their rich friends of Raymond Davis… ??
    Didn’t the STATE SECURITY SERVICE wash down the crime scene of all evidence…. Where was her security… The tape clearly shows a very calm, confident and patient assassin.. Why was no one shooting him…??? How could the Taliban arrange such a security vacuum.. eh..?? Get real…. You know who couldn’t have done tyhe security vacuum and the prompt clean-up…!!!!!

  9. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Music and singing is haram.

  10. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Finally drona is making some Islamic sense. I almost believed him to be a kuffar rss agent.

  11. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Thomas

    Why have an american nick???

    Now your hatred notwithstanding, I am glad that you actually commented which was relevant trather than these dronachariya and tajender who are nothing but posting irrelevant non sense.



  12. Mohan United Arab Emirates Safari iPad says:


    I hope Drone and Tajender will read what you have written about them and will stop posting rubbish.

  13. Thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Why have an american nick???

    Because I’m AM an American, born Christan… But my self appointed writ is to be open to the plight of all… Especially the ones my country harms.. I have traveled in Afghanistan and Pakistan and want to see the people there who were so kind to me….. be treated treated fairly… especially by my country…

  14. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    RHR speaks out what he thinks and feels in his heart and wries well. Political judgement though requires unbiased assessment and appreciation of the political situation as well as the stregnth and weakness of the poltical elites in the country. Corruption in developing coutries is usualy overstated as compared to developed industry states, but the ambition to gain power is almost a universal urge among those who once acquire wealth in all countries of the world.

    The family of Bhutto Zardari are parasites and nothing can stop them for acquiring wealth and political power over the people of Pakistan.

    Time ran out for the Bhuttos years ago; the Kennedys took some time to realize it. Imran khan has all the right cards to head the next Govt. of the divided Nation of Pakistan.

    Rex Minor

  15. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Talibans claim to be conducting a ” bellum Iustum”. Fools are those who oppose them and risk their own peril, instead of a dialogue.

  16. Maggu India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    “Bellum iustum”
    Happy New Year…. Mullah Nazir killed in drone strike!! Haha..i do wish he didnt die instantly but bit the dust like a dying monkey for a few minutes. What a great start to the new year!! Drones should aim for a century in January.
    They should also find sympathizers in Germany, Saudi and UAE and do some renditions. Vaisey, an easier solution should be the Argentinian one, pick them up, take them over the atlantic and drop them. Those who swim back to either shore of the Atlantic deserve to live

  17. Zohra Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hey Raza,
    I like your a Article, I guess we will have to agree to disagree, but lets wait for the Kid do grow up 10 years and see. I do see some senior Bhutto in him no Doubt, but this is certainly not the time for him. Do we actually expect him to become the next President?

  18. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Rex Minor says:
    January 3, 2013 at 5:51 am
    Talibans claim to be conducting a ” bellum Iustum”. Fools are those who oppose them and risk their own peril, instead of a dialogue.


  19. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Be billionaires.. sure.. but do NOT give a single PENNY to a Hindu. Never abuse a Hindu, ever. Be polite. Be silent. Be humble. Be courteous. SURE.. lekin.. PAISA NAHIN DENA.

    If you give 1 penny to a hindu.. that is tantamount to you, financing the rape of a poor muslim girl in india (internal matter)

    Internal bad-tameezi.. MUST.. extract an External (economic) cost. Rape Country will have to choose. If you dont have law and order on the street.. you wont have investments, my dear.

    If you want investment., improve law and order and human rights. If you cant do it.. no investment.

    Sayonara !

  20. Mahnoor Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Other arguments can be made in favor of voting for PPP, but presence of Bilawal is not one of them. Bilawal is noting more than loads of other political offsprings in Pakistan’s landscape. He has the advanatage of having mother and grandfather who were media darlings in their time, so yes he is going to get a lot of face time. And yes knowing our dynastic politics he can be in power too. But would this be anything better? He has to do something quite radical to prove he is the harbinger of change, like give up just some of the assets stashed by his father over the years, or actually take on the parasitical feudal class. I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon.

  21. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Rape Country, Bidar – Karnataka : 5-year-old rape victim from Bidar district of Karnataka, was admitted to Niloufer Hospital after being sexually assaulted by a neighbour.

    The 5-year old girl was raped on December 17, a day after the sensational Delhi GANG-Rape incident (Hindutva Chivalry Workout), at her home in a remote village of BHALKI Mandal, 40 kilometres away from the district headquarters. She was referred to the Niloufer Hospital after doctors at Bidar failed to stop the bleeding.

    According to Discharge Card given to girl’s mother, there were possibilities of the 5-YR OLD girl developing recto-vaginal fistula, in which case, the girl would have to be brought back to the hospital.

    Doctors at Niloufer said that the girl’s condition was stable, and further stay in hospital could lead to infections.

    However, the parents of the girl were far from satisfied. The girl was going through severe pain while passing stools, and there was trace of blood in her urine, her mother complained. She expressed her wish to have the girl admitted to a private hospital, and take her home only after she recovers fully… (but money ! Ah !)

    “We stay in the interior parts of Bidar, and it would be very difficult for us to come all the way till here in case of complications,” she said.

    “The girl identified a person by the name RAGHUVEER (note the name) as the attacker, who was initially interrogated by the police. He divulged the name of another person, DAYANAND (note the name). The police arrested the latter, and released the former.. THE MAIN CULPRIT named by the girl. WOAW. WHY ? Because Raghuveer is a member of RSS/BJP ! And BJP rules Karnataka.

    Simple. Now who will invest in Karnataka.. Delhi.. INDIA.. The Rape Country ?

  22. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Is PTH the right place to wash Indian cultural expressions, which some European psychologists attribute them directly to Indian film industry which overwhelmingly show women exhibiting, provocating and causing not one but many cavaliers chasing the heroin in a film.

    Rest assure that the Indian political leadership and the world media will be involved with the status of women in Indian culture as well as in its democratic fabric in coming years. How do you grade morality versus the wealth? After wealth comes the urge to power and power without morals has no acceptance.
    A happy new year to you.

    Rex Minor

  23. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I reflect on your morality v/s. wealth argument very deeply. I realise there is a sea of meaning there. You have earlier highlighted that too. I dont underrate it. It is key to everything… but right now… when i see the deprived and depraved condition of Muslims… i long to see an improvement in their condition. It is an over-riding, over-aching., heart-rending emotion…

  24. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Dronaacharaya

    This article is about PPP and you are talking about rapes in India!

    You talk about Muslims..let me assure you they dont have a future as long as they stay as irrelevant as you are in terms of real priorities.



  25. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Time has come for us Muslims to form an umma and defeat kuffar.

  26. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ MTG

    Same for you…completely irrelevant trolling on a topic which has nothing to do with “kuffar” and ummah

    You, Drona and Tajender…..can you come up with something relevant?????

  27. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:


    All my posts are replies.

  28. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    RHR.. I understand. You are right. I understand.. Its not about writing on the topic/subject. At the moment, I am in the process of blackening a Rapist/Murderer’s Face.. so any stage/platform.. is okay for me.. This Rape Country Moo-Kala (Blackening) has been a huge success.. Thanks to God.. It has reached its target audience. The advisory from Japan will come too.. I HOPE.. So it is a great work done. You too.. must talk about this Rape and Murder.. and CREATE SOFT POWER.. in the University.. This is not for Muslims or Christians. It is for HUMANITY. Treat it this way.

    ON TOPIC : I hate dynasties/dynastic-isation of Political Parties. That very concept is repulsive to my sensibility. I think it has its roots in India’s CASTE SYSTEM.. and VARNA ASHRAMA. Bilavaal (25) or for that matter Rahul Gandhi (45).. are well educated.. nice folks. Why couldnt they take to different professions.. and make a decent living. No. They want to be PM.. whether they are suitable or not.. because OF VARNA ASHRAMA.

    Both will be a flop in their respective countries. It is an insult to democracy.. if only one family holds power. That means there is no one else in that country. This is an insult to 1.2 bn. people in India., and 180 million people in PakisHtan.

    They should have displayed some GOOD GRACE. They are taking dead bodies.. but still pursuing the “Chair” and Power (because there is MONEY in there. to stash away.. but u already have so much.. why risk your life.. but no.. want more).

    Rahul Gandhi too has seen 3 dead bodies (grand mother’s.. uncle’s.. father’s.. all died un-natural.. dis-graceful deaths.. because they had caused lots of pain to others. His grand-mother India… got thousands of innocent muslims killed 1969-1984. every day of her rule.. there would be a riot.. and people would die. Muslims.. Dalits.. weak.. poor !. Then came his uncle. A professional Rapist. Then came his father.. who got many innocent Sri Lankans killed.. SO they paid for their crimes w/their lives). They were criminals.. who died a violent death. But still Rahul wants to be PM ! Why ? For money.. more power.. more visibility on TV.

    Why dont Rahula.. or Bilavaal lead decent.. honest lives.. they are willing to die.. for 30 pieces of MORE silver.

    Shame on the Varna Ashrama mindset of SE Asia.. Slaves of Britain. becomes slaves of 1 family (each).

  29. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    WASTE OF TALENT. Mr. Bhutto was a learned man – but very proud and haughty. He loved himself. He was an intelligent man – could have lived a gr8 life – but no. Want to be seen on TV. Cannot tolerate dissent ! In the end : violent death. Ms. Benazir Bhutto., a great lady., but again a wasted talent.. What for ? She had seen her father’s end (he did not steal money – he was a power addict and a control freak).. so Benazir became more practical. She too was addicted to power (but more adjustable/amenable compared to her father)., plus she saw hard days., so she realised the value of money too. Her husband Zardari, a businessman could have been an influence. So also life, that taught Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

    Ms. Bhutto was a great leader.. no doubt about it.. She had a world-view, but PakisHtan did not like her.. Did not appreciate her real worth. She was a world-class leader. She understood that Kargil was a fiasco., and rejected the proposal. Pakistanis itch for a war with India 24×7. They are NOT interested in Development at all. Pakistan is completely India-centric.

    Unfortunately, India too is PAKISTAN-OBSESSED and PAK-CENTRIC. The reason for this perverted behavior is MUTUAL HATRED AND JEALOUSY. Sibling rivalry is a very dirty thing. That is on display in this case.

    Bilavaal is again committing THE SAME MISTAKE. But they are willing to die.. but not give up power (CONTROL FREAK). Is it greed to make a few more millions ? Of what use are the millions… when one dies.. The Swiss Bank swallows it all up.. in one book-keeping ENTRY (ONE POLICY DEBIT.. AND THE CHORI-KA-MAAL ACCOUNT IS ZEROED).

  30. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    rhr i am coming with relevance.ppp is a gang of thieves and robbers who swallowed all the institutions of pakistan.why pakis should vote for thieves and robbers.

    most of the thing i write is relevant.

  31. Dronacharya ka Baap United Arab Emirates Safari iPad says:

    Beta just go through this article and see that a Mulla in the the country you are living has issued a fatwa asking people to gang rape Syrian women. Stop all the nonsense you are writing here which is damaging the name of our family.
    Saudi Religious Leader Encourages Gang Rape Of Syrian Women
    Dronacharya ka Bap.

  32. Dronacharya ka Baap United States Safari iPad says:

    Instead of blaming Hindus for all the problems we face, I urge you to work towards highlighting the bad things our own people do which will help us to improve. Check this link and see what our own brothers are doing


    Muslims Burn About 1,200 cars on New Year’s Eve in France

  33. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    I was hoping that Drona does not respond to your provocation, but your follow up note on cars compels me to correct the info you read but without the knowledge of the background and the french culture. The burning of cars carcasses(not cars per say) on new years eve is now a tradition among the disenchanted youth of France who live in poor regions of France and want to protest against the failing policies of the incumbent Government. Are you implying that the massive gang rapes in India against young women is being carried out by hindu youth as a protest against Indian Govt. failure as well to overcome poverty and unemployment in poorer regios? If this is true then India need to build a vast Psychiatric Taj Mahal for millions to be treated for their mental desease.

    Rex Minor

  34. jamai United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    you are a genius!!


  35. jamai United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Drona Ka Baap,

    the preacher must be gay :)

  36. Avinash Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    i must appreciated one thing and it is true that bilawal bhutto is younger than imran khan. InshahAllah he will represent the youth of pakistan my best wished with him and as well as Pakistan, i am proudly say that i am pure pakistani by birth and belong to Larkana City Sindh.

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