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The Dwindling Hope and the Case for Military Action

Raza Habib Raja
Terrorism has again struck Shiites in Quetta killing many people. As I write these sentences, the targeted Hazaras who have witnessed massacre over the past many years, are refusing to bury the bodies and demanding direct military rule in Quetta. This is the lowest Pakistan can get where the state has become so dysfunctional that people actually start wanting direct military rule.

In the rest of the Pakistan, there have been sporadic protests but I really don’t know whether these will materialize into something or not. I have seen so many points which should have been the “turning” points but these have all passed away an Pakistan in adversity retains its status quo.

Suicide attacks have become so rampant that they have stopped evoking horror the way they used to a few years ago. I don’t know whether it is sheer hopelessness or has become a way of life where people simply accept a perverse phenomenon and try to “adjust” their lives. It’s a stage where people have by and large given up and have accepted a thing as given and as something beyond their control.

For the past few years, I have witnessed a steady erosion of hope and have seen despair and disappointment seeping in. The magnitude of this despair has become so much that an extremist act like suicide bombing, despite killing dozens of people, is not even making headlines ( unless they have a huge magnitude) or evoking horror or revulsion. In fact people have simply assimilated terrorism as a part of reality-something which cannot be overcome and is here to stay. Now daily rituals are being planned with an understanding that there is a realistic probability, though still small, that you may end up being a victim yourself. Of course the future plans also inculcate this possibility along with the fact that inflation, power shortages and deteriorating standard of living has made living in Pakistan a difficult long term prospect.

Nowadays literally everyone is talking about migration to other countries. And biggest irony is that now the entire world is shrinking for the green passport holders. Immigration across the globe is becoming tougher. Pakistanis are beginning to realize that their desperation to leave the country could not have been more ill timed as the world clearly has started to mistrust them. Even the frequent travelers are finding it increasingly difficult to get US or UK visa in particularly.

With this dwindling of fortunes, has come the stark realization that for majority of us, Pakistan will be the place to live and die. And yet we are not ready to wake up and challenge our own sense of delusion, denial and if not these two, then our apathy. It is our land, and we are helplessly and in fact impotently letting it slip away into the dark abyss of extremism. During the course of this strange collective moral suicide, which is much more horrifying than even the wrath brought by the suicide bombers, we are still pointing fingers at the wrong side. Conspiracy industry is still thriving though shock after every suicide bombing has drastically diminished.

For the past one and half years, I have been studying in the United States. Needless to say these times are the best times of my life further enhanced by the fact that Pakistan right now is facing its worst times in every possible indicator. To be away from Pakistan, ironically is a “blessing” and yet I never wanted it to be like that. My time in USA is coming to an end and I hate myself for this thought: I am dreading to go back.

Yet I love this country despite the allegation which are at times hurled by some that I am not patriotic. I am patriotic but my concept of patriotism is not to “defend” Pakistan when it is under the critical microscope of the outside world but to try my two cents to address what I think is the real reason behind this image.

Pakistan’s worst enemy is not outside Pakistan. It is within us and as the time goes by we are still not coming to terms with it. The moment we collectively realize it, will be the moment when the long and bloody road towards recovery will begin. It is our war and we have to fight it. Yes blood will be split but it is already splitting. At least we will go down fighting

Pakistan! Stop believing that military action against militants will be against your own people. It will be to liberate your people out of the clutches of the monsters which are using religion to promote their philosophy of hate and intolerance.

Unlike some of the liberals, I won’t say that everything in Pakistan is ISI sponsored. The reason is simple: Pakistan army installation have also been attacked. In my opinion it is the Frankenstein monster which was once nurtured by them but now it is out of control. It is just like feeding a crocodile and expecting that it won’t harm you. But crocodile by instinct has to eat and will eat its feeders also.

Pakistan! Let’s push for a military action now. Pakistani military is the one responsible for bringing the country to this stage and now it has to be given the responsibility of cleaning up the mess.

Today they are massacring Shiites. Tomorrow it will be the “kafir” Sunni sects. If today we don’t feel their pain then tomorrow, we will ourselves be under the receiving end.

Pakistan!. Let us brace ourselves. This is our war and we have to fight it because complacency is certain extermination.

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51 Responses to "The Dwindling Hope and the Case for Military Action"

  1. ah hem United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Attack on Hazara is state policy to upset the balance of Balochistan
    and prepare for Afghanistan invasion.
    Calling the army or negotiating with them will only be a temporary
    Some how Shias forgot that they were hunted by Sunnis for the whole
    of existence of Islam yet they were the first to stand up for creation
    of pakistan. Ungrateful and forgetful fools.

  2. ex paki United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Raja Sahib, ages ago, when I was forced to leave my birth place, I had a hope to see it back. Raja Sahib, I am a human, who feels pain when watching dead bodies shown on tv and especially of innocent people from my birth country. No politician of Pakistan daring to open his mouth to say things by their RIGHTFUL name,GENOCIDE OF SHEAS, instead branding it “target killing” Raja Sahib, When I left, that land still had some courage to stand against cruelty. but other day watching a picture with hundreds of coffins on road, waiting someone to speak for them. I know we have become a nation of GOONGAAAY and BE GHAIRAT. Raja Sahib, I dedicate few words borrowed from late Ludhianvi ” Lo Aaj Hum nae Todr Dia Rishta e Umid” Regards Raja Sahib from an Ex Paki and Ex Muslim.

  3. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    This is not a new monster, it’s a very old monster.

  4. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:


    I have told you before stay outside – no point running into a burning home. Pour some water from outside. It’s strange that you don’t like what I say but end up agreeing later.

  5. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    I am shocked, saddened and terrorised at witnessing this episode and it’s aftermath in Quetta. Hundred people of a particular sect are killed in a most violent and cold blooded manner and there is no public condemnation, no public protest, no government action. There are small protests by co religionists in other cities.
    Is it that a large part of the population supports or approves of this? Is that why there is no noise in the media or editorials stridently condemning this? A cartoon in a far away land brings out every able and disabled man to the street with loud voices and seething anger, an abstruse book which no one will read becomes an act of blasphemy for the whole country and public and private property is burnt to demonstrate the feeling. Mad people are dragged out of jails and lynched by mobs of thousands who mobilize within hours. But hundred souls lost for just their belief and not a cheep from these Ashiqs of assorted rasools!
    This is a population of religion crazed monsters who can only see ahmedi, Shia, Ismaili etc… Not fathers, daughters, sons and brothers… And I say this for the public at large, not some faction or lashkars. All semblance of humanity is lost to this country.
    RHR: “This is our war and we have to fight it because complacency is certain extermination.”
    The tiny minority that is the likes of you have lost already and will be exterminated regardless. A large majority of your compatriots are active supporters of this and shooting of kids in the head, blowing up worshippers, beheadings of policemen and soldiers etc. So find asylum somewhere, don’t throw yourself into a lost fight.

  6. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    The world better worry and find ways of protecting itself from this contagion sine there is no antigen for this.

  7. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    This is our war and we have to fight it! Lets push for a military action now and so on…..!

    Fear is not healthy and has been used by many for economic gains, political ambitions and as a strategic tool to justify wars aginst foreign Nations The result is a mass histeria and destabilisations of weaker Nations. George W administration did it and the current incumbent President hasbeen doing it for more than a decade. In the meantime the USA emocracy irself suffered, an many left and migrated out of the country on a one way ticket and handed over their passports to the USA consulates abroad and turned their back on the country which once was the beacon of democracy.

    I do not agree with RHR blaming extremism for the ills in Pakistn; the current Govt is fully responsible for what is occuring and what the country has gone through when a spineless military man agreed to have a love affair with the infidel an then agreed to hand over to Bhutto Zardari rule ad start a DeJa Vu which his predecessors had done before him. Pakistan military is not trained to fight asymetric wars nor is the Zardari democratic sytem suitable for the people of Pakistan. Direct democratic actions is the way out alternatvely there will be the urge for many expatriots to masquerede long marches towards Islamabad while the Indian military shall increase its militancy in the corridor of the border area.

    Rex Minor

  8. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    I agree with the democrat Saad Hafiz, who sees the awakeig of the people trough plurastic democracy and not through jingoism.

  9. Mohan United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Sorry to say but this ia still not the lowest point you have witnessed. The monster which was created in the name of religion has not yet fully grown. Nadir of Pakistan still far away.

  10. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    “My time in USA is coming to an end”

    Both Ithaca and the US will be the poorer for it, RHR.

  11. RHR United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    @ kaal

    i am flattered! but I dont think so a great country like USA will be poorer if an ordinary chap like me leaves..

    I will miss Ithaca particularly Cornell with its beautiful campus and amazing oppurtunities to learn…

    @ maggu

    Sorry but I dont think that Pakistanis endorse this massacre..some may do but majority does not…by the way terrorist attacks have been happening all over Pakistan targeting almost everyone

    Pakistan’s problem is the this state of denial and inabaility to understand that their worst enemy is within them…

    With us, it is always outside forces and nothing else..It is this state of denial which gives the terrorist outfits that “soft” support..

    Anyways I wrote this. if possible read it



  12. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    RHRs need to escape Pakistan if Indus is to rise ever again…

  13. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    The intolerence of one sect of christianity towards other sects holding some different form of same faith, I witnessed many instances, disgusted me. These were the words of the British aristocrat Baron Lord Headley (1855-1935), known also as Sheikh Saif-ur-Rehman El farooq, who converted to the religion of Islam at the time when it was unthinkable for a person of his heritage and stature to fall in love with Islam.

    What a pity that the catholics and the protestents of Northern Ireland are still at each others throat in the 21st century, despite the friday power sharing agreement to keep peace in the their land.

    It is upto the Govt. elected with the support of majority in a democracy to keep peace between different sects of the society; there is more than the Sunni/Shia interpretation of Islam which is being presented as the driving agent behind the wholesale massacres of civilians in Pakistan. The Govt. must take the respnsibility and quit if they are unable to protect the citizens. This feature appears not to be in Pakistan democratic culture.

    Rex Minor

  14. Sardar KHAN United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    True,it is people like you who are the agents of the enemies of Pakistan.

  15. Ajit Canada Safari Unknow Os says:


    You are being declared an agent! Hardly surprising

  16. RHR United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    @ sardar Khan

    frankly I dont know that you are a troll from this side or that side as after all we have Pakistanis posing as ndians and Indians posing as Pakistanis..

    But if you are a Pakistani and meant it..Well you got it RIGHT!!

  17. jamai United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    I agree with Kaal. Wish you could stay here always. But then single sane person brings hope to the land of our ancestors.

    I hope you are able to be as free and honest when you are back in Pakiland.

    All I can say viz your board is Nehru was right and MAJ was wrong. The benevolent rule of the hindu turned out to be much better than the rule of the mohammaden.

    (YLH, hope you are reading this)


  18. RHR United States Safari Mac OS says:


    Most of my articles were written when I was in Pakistan. I hope that I stay the same. Thanks for wishing me.


  19. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    You are a brave one, may the good lord bless and keep you safe.

  20. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ maggu

    I am not a brave person..It is still easy to write in English and that too in a blog which has more Indian visitors than Pakistanis!

    Brave are people like Asma Jehangir who are under constant death threats and yet have never stopped doing what they firmly believe in

    Brave are those who are right now protesting in the cold of Quetta with the dead bodies of their loved ones and determined to get justice..

    But Yes whether brave or not, I do love my country and want it to be out of this mess….My concept of patriotism is very different from many Pakistanis as I dont blame outside forces for our problems..Nor do i get hyper sensitive when Pakistan is under the critical microscope of the outside world

    I hope that there is a turning point…Being a student of politics ( my majors in Cornell is in politics) I know the many countries have seen worse and yet have eventually emerged.

    Pakistan may be in a lot of mess but some thing has always given me hope..

    Even today, Hazara community braved the cold and got their point through..

    Pakistanis protested in Lahore, islamabad , karachi against the killings..

    Even this is a huge change (may not materialize into something) but still….

    Countries change slowly…societies change slowly..

    Change is still a ,long way and may not even materialize

    But i have kept my hopes alive..




  21. akb Pakistan Safari Unknow Os says:

    AGAIN you have shot in the dark. Historical enmity prevails between the Persian speaking Afghani settlers in Quetta n the Pashtuns, hence this vendetta. The survivors of Hazara victims declared that sitting ministers of Baluchistan r behind these killings. In other words the massacre of Hazara seems to be state sponsored.
    Pakistan needs REVOLUTION , not this fake demoncrazy……n the rule of ‘danda” … it be in the hands of the military or Tahir Qadri. Don’t look at TQ face but see what he’s saying. And to be fair enough his sayings hold water.

  22. Mohan United Arab Emirates Safari iPad says:

    I pray that you see the change you are lookiing for in your beloved country sooner than most of the people, including me, expect. All the best.

  23. Maggu India Google Chrome  GT-N7100 Build/JZO54K) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Mobile Safari/535.19 says:

    RHR, may your hopes forever burn bright. All the best and more power to you

  24. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    akb….. path taken by tahir qadri is correct but very dangerous.i congratulate hazara for their victory.this was international game to help allama.imperialists are feeling difficulties to deal with elected takes time.they want one slave to deal like mushsharaf.

  25. manish India Safari  Android 4.0.4 GT-B5330 Build/IMM76D says:

    Honestly speaking RHR, I do not see much light at the end of tunnel: neither for your country, nor mine.
    Thousands protested in Delhi against the Munireka rape,
    Yet we have one more such rape case in Punjab: almost a re-enactment of the last one,
    albeit, this time with one more scoundral.
    And, since Almander road bombing in your country.: some 5-6
    more explosions have occured in your country, and you can’t do anything about it.
    Both the countries are in hands of poodles, who only know how to please their masters, and not to serve their people.
    To be frank, I would advise you to stay back in US, raise next generation of patriotic pakistanis, and contribute with whatever little resources you can towards your home-country.
    What pakistan cannot afford at this moment is loosing few educated.liberal pakistanis at the hand of some brainwashed suicide bomber.

  26. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ tajender

    with about 40 million bogus votes the present elected government is a fraud. It is NOT the true representative govt of the people.
    As for Qadri, eventhough he has take a quixotic route , I wish he comes out victorious and throws out the present govt with the public revolution, If he fails then I doubt he will either be killed, arrested or kicked out of the country. The situation will then get worse and the corrupt elements sitting back in the parliament or who willl sit next will fuck the constitution and close all doors for betterment as regards the interest of the masses.
    Pakistan does not need democracy, it needs a danda!!

  27. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    We had no problems with Talibans, it was only when they refused to handover the AQ leader that we acted, are the words of Colin Powel to “meet the press” yesterday. I will support Obama zero Option of the President. The man who is still awaiting for the Guiness prize, for telling the biggest lie to UO o Iraq weapons of mass destructions.

    Pakistan Govt. will follow suit, sooner than later and stop its support for the Drones attack on waziri children. The story of Lord Headly reminded me that here was a man who was responsible for the construction of the Baramula- Sirinagar road of around 50 KM which was later used in 1947 by the tribesmen to defeat the Kashmir army and capture Sirinagar, the capital of Kashmir. Lord Headly was blessed in his later life to convert to Islam.

    Those who live in USA today risk the bodies of their children being riddled with bullets of maniacs(says Joe Biden) and those who are watching the economic growth of India are also becoming aware of the Rape culture of the country. Pakistan problems are of self destruction an will stop as soon the yanks aand other foreig elements leave.

    Rex Minor

  28. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    AKB and Rex

    When did the so-called ‘Taliban problem’ really explode in Pakistan itself? Let’s not forget a key internal event – the wanton murder and gassing of hundreds of young Muslim girls inside of the Red Mosque, carried out by Pakistan’s ruling liberal elite desperate to hold on to its ill-gotten wealth and privileges.

    Since that day nothing has been the same in Pakistan.

  29. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ manish

    India came out on the streets…protested and put the government on back foot. The protests do not stop individual acts anywhere in the world…The protests are to pressurize the agent, which is the elected government to do something about the rogue elements.

    India did that…The country is breathing and alive…

    Just because few bastards were able to indulge again does not mean there is no hope!!

    India is alive

    Pakistan….well to quote Nadeem Farroq Paracha

    “Outrage against Quetta killings proves that deep inside the wrecked & bloodied edifice of Pakistan, a heart continues to beat”



  30. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ kaal

    When will stop making fun of them!!

    Anyways…lal masjid was trying to be state with the in the capital of the state Islamabad.

    It could not be allowed to continue..
    You dont challenge writ of the state just two miles away from President house.

  31. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Forget all this, are you graduating this coming Fall? I might be visiting Cornell soon and it would be just fabulous to meet with you – :)

  32. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Sure Kaal

    I would love to meet you.

    I am in Cornell till 1st June.

    Please do inform me if you intend to come

    my email is and



  33. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    AKB can answer your question with accuracy knowing facts on ground. Like you I can only analyse and guess, the taliban problem came into Pakistan when its leader surrendred its sovereignty to Collin Powel in Islamabad. The problem will disappear once they have taken control of Islamabad and clean up the mess of all Foreign Operatives in the capital. This is not to say that those who undertook to attack the house of God will go free. No sir, the talibans are not only known for their ‘pakhtunwali’ but their resilience in taking vengence agaist those who ventured to become their enemy.

    You are the enlightened one and are rare in appreciating and forecasting the future of those who call themselves liberals. They are in current German Govt. and are forecast to be removed from the parliament in the coming election, so are they forecast to be out of the current UK govt. Besides, yesterday there was a massive show of force in Paris from all the Rights political parties and religous institutios against the intended legalisation of same sex marriages. With regards to liberal sex rapes in India, you have not yet answered the question, contained in the Indian young married woman, about the contriiction between Bharat and(secular)India.

    Rex Minor

  34. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    with about 40 million bogus votes the present elected government is a fraud. It is NOT the true representative govt of the people

    u are right i agree with u.democracy has self correcting will take time but result will come.i can see he has hidden agenda of imosing military rule in pakistan.imperialists feel easy to deal with dictator.stomachs of old are full new vultures will started their inning from begining.pakistanis are hard working and intellegent people i wish them is hard time.

  35. Romain United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    I have to admit even I was taken in by Kaal’s shenanigans for a while. But then he let slip in few places.


  36. Romain United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Aha!! YLH no longer bans this nik

  37. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Thanks, RHR. I hope I can swing by soon. Will absolutely let you know if and when those plans materialize. This would be most fascinating.


    Rex, in general, neither the ‘Indian’ nor ‘Bharati’ culture protects women against rape and other forms of exploitation. But lady’s statement is still a bit intriguing. Let me give it a little more thought and I will share my take on the subject. Thanks.

  38. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    Sir It will be my pleasure



  39. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Frankenstein comes to life! Bhutto decress Governor’s rule in Balochistan. Pakistan democracy surrenders!

    Rex Minor

  40. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    what is happening in islamabad reminds me of october revolution of 1917.

  41. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ kaal u r a liar

    remember the posts in which you made allegations about the religion of the rape victim. Now that the identity is known courtesy British media, you must refrain from making comments against India. Please be sincere and do not spread hatred.

    About your comment on exploitation
    One more thing all religion and society have treated women as their colonies until date (even the most liberal societies have harbored discrepancies).

    Apnay ullu……..

  42. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Yazid, I NEVER run from any of my statements. I have gone beyond apologizing to Hindus and to brahmins for the statements made in the face of insufficient information. I have insisted that my friends tajender and drone apologize, too, so people do not associate deliberate lying and spreading of false, defamatory information with the great religion of Islam. To their significant personal credit, as far as I understand, both good people have done so.

    We strongly believe that Allah does not countenance acts of lying or the spreading of false information on His behalf, nor on behalf of His great religion. As to His people, He shall protect them only to the extent they remain truthful and non-mischief-makers.

    I hope that satisfies you.

  43. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Please be sure about what you are preaching and it deeply hurts when knowledgeable people like you, accuse without verifying the facts. BTW I was not following your apologies about that statement in which you said a person was not allowed last rituals as per her religion and was cremated.

  44. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    And there are no mischief makers on PTH and if someone does try will hopefully be admonished or ignored by others. Does it realy make any difference about the religion of the victim? It is a shame for Indians and it is a shame for all humans if women are subjected to violence and should in no circumstance be acceptable in any community.

    Rex Minor

  45. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Yazid, well, I am not afraid, and no true person should be afraid, to offer personal apologies again. Whatever was said was in light of the understanding that the victim was a Muslim woman who had been targeted and raped by Brahmins and RSS members for being a Muslim woman.

    All of us can make mistakes in our knowledge of facts. The difference rests entirely in what different people do when facts come to light. A follower or admirer of Islam does not insist on untruths when those untruths are exposed.


    Rex, agree entirely. I hope one day in India people are seen as people alone.

  46. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    The grass appears to be always greener on the other side of the fence. And if your pal RHR were to take a Bus ride along the route which the victim took and stop at the stopovers where the hawkers are selling hot meals to locals and travellers including policemen(as the ZDF correspondent did) he would not come across a single man sympathising with the victim, but instead blamed young women who are improperly dressed up and are loafing about outside their houses after darkness. The men passengers in the Bus did not respond while all the women passengers complained about the young hooligans who routinely physicaly molest women commuters. The media is always forthcomig with columnists opinions but write very little about the conditios on ground.

    Rex Minor

  47. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    I came across this article which make some reference to the India-Bharat rape culture debate. I am sharing it without comment, for now. Best.

  48. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Thanks a lot. I have no comments either after watching a former senior police officer of the Indian Poice dept on BBC hard talk show!

    Rex Minor

  49. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Well Rexie and kaal

    I have been thinking about it since long. It has been becoming a platform to show which of the two neighboring countries is better…

    The Link given by Kaal is a good one and “The Hindu” has published another article on the detailed account about the skirmishes at LOC. That article portrays neutral events. It does not say which country is culprit, but says about how the mix of events led to firing across the LOC and the consequent media outrage.

    My point is in India, media like Hindu,CNN IBN, Times now, NDTV (watch documentary on siachen in youtube), and Tehelka which are mainstream and have been voicing angst over problems of the country. Here the author Mr. Raina who could be a born Hindu is writing against the problems of Hinduism. In India about 40% of the people read and write English and the message of English media is spilled to regional media. In India you can write against age old beliefs and question for scientific validity which never ends up as moronic blasphemy. You see deeply religious people being tolerant over many things. The basic nature of the Indian society prepares you since childhood that people are different in terms of language, religion and most importantly food habits.

    Compare this to Pakistan you have few people like RHR.Therefore my last request to you is to start dialogues which will improve the nations. Everybody in this world knows which country is powerful and which one is progressing.. and off course where clerics are taking down the country with ouster of 2 PMs within one year.

  50. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Kaal is the most enlightened human I have come across from your part of the world. He has the ability to communicate at ease across the ethnic and religious divide leaving many guessing but not angry. You do not have this quality and being a simple flunky are pre-occupied with the language of your political pundits,namely which of the two neighbouring countries is better? Well, on women rights and their protection behind bangla Desh, Pakistan and even Saudi Arabia.

    RHR on the other hand is a self declared liberal with contridictions, he writes well and mostly takes the side of the victims but supports the ruling political party on whose watch people of Pakistan have suffered and not progressed.

    I am not from your part of the world but the problems of these countries have become metastised since independence and can only be cured once there is a recognition of the desease among its political leaders. You talk about LOC but not the occupation of Kashmir, you mentioned about childhood but do not recognise that Indian children are freely allowed to tell lies. Indian media has reported on the notorious Dec. gang rape but not on the thousands others which the police did not record(per the instructions of the political leadership), and therefore were nor investigated and the victims took the consequences. How on earth India can be effective in rule of law if it practices 1871 laws which the occupying force introduced in India.

    Rex Minor

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