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Two Nation Theory and Creation of Bangladesh

Raza Habib RajaThis article is not a “defense” or repudiation of the two nation theory (TNT). Rather it tries to critically evaluate the argument that creation of Bangladesh in fact proved that the two nation theory was not valid. Those who claim that the two nation theory has proven to be a failure cite creation of Bangladesh as an example. It is claimed that ethnic nationalism trumped religion and therefore the two nation theory has proven to be a failure. I do not intend to prove that the two nation theory is wrong or right but just evaluate it with reference to creation of Bangladesh.

Frankly speaking I am not a history expert and do not claim any command on minute details of partition and its various narratives. However, as a student of political thought and comparative politics, I have often been fascinated by the two nation theory. Now for someone who calls himself a “Pakistani Indian”, it may appear that I will be a staunch opponent of the “two nation” theory. The way, it is often interpreted is that Hindus and Muslims are two distinct nations who would have found it impossible to live together and therefore Muslims who were the minority at that time would need a separate politically autonomous state. I do oppose this version and I think that it is highly debatable. If being a Muslim is the criteria of a separate state then why stop at India? Why not also include all the Muslims of the world and merge them into one nation state?

We know such a thing is not possible and is in fact laughable. The two nation theory would start making sense if only we understand the fleeting concept of identity. We are not just Muslims, but are also have ethno linguistic identities which at times may be competing with each other and at times complimenting each other. Everything revolves around a complex phenomenon known as identity and in politics that is often the most important factor in mobilization. Identity itself may be constructed or at times may simply be something you are born with. Moreover, identity may be dormant and can become active. It is when an identity becomes active, political expression follows.

How a particular identity becomes active often depends on the perceived benefits as well as drawbacks associated with it. It also becomes active, if there is a perception that you are being victimized on the basis of that particular identity. Once an identity is activated, it can form various political expressions which range from political mobilization to demand greater rights to outright demand s for a separate nation state. What determines the exact form of political expression depends on many things. For example gender identity can form a political expression but it is not possible ( at least has not happened ever) for women to demand a separate country! Demand for equal pay and improved civil rights are expressed largely through civil society and do not aim to change the geographical and administrative structure of a particular country.

On the other hand ethnic identity can form various political expressions ranging from formation of political parties on ethnic lines to demands for a separate state. Ethnic nationalists can demand a separate state particularly when an ethnicity views that it is possible to secede and the secession will lead to better standard of living and greater rights. The demand for a separate nation state is also hugely dependent on actual geographical dispersion of the population belonging to that ethnicity. If there are geographical concentrations then the demand for secession is more likely compared to a situation where the ethnicity is evenly dispersed all over the country.

Religion like ethnicity is an identity though compared to ethnic identity is less “rigid”. It is generally said that religion is merely set of believes, but at least in political literature, it has always been considered much more than that. In fact, some have gone to the extent of calling religion of birth as a form of ethnic identity. Yes theoretically speaking it could be changed, but religious identity is a powerful identity particularly in circumstances where discrimination or perceived discrimination is conducted on religious lines.

Put simply religion can also be an effective political identity provided certain conditions are there. And like other identities, it can form a political expression of demanding a separate state.

Demand for Pakistan ( whether we consider it as an actual demand or as bargaining ploy by Jinnah) was a consequence of an activated political identity. There were incidences which activated the Muslim identity and Congress is equally responsible for that as much as the Muslim elites.

Like ethnicity, religion can be a politically potent factor leading to possible demands of a nation state. In Pakistan’s case Muslims were also concentrated in two geographical zones (present day Pakistan and Bangladesh). While a substantial number was also dispersed all over the country there is no denying of the fact that areas forming West Pakistan ( Present day Pakistan) and East Pakistan (Bangladesh) were Muslim majority areas.

It is true that ethnic identity on its own is often a stronger motivating factor though at the time of independence there were no mass movements demanding independence on ethnic lines. In fact if demand for a nation state is only justified on ethnic lines then India itself should have been divided into many parts as there are so many languages spoken there.

Moreover, the term “partition” is misleading because India has rarely been politically a single unit. Throughout its history, there was just a loose geographical continuity which has always enabled this land to be called India. Within this geographical unit, there have been various political configurations. The right question is not whether there should have been a “partition” but rather whether the areas coming under present day Pakistan and Bangladesh should have joined Indian federation ( as visualized by Congress) or not.

So there were in reality various identities emerging out of Indian subcontinent. There was a broader Indian identity, religious identities, and ethnic linguistic identities. In other words there have always been nations within a nation. And then there is a concept of hybrid identity. It is not important for many to be just Muslims but rather they want their religious freedom as well as their ethnic and cultural independence. So I may be Muslim but at the same time I would prefer that my Punjabi cultural freedom is also safeguarded.

When Bengali and Sindhi Muslims voted for Pakistan (after all let’s not forget that these two provinces clearly voted for Pakistan), the idea was not merely preservation of their religious freedom but a combination of both religious as well ethnic/cultural freedoms. Thus when Bengali Muslims (who were also geographically concentrated) voted for creation of Pakistan, it was also for the preservation of their Bengali identity along with religious identity.

The choice was to join Indian federation or join Pakistan. Those who voted for Pakistan joined Pakistan with the view that perhaps their ethnic and cultural freedom would be better safeguarded in Pakistan rather than India.

The reason why Bangladesh came into being is less to do with fallacy of two nation theory but more with how actually West Pakistan treated East Pakistanis. It is not the idea itself but the way Pakistan tried to over centralize and negate Bengali culture and their ethnic identity. Pakistan superimposed Urdu over Bengali and adopted a policy of sustained repression. Bengalis seceded mainly because of the way we treated them. The discrimination activated the Bengali nationalism and led to secession. But once again it was the hybrid identity of both Islam and Bengali ethnicity which dictated the choice of independence rather than merger with India. What had earlier prompted them to opt for Pakistan, once again led them to become an independent state.

The two nation theory would have been discarded IF Bengalis had opted to join India in 1971 rather than opting for going independent.

Personally I think history is yet to give its verdict about the two nation theory. We cannot just say that just because Bangladesh came into being therefore it is wrong.

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559 Responses to "Two Nation Theory and Creation of Bangladesh"

  1. heavy_petting United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Jamaat-e-Islami does have the blood of the Bangladeshi nation in its hands. The sufferings of the Bangladeshis were real and painful and do not require certification by anyone. Even so, here’s a befitting reply to the sordid research done by Ms. Sarmila Bose: (
    Please don’t mind Jaalchakra. If I were you I wouldn’t respond to him. He is from our ganga land, land of the folks usually stoned as a black hole. If you see him, smile, nod, and be sympathetic.

  2. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Al Sind

    Although I am not the biggest fan of name changes, I celebrate Sindi brothers and sisters recognizing the importance of their Arab heritage and inspiration.

    Sindi Hindus, naturally, are all aghast, again. They are trying to decide whom they should ‘blame’ this one on – Punjabis, Bengalis, Balochis, Tamilians, or the Chinese who have been very active recently.

  3. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    HP, most of us have no stake in this debate. We simply trust the Great Bose Family who are all established and respected historians. Had there been an iota of truth in your allegations, Sugata, Ayesha, Sarmila would have acknowledged it by now. An article in a biased newspaper does not constitute sufficient refutation of their celebrated lives’ scholarly work. Best.

  4. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Those people who keep on going in circles do so involuntarily and simply avoid their landing in the black hole. This movement helps them to keep their muscles survive for a longer period in the aging process. However, their lack of capacity to break away from the strong magnetic forces of the planets slows down the regeneration process of the cells in their body resulting in the acceleration of the aging process. In a lay man’s language they are called today’burnt out’.

    Axiom; do not repeat what others have said and extract phrases out of context, unless one is able to visualise the time and the place when history lived and opinions were expressed, and then tries to express the personal opinion. Freedom of Expression is the word used in the civilised world. Not freedom of expressing crap which denegrades peoples religions and cultures.

    Rex Minor

  5. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Mr Kaal
    Why did you make false claims about burning the rape victim? Is not it your hatred and biases?
    Mr, Kaal you are a Mullah in the guise of a Hindu name.
    Your theory about fluidity is invalid and there is an obvious feud in the Islamic world. Why all these Islamic countries are separate but not one? Why a Baloch wants to go away from Pakistan? Why does a Shia believe otherwise than Sunni?
    Thankfully some people accept the very nature of human psychology and do not issue fatwas fir Hazir and Nazir..

  6. Asoka India Google Chrome  GT-N7100 Build/JZO54K) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Mobile Safari/535.19 says:

    Rex Minor, do you read what you type before you post? Or is it some random word generator that you use? If these are coded messages between you two lovers (kaal and you) them forgive me for intruding

  7. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ Asoka
    Rexie is direct from Saarne Institute in Estonia, trying to reconnect long lost friend Kaal

  8. Mohan United Arab Emirates Safari iPad says:


    Sindhi Hindus in India had long time ago stopped blaming anyone. Initially after the partition some of them were under ithe impression that they will go back to Sindh but once they realized that it was not possible than they got on with their life and through their business acumen have made their decent space in the society.

  9. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ Mohan

    Some Shias ( who are butchered in Pakistan (well a Shia was a creator), in India also thought that and have been doing well. Azim Premji, Khorakiwala brothers have been doing well. The fanatics who are killing each other are destroying their own nation, while India is now a recognized upcoming economic giant.
    Seriously can anybody answer is anyone except few northern Indian states, is bothered about Pakistan???

  10. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Mohan, I agree. In general, that is true of Sindi Hindus. However, one does run into a few hard nuts once in a while who remember nothing but an idyllic existence pre-1947. From a little of the history of Sind I have read such recollections, I am sure, are little short of complete delusion. But to re-emphasize our agreement, true, unlike our Bengali brothers, Sindis have moved past the childish game of blaming others. (Does that also explain, partly, their greater success? Perhaps, perhaps not)

  11. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thankfully Bangladesh is from daily fidayeen attacks which kills hundreds of people a month and still gets help from Russia to establish Nuclear power plant. On the other hand Punjabi bros get drones….

  12. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thankfully Bangladesh is ….. free….from

  13. Zainulabideen United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    @Kaalchakra (February 12, 2013 at 4:21 am)

    Al Shams, Al Badr having the ‘blood on Bengali Nation’ seem mostly terribly exaggerated, unless self defence is given the label of ‘genocide’.

    Giving genocide the label of “self-defence”, is simply malicious. That is how I would put it. The role of Jamaat-e-Islami in the life of Bangladesh, has been a thoroughly criminal and violent one, from its creation till this day. Jamaat-e-Islami preaches and practices violence and gets its volunteers from madrassas and money from the Saudis.

  14. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Zainu, I have complete respect for you. May be you are right, and then perhaps the role of Jamaat-e-Islami, in the life of any nation, has a thoroughly criminal and violent one; and that this organization preaches and practices violence.

    I still find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that the Bose Parivar – Sugata, Sarmila, and Ayesha – all outstanding historians who have dedicated their lives to studying and teaching ‘history’ have not see this fact as clearly as you do.

    Can you explain why Bose Parivar would see and teach what they call history so differently from the way you do? Is it just a matter of perspective, and the Boses are as right as you are? Thanks in advance.

  15. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Jamaat-e-Islami preaches and practices violence and gets its volunteers from madrassas and money from the Saudis. This is not an opinion but a judgement, a fatwa, a character assasination of the Jamat-e-Islam, Madrassas and the Saudi estabishment, without having put forward any supporting evidence. This also tells us about the character of the man and the school of religion he practices.

    Rex Minor

  16. heavy_petting United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    “HP, most of us have no stake in this debate. We simply trust the Great Bose Family who are all established and respected historians.”
    What is this “Bose Parivar” that has written anything about Bangladesh? Show us something from anyone other than Sarmila.
    Jaali, you and lackey, have never known anything other than Hindus and Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, being at each other’s throat. But why do you assume it is the same everywhere? People are different, you know, daam maro daam, is not universally popular everywhere.

  17. Chote Miyan United States Safari Mac OS says:

    I don’t know about Jamaat and as you have expertly cited the renowned Bose family, I am more confused about who has blood on their hands but I know for sure that if due to your mischievous commentary some people here(especially Heavy_P) burst a few arteries and die then you would be blamed. :P
    Dear Petting,
    Why don’t you address the doubts I raised rather than go crazy about some non issues.
    Rexie is a minkey who just randomly types on a computer. He is the prophet/court jester (depending on your perspective) of PTH.

  18. heavy_petting United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    What “doubts” you raised and why should I be bothered about it? If you are confused about something, say Jamaat as you seem to imply, you should learn to practice self-help. That’s often a better way to improve than asking for help.

  19. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:


    You are absolutely right in as much as our own appreciation of the Bose Parivar pursuing a broadly unitary – I say, most excellent – Sarat Chandri historical theme that has been slow in building.

    In the collective endeavors of this Parivar is a determined and brave pursuit of truth and objectivity – evidenced in the works of ayesha, sugata, sarmila – and a single theme, built upon a keen Bengali sensitivity.

    That these great Sarat Chandri Bengali historians would have had nothing much to say (until now) about Jamaat-e-Islami being a “thoroughly criminal and violent organization that preaches and practices violence” does not add up.

    Unless, of course, you know something that we have missed. BTW, you did say you were a card carrying RSS member. HP, would that be right



    I hope HP lives long and usefully. Usko mere saare bengali bhaiyon ki umar lag jaye. LOL..Ok, that is just some gentle ribbing. There are Bengalis in my family, and I wouldn’t want their umar to go anywhere else :)

  20. Zainulabideen United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    @Rex Minor (February 12, 2013 at 8:38 pm)

    If my opinion is a judgement, your opinion is also a judgement. If it’s my opinion against yours, so be it. My opinion, in simple words, is that Jamaat-e-Islami played a very inhuman and an anti-human role in Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, in 1971. Jamaat-e-Islami’s terrorists, functioning under the names of Al-Shams and Al-Badr, committed all sorts of crimes, heinous crimes, and all those crimes were committed against innocent humans. This in short, is the role of Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh.

  21. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:


    Let’s leave it at that. Some people believe that Jamaat-e-Islami preaches and practices violence, while others believe it doesn’t. There is however, no signficant support at all for the thesis of Jamaat-e-Islami being a violent, inhuman or anti-human organization in the works of celebrated Bengali or Bengal-related historians – Ayesa, Sarmila, and Sugata Bose, each of whom has studied related events extensively.

  22. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:


    Not sure if your frustration is reaching correct audience – just saying –

    Alright I am ready for the return. :)

  23. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    As Kaal said, most have no stakes in the non-subject debate! But your strong statement is a statemet and falls into the category of blasphemy. It is against the Islamic teachings to the extent that even some dingos have jumped in to state nothing but complain about their fogged trache. I abhor violence and protest against it wherever it occurs, but by your statement you are sending an invitation to violence? Do you consider yourself an innocent human?

    What have you against Madrassas in Bangla Desh? You reckon there are no madrassas which are financed, controlled and run by the christian church in a secular state like Germany? The church is the biggest employer in the federal republic of Germany, having around 1.3 million employees.

    What have you against the saudis?Is Bangla Desh not the benefactor of the Saudi aid? Saudi aid usualy has no strings attached; it does not contro or run Madrassas in foreign muslim countries.

    No one denies or should deny the genocide committed against the people of Bengla Desh. If you personaly are able to provide some clarity about those who were involved, investigated and confirmed in the bloodshed it is a different issue. The mere rhetoric and polemics in the issue is no different than those zealots from the Indian continent who are sitting queit like the sadhus, but ready to pounce on the prey as soon as it is there.

    Rex Minor

    PS I wish both Pakistan and Bangla Desh have more madrassas in their lands which teach the arabic language,humanism, ethics and morals of their religion, in addition to their languages both in reading and writing.

  24. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    May be we should start penalties for people who haven’t learned Arabic so many generations after converting to Islam – there can not be a bigger insult to Islam.

    People will learn languages like English and German for money and other reasons but don’t learn the divine language – it’s a shame.

    Penalty for who don’t learn and extra rewards by Allah who do…amen

  25. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    What does the australian 1998 review say. The capacity of my brain is limited, I can no longer keep up with events in the distant horizon. We are in the 21st century, I have trashed all the archaic material, retaining the most important one in my memory of unlimited cpacity.

    The Europeans today are the orignals, the rest are all plagiats.

    Rex Minor

  26. heavy_petting United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hey, Jaali,
    “That these great Sarat Chandri Bengali historians would have had nothing much to say (until now) about Jamaat-e-Islami being a “thoroughly criminal and violent organization that preaches and practices violence” does not add up. Unless, of course, you know something that we have missed. BTW, you did say you were a card carrying RSS member. HP, would that be right”.
    Jaali, you have “missed” so much it’s impossible to know where to begin (were you not the one claiming earlier that more people died in Bengal than in Punjab in the partition riots?). My suggestion is that you should take some elementary history lesson from Chottu the ever pleasing Lackey who does show a better grasp of history than his self-confessed Guru Ji.
    Jaal, this is actually a major problem in India, folks like you know so little about anything, and yet nothing stops you from making sweeping statements about everything just because you know how to go online and type. This is really the sad state of our “restless bold new generation” Chottu the Lackey is so enamored of and that is worrisome. Whether I am a card carrying member of RSS or not is irrelevant, what is relevant is that I don’t offer my opinions without adequate knowledge about something (neither does Chottu the Lackey, as he has sometimes shown). Sadly, that is not the case with folks like you and I would have been happier if you were just an one-off example. And I don’t mean only the comments you make out of sarcasm, but a deeper, a more sinister, side of them of which, your rants with the Ahmedis (who have often been killed in droves due to religious bigotry) is a good example.

  27. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    There is no bigger punishment than ignorance. But you have a point and my position is that they should refrain from using Quraan as the instrument to justify their actions.

    Rex Minor

  28. Kashif United States Safari Mac OS says:


    //…It’s an interesting coincidence that the mullahs in Pakistan too, have their hands stained, or shall we say, soaked with the blood of innocent people…//

    Well ! That makes two things common between Pakistan and Bangladesh :

    (1) “both” are Muslim-majority nations.

    (2) Jamaat-e-Islami has the blood of “both” these nations on its hands.

    This means that Pakistan and Bangladesh are “two” nations, with “two” things in common.

  29. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ HP

    Jaali claims that all Hindus are linked to RSS, yet its a pity that the party which has its backing has been out of power since good 9 years in the centre.

    U pointed rightly, this is kind of Punjabi generalization of matters ( where they discriminate, differentiate and destroy).

  30. Fingolfin United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I don’t doubt that the survey was conducted over a small sample size of BPL people. but guess what? That is the surveys are conducted. And then you extrapolate the data to cover a larger sample size. This might be news to you.
    And of course it is true that these states are the “usual suspects”. But they are the usual suspects for a reason. Let me ask you a straight question. Do you or do you not think that these states are more corrupt than West Bengal since independence? Do you actually think that UP and Bihar have been less corrupt than West Bengal since independence? If you do, then i will be thrilled. you seem to be a classic case study of biases infringing on inference.
    Your views are cliched because refusing point blank any theory that might be based on the caste system and this leftist idea that caste has not thrown up certain interesting characteristics in India is cliche to say the least.
    Irfan Habib, i meant ‘Medieval India: The Study of a Civilization’. He also edited ‘Akbar and His India’ which i am sure is based on the same theme.
    About Akbar, i did not at any point ask you for your homily about the great man. That you should bring it up is interesting. But i humbly decline since knowing you, there will be more holes in it than matter and we will end up arguing tangentially at which point you will no doubt cite Plutarch and Herodotus as authors i should read about Akbar just like you suggested i read Darwin ‘seminal work’ on genetics.
    About the 70′s. just read what you wrote to RHR. You wrote about ‘break up’. about balkanization. At no point in the 70′s was India heading towards a break up any more than it is now. At no point was India’s territorial integrity threatened. There were mass movements but they were all for democracy and not threatening India in any way nor was that the popular perception at the time. It is laughable to see that you think that JP was involved in ending the emergency. When Indira Gandhi lifted the emergency and called for elections, her party people were stunned as was everyone else. The reason was that it was completely out of the blue since she was sitting pretty having imprisoned all her detractors and the reigns of power were firmly in her hands. noting would have stopped from maintaining the status quo. In fact, why she lifted the emergency when everything was going exactly as she wanted is a mystery to this day. people hated it but had been reconciled to it. JP’s movement was seminal. He was a great man but to credit him with the lifting of the emergency is what one would expect from someone who depends on hearsay and does not read.
    This 70′s article theory was just ridiculous bombast on your part. You have read nothing from the 70′s that said that India is going to break up because there was no such situation. next time, think before you brag. Less than two years of emergency starting from 75 to 77 had no bearing on the country potentially breaking up.

  31. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Quran can never be missed – its the best of the books.

  32. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    missed = misused

  33. no-communal United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    KC, CM, HP
    Cool it down, Brothers. You are all greats, the very best I have ever seen. Kaal, to you especially, your humor and ready wit are absolute pleasures. Please don’t take the occasional squabble to heart. This site will not be the same without you. We’ve lost many, Vajra, Gorki, Myth, PMA among them, even Hayyer Sb who writes only rarely. It will be a shame to lose you too for you’re one of the stellar few. In the past, CM and I, even FG, have indulged in brickbats. But then, let’s all move on. No more Sarat Bose Bengal North India and the Punjab (at least for now). Let’s shake hands, kiss, and forget. Kaal, was that much too emotional for you? Was that too much to ask?

  34. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I agree with NC.

    As one of the editors, nothing is more painful then losing quality commentators..

    This entire article was an attempt to bring quality commentators back. It has largely succeeded and I dont want to see the effort wasted due to minor disagreements between the quality commentators.



  35. Mohan United Arab Emirates Safari iPad says:


    I did not post the link to the article about Australian. 1988 review. It is your friend Tajender who posted that as he has a habit of stealing others’ IDs.

  36. Fingolfin United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    LOL!! yes, I think that was too much to ask of them. I’m in splits thinking of HP kissing CM! haha…

  37. no-communal United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Well, I didn’t mean a full blown kiss. Just a gentle touch of lips will do. Like how the Arabs do it, kiss on the cheek.

  38. Mohan United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Arab men don’t kiss on the cheeks. They rub their noses gently.
    At least in Dubai this practice is followed, not sure about other
    Arab countries.

  39. no-communal United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Ok fine, they can rub their noses gently. Thanks Mohan, I always thought they kissed on the cheek. Everyday, you learn something new.

  40. Fingolfin United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    THAT IS SO WEIRD! Do you do it when you meet them? :D
    OMG! What happens when the noseless Chinese guy meets Arabs?! haha! Flat nosed, big lipped Africans?!
    For your sake I hope your nose is long enough!! :D :D

  41. Mohan United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    It sounds wierd to people who have not seen Arabs dolingthis. We see
    this regularly. And no I have not done this, we, non Arabs, shake hands when we meet any Arab. This is done among them only.

  42. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    The High Priest has spoken the last word! The night silence returns once the caravan moves on and the dogs stop barking. The time to eulogize those who are dead or missing. The normality returns to the people of the land where the children of Zeus took the refuge after escape from the occident, and where Hindu mob rules and mavericks are tolerated but not accepted which leads them to atheism and only few become enlightened.

    Indians do not shake hands but offer their hands of friendship sybolicaly. We shake hands to show that we carry no weapons and to feel the intention of the other, we embrace others to show our respect and affection and kiss each other on cheeks those who are dear to us and on lips who we love.
    Those who do not shake hands and fold them together or cross them on their breast simply demonstrate their disinterest and reservations of others. This is regarded as wierd as the mob mentality in worship and in sexism and all other social avenues of life. This was the causual factor for the TNT, though to be honest the hindus are capable of and have shown examples in integrating fully with the muslim culture of the North West of todays Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Rex Minor

  43. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    How can the muslims avoid cow urine which is sprayed on vegitabe plants and said to be added to the bottled soda water, because it is considered healthy.

  44. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Perhaps one of the Mohans should use “Mohan TOO” to avoid cofusion. Just a suggestion and nothing personal.

    Rex Minor

  45. Asoka India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    -hindus are capable of and have shown examples in integrating fully with the muslim culture of the North West of todays Pakistan and Afghanistan.-

    How?? By departing those lands? They ran for their lives terrorized by beheadings in the halaal way and AK-47s by the followers of the prophet of peace. Sick joke!

  46. Asoka India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    And, those who don’t like cow urine are welcome to get the hell out. Nobody is asking anyone to live in this country. Their bros have been eating pig and horse-meat in UK anyway.

  47. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Arabs are jahil. Allah has sprayed jahalat in that region. That is why muhammed was sent.

  48. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    NC, HP is no doubt a very good man, just a little upset with me. But he has a reason to be upset. He wishes to say something, although does not appear to be quite sure, what is making him upset.

    In the meanwhile, whatever he says about me, or you, or CM, or anyone else, he is most welcome. We are part of a family, and all of us are used to children who get upset for a while.

    (I was intrigued by HP’s claim that he is a card-carrying RSS memmber – but then a claim is nothing more than a claim.)

  49. yazid United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Ya Kaal

    U also claimed that the rape victim was a Muslim and was denied of last rites…

    U also claimed that all the Hindus in India are aligned to RSS…

    Just a claim

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