Turkish Diaries

Day 1

Visa on Arrival on Pakistani Passport

By Samra Muslim

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Just the subject itself must come as a shocker for most, but its true – there is a possibility for us Green Passport holders to receive a 30-day visa on arrival to Turkey – so this is really the highlight of my first day of travel to Istanbul, Turkey.  (The other highlight being my friend losing her new iPhone 5 somewhere between Abu Dhabi and our hotel room is definitely not a story I want to ponder over for long!)

Back to the topic of the Visa on Arrival … shockingly the process is much simpler then submitting our passport and a host of other documents (photos, bank statement, letters, hotel booking, ticket, etc.) at the Turkish Consulate/Embassy for at least 15 days in Karachi.

Having said that, this luxury is limited only to Pakistani Passport holders with a valid Schengen, OECD member’s visa or residence permit visas. Still something is better than nothing … and I like having my glass half full …

So how does one get the coveted Visa on Arrival after landing in Turkey – here is how:

  • After entering the Ataturk Airport Terminal, just go towards Passport Control.
  • There is a Visa on Arrival counter right opposite the Passport Control – IGNORE IT. This counter is only for nationals from those countries who are entitled for a Visa on Arrival in Turkey – unconditionally.
  • Pakistanis (and nationals from India, South Africa, Iraq) need to walk to Visa Counter 2 – which is right at the end of airport terminal.
  • Once here, an immigration officer will check your passport to see if you have a valid document and hand over a slip to you.
  • With this slip and your passport, you go to Visa Counter 2, where you will be required to pay the Visa Fee. This fee is USD 20 or 15 Euros – and needs to be paid in cash. (NOTE: this visa fee is less than the PKR 5500 fee required if you apply for the Turkish Visa at the Embassy/Consulate in Pakistan)
  • With the Visa payment slip and your passport, come to the immigration counter and simply get your Turkish Visa and Entry Stamped … and Welcome to Turkey!
  • No additional documents like my bank statement, photos, accommodation details were requested at any step – and in total the process is 10-15 minutes at max.

Hope you enjoyed reading this – and will be back tomorrow to read about my day 2 excitement in Istanbul, Turkey.

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