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Chairman Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju’s Hindutvist Akhand Bharat Theory : Right out of the RSS manual

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

I have always had the greatest respect for the superior judiciary of India. This is why it is a painful to write this post especially as it is about a gentleman who was Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court and later a Supreme Court Justice.  His very accurate view on the tussle between the judiciary and the executive in Pakistan had made me a fan. Unfortunately though I have now realized that even some great men of law have their blind spots and as far blind spots go, this gentlemen has a huge black big blind spot spanning Afghanistan to Burma. 

I am speaking of none other than Justice Markandey Katju who I am sorry to say is taken in by a rather sad delusion. He refuses to accept Pakistan as a real country, despite the fact his entire career emanates out of the same law that created Pakistan.  Pakistan and India were created as Independence of India Act, 1947. Pakistan became inevitable because Congress Party torpedoed the Cabinet Mission Plan which would have preserved Indian Unity. Mr. Katju believes that it was all a British conspiracy to keep Indians fighting forever. Indeed if that was the case, then one can also name Gandhi and Nehru as sidekicks in this theory but Katju does not agree. However that is not the point of this article.

Assuming that Pakistan is a “fake country”, it stands to reason that India is a natural country. Now what does that mean?  Was India naturally created ? How ? Was it divinely revealed? When we look at history, we do not find a complete Indian political unity with the possible exception of Asoka, Aurangzeb and the British. Asoka’s unity did not last much longer than his own lifetime. Neither did Aurangzeb’s and Aurangzeb by the way is considered – despite being 4th generation Indian born- to be a “foreign ruler” by none other than Jawaharlal Nehru the great supporter of Indian unity when he described Shivaji the Hindu ruler as a great patriot.  According to Katju British did not want Indian unity but paradoxically they are the only ones who united India without communal domination of any one group.

So then how does one explain this pigheaded belief that India is a natural country and Pakistan is not. Both India and Pakistan are born of the same legal instrument, both are recognized by the UN, both have a sovereign legal status.  Since the men of law deal with laws and not abstract wishes and whims,  I am surprised that Katju persists with repeating such fallacious lies.

When I confronted Katju on twitter about this, he flew off the handle. When I pointed out to him that his ideas sound eerily similar to RSS’ Akhand Bharat Theory he asked me to read his article on Modi. Well I did read his article on Modi and that has no relevance to the present issue.

Pakistan is an accident of history just like India is an accident of history, the US is an accident of history, and the Anglican nature of the Great Britain is an accident of history and so on and so forth. How?  Well it was an accident that the Congress’ centralizing ambitions did not allow a middle ground between the Lahore Resolution – an ambiguous demand at best – and the idea of a strong federation that Nehru and Gandhi wanted.  India is an accident of history because it was entirely accidental that British colonized it and then unified it.  The US is an accident of history because had the British Parliament paid heed to the legitimate demands of American colonists, it would be a British dominion and part of Canada.  Great Britain would still be a Catholic country, had Catherine of Aragon not insisted on remaining married to King Henry who wanted to marry Anne Boleyn. An accident of history gives permanence to an idea. The big bang for example was an accident of history. Nation states are cemented by legal fiction. That legal fiction is good enough for the purposes of day to day life. India therefore is as natural or unnatural as Pakistan.

Now let us consider Katju’s theory of Akhand Bharat. Despite his protestations about being a secularist, the fact is that his belief that Pakistan is a fake country and India must reunite is based on a religious idea – whether Katju admits it or not- and that religious idea is located in Bharat Mata mythology of the great Hindu faith. India was defined – again by an accident of history- as a great unity by the seers and wise men of that great faith. That belief traveled despite it never being expressed politically except under the British who Katju hates- into the modern age.

I have no doubt that Katju believes it when he says he has nothing to do with RSS and BJP. Yet Katju should know that the mother organization of RSS and BJP, the Hindu Mahasabha had dictated the Congress through out in its negotiations with the League. Had it not been for Mahasabha, an agreement would have been possible.

I have no doubt that Katju well and truly believes that the United India is not the same as RSS’s Akhand Bharat.  However RSS has repeatedly endorsed Katju’s ideas:

Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram director P. Parameswaran has hailed Press Council of India chairman Markandey Katju for his remarks on the merger of Pakistan with India.

“It remains to be seen how the supporters of Partition, especially the Muslim League, respond to Mr. Katju’s prediction that India and Pakistan will be reunited within 15 to 20 years,” he said in a pressnote issued here on Tuesday.


A leading RSS ideologue today backed Press Council of India chairman Justice Markandey Katju’s reported observation that “Pakistan is an artificial nation and a failed state” but said it was difficult to accept his entire views on the subject made during a lecture here.

“Justice Katju’s remark that Pakistan is an artificial nation and a failed state is quite evident from the happenings in Pakistan and Bangladesh,” according to P Parameswaran, author and director of the RSS intellectual and cultural forum Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram.

So there. The RSS endorses Mr. Katju’s view.

Let me state here that for the future of South and Central Asia lies in a treaty Union i.e. like the European Union. It is unavoidable. However this would have to be based on acceptance of existing nation states as legitimate entities. Katju’s push for reunification without recognizing the sovereignty and independence of Pakistan cannot under any circumstances be compared to the idea of an Asian Union. Of course if Katju’s objective is actually to achieve a unity of humanity on the basis of tolerance and peace, it would commend itself to him. But his objective is this boneheaded Indian nationalism with which he has grown up and consequently which he has used to endear himself to the Congress party (he was accused of being partisan to Congress in several capacities). Consequently he has bought wholesale the historical fallacies in Congress’ perspective on history of partition.

Had Katju been honest about it and tried to apply his mind to the work of another great luminary of the Indian Bar, H M Seervai, especially his introduction to the Constitution of India, he would engage himself in such spurious argumentation aimed at ridiculing 180 million people who exist for better or for worse as a separate country. So instead of harboring such outright offensive ideas, perhaps Katju should reinforce the civil society, the democrats and the secularists in Pakistan who want a secular democratic Pakistan which will live in peace with its neighbors.

While Justice Katju may be many things- an accomplished jurist, a writer, the press head honcho in India- his views on Akhand Bharat are an in toto regurgitation of RSS ideology and philosophy. Not even the Congress, whose conduct Katju wishes to whitewash, declares that Pakistan is a “fake” country. They cannot because they are bound by their own decision in 1947.

It is my opinion that so long as people like Katju continue to harp on that exploded idea that India is a natural unity spread from Afghanistan to Burma, it will only strengthen the argument that Indians – even the best of them – have not reconciled themselves with a historical reality. This in turn fuels the national security state which uses this as an argument to thwart democracy in Pakistan.

So give peace a chance. Allow Pakistan to solve its problems through democracy and constitution just as India has done. Stop this pettiness now.


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140 Responses to "Chairman Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju’s Hindutvist Akhand Bharat Theory : Right out of the RSS manual"

  1. romin United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Maulik Mian,

    Me believes that it is insecurity on part of YLH et al that the creation of Pakiland keeps coming up over and over again.

    And some of us just wanna have fun !!!

  2. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    the riots forced the BJP in Gujarat to resign and have elections ONE WHOLE YEAR prior to when they were due – in 2003.
    So basically you’re again lying from all your holes!
    I want to know whether the Muslims have apologized to all those Hindu pilgrims who were burned in Godhra Train Burning by Muslims, or can you only give conspiracy theories like you assholes give for 9/11.

  3. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    godhra had no hindu pilgrim in that compartment it is lie and propaganda.this was reserve bogey from kanpur upto godhra.all passangers are godhra new passangers were loaded and bogey was locked from outside.then vhp goons put fire from inside.brmns hate low caste hindus more than muslims.

    the riots forced the BJP in Gujarat to resign and have elections ONE WHOLE YEAR prior to when they were due – in 2003…
    rajtoo election was called soon to get the fruits of riot.

    I want to know whether the Muslims have apologized

    he should apololige to hindus.he was ruler.not muslims.

    modi should pay for his role in riot also for sheltering maya kodvani.

    zhoot aur dhoka dna mei bhara hai.brhmnst jahil shudron ke kandhey pe bandook kyon chalate hain.ramdeo a jahil talk on our economy ane fraud call yoga.jahil anna hazare talks on lokayukts.homosexual brhmns of bengal use vivekanand to cheat indians.shivajee another shudr is shown as hindu,while he was secular nationalist.why like this.inhone maaa ka doodh piya hai to khud samne ayein.
    in ayodhya they tried war between shivbhakts and vishnubhakt.war has already begun vishnubhakts are excommunicated by shivbhakhats.

    riot ka na hona corporates kee jeet hai.they convinced our elite that voilence and progress cannot go hand hand.pakistani learned this lesson through islam.few month ago hindus of surat were ready to pay bribe to rss t avoid riot.

    under modi rule one judge issued warrant of arrest to our president and chief justice.

  4. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    tajender is fixated on the idea that brahmins and jews are causing all the trouble in the world and all muslims are innocent like little lambs.

    Any further discussion with him is a waste of time.

    Muslims like tajender demonstrate that islam will become more and more fascistic and destructive and cause mental illnesses.

    We don’t have to discuss with tajender and the likes. We have to only read them and conclude about the perversities caused by islam.

    rex, tajender, ylh etc. are all islamically or pakistanically caused psycho-jingo-cases.

  5. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Last time Modi saved your sorry asses otherwise Muslims would have been an extinct species in Gujarat. But in the future the Muslims may not be so lucky!

  6. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to rajTOO

    Don’t waste your time on tajender.
    He is a bootlicker of arabs and Aurangzeb, and a mental slave and glorifier of the islamofascists.

    I wonder what muslims think about the many tajenders, rexes etc. among them.

    No muslim on the PTH engages in any discussion with them.

  7. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    RajTOO says:
    April 28, 2013 at 3:07 pm
    Last time Modi saved your sorry asses otherwise Muslims would have been an extinct species in Gujarat. But in the future the Muslims may not be so lucky
    but modi should face law of land.he is a terrorist.

  8. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Then accept the law of the land. The Law of the Land has already concluded that he is not guilty of allowing any riots in Gujarat. The SIT has concluded that he tried his level best to stop the riots.
    That is the Law of the Land speaking! So why the hell, don’t you suckers accept it when the law of the land is speaking.
    Terrorists are all Muslims who still act as apologists or deniers for those among them who burnt 58 Hindus alive including 40 women and children on the Sabarmati Express!

  9. Bostonian United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    So I checked Pakistani news. More terrorist carnage. Islamic terrorists continuing their blame game. No acceptance of any reality.

  10. Satyam United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Raj Janab,

    In fact Muslims terrorist acts like Godhra should happen frequently to wake Indians from the slumber and make them aware of real nature of the Mleccic polution threat. JInnah has the similar attitude and he was told by Patel to shoo away with his Indian Muslim followers. Till now they are still whining about why , who, how and blaming every one but not looking into their religion induced lack of honesty,loyalty,introspection and truthfulness. Inbreeding took care of all these qualities. When Muslim started killing Punjabi Sikhs and Hindus in March they ignore every call to act like human but then that smugness invited the counter response , suddenly they remember human manners . Basic question still remains, Do Muslim have the right to live in the sacred land of India? The basic answer too remain same, NOT at all and if they are stranded there for some not good reason then they are living there courtesy Indian Humanity, civilization ethos and pleasure. The privilege of domicile can revoked as per the will of Indian people.

  11. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    tajender demonstrates what happens when a human being gets fixated on and in islam and becomes a zombie of fascism.

    Any attempt to inform him of reality and present day events is stubbornly rejected and he goes on glorifying islam and vilifying brahmins, jews and non-muslims.

    It is an islamically-caused brain-is-dead case.

    Muslims too shudder to think of what is in store for them when the likes of tajender, rex etc. are produced en masse through islam.

    No muslim dares to engage with tajender or rex – it is only some non-muslims trying to bring them to reason.

  12. romain United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Incidentally, it was Master Tara Singh who started the rioting in Punjab. Suggest that you learn history while trying to score points and not be like YLH where he wants to create history.

    @sunny mian,

    Did you just discover this about Rexie the idiot et al.? Your problem is you are trying to argue with facts and logic. Dude wakeup. It doesn’t work with these types. Try conspiracy theories and you will have them eating out of your hand :)

  13. romain United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Plz to read my advice to sunny mian – how about you try it this way. VHP / Modi created a conspiracy to win the election. They bribed the poor Muslims in Godhra to burn a carriage containing women and children. These poor simpletons really did not know what they were doing. The HINDOO Supreme Court wanted to punish them bcos they were muslims and so they did.

    At least you will get them to admit the muslims burnt that railcar :)

  14. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to romain

    When we are arguing with the muslim types of tajender and rex then we should not go down to their level.
    Actually it is well known that arguing with them is useless since islamic fascism, deceit, self-deceit and arrogance is in their blood, entrenched in their minds through the islamic propaganda.

    But we have to keep telling them what the facts were and are.

    May be some of their basic suppressed human genes and instincts will rid their blood and brains and minds of islamic fascism etc. and they will become non-dangerous human beings.

    We should not go down to their level. The worst of islam is yet to come. And that will engulf the tajenders and the rexes too. May be then they will remember with gratitude that we tried to show them facts.

  15. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    At least you will get them to admit the muslims burnt that railcar

    muslims cannot lock doors from outside.why muslims will burn rail card.can u raj give the name of women and children died there.high court ne sare logon ko chod diya.
    modi is terrorist and criminal.he tried to tamper the records.high has put most of top police officers in jail and transferred 80%of police to other they are making lies for face saving.

  16. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    romain if you have slightest of mind pls think why muslims will do it.from 1969 onwards they were being butchere atleast twice yearly.nobody ever come up to claim the bodies.why we should accept your foolish claims.

  17. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hindus alive including 40 women and children on the Sabarmati Express!

    rajtoo bogey was locked in godhra from where 40 women came there.who allowed them in compartment it was reserved bogey.after godhra bogey was locked.

    naql mein aql bhi use kiya karo.katju is right when he says that 90%of indians are nothing but chutia.

  18. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    tajender is bootlicker of all those who kill or slander hindus. That describes him and all his posts fully.
    tajender’s ancestors were hindus who lost their self-respect by becoming slaves of arabs and rapists and marauders. So now he is trying to justify and glorify that act of shame by bootlicking arabs and all those who killed, raped and robbed hindus. That is the mentality of all muslims.

  19. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    There is a high probability middle easterners will free themselves from Islam while Pakistani converted Muslims will carry forward muhammed’s legacy. That will be a funny situation.

  20. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Do not overstrain yourself in explaining the explanations to this group of riff-raffs. Most will not get the clearance past the elementary intelligence tests. They are a bundle of emotions and complexes, which keeps a large part of their hippocampus preoccupied and renders their peformance below that of an average irk! Raj is an exception and has the ability for lateral thinking when not biased or emotional, and raising questions of how and why which I now understand from Mr Khan Bangash article on Hindu Tribune, that this appears to be a norm in Pakistan education system, which is the carry over of the colonial method discouraging students from making enquiries.

    India being a developing country receives 353 million dollars in aid from the UK Government which it want to discontnue. But in pride and arrogance they are no different from the Spaniards or the mexicans.

    Rex Minor

  21. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    MTG: that link was hilarious!!
    Just put an AK47 in his hands and he would look like REXIE
    REXIE: your father was from the riffraff…… And your mom who walks the Reeperbahn in garters and prays in a hijab

  22. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    “Muslim women are not allowed to fart with sound, it’s against Islamic teachings,”
    The “COMPLETE” code of life

  23. no-communal United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    You have to give it to Islam, its founders started a practical religion. Unlike Hinduism’s pontification on the abstract, Islam lays down rules and guidelines that have practical importance. Take, for instance, the ban on the males from having more than four wives. Considering that men will be men and the small male-female ratio in the rough Arabian deserts, Islam simply allowed men marry more than once. The idea is to go ahead, have fun (and save a woman from the bandits if possible), but make sure that the man marries her and treats her equitably. Islam’s practicality is evident also in the permission to lie in battles and to bring reconciliation in failing marriages. No moralizing on Dharmayuddh and no absurd experiments with truth in Islam. These practical values stood the medieval Arabs in good stead. Prithviraj Chauhan, for instance, defeated Ghori in the first war of Thanesar and set him free out of pity (as the story goes). Has any Muslim ruler ever been foolish enough to do such a thing to his mortal enemy? The next year Muhammad Ghori killed Prithviraj Chauhan and Delhi came under Muslim rule for the next eight hundred years. But why did the Indian Muslim dynasties themselves fall one after another to still newer invaders from northwest? The answer probably lies in the loss and corrosion of Islam’s practical aspects in the subcontinent. Many dynasties, for example, were defeated because ultimately the rulers became more interested in art and music than governing. The founders of Islam, otoh, understood their corrosive powers and music was discouraged for obvious reasons. To contrast the founders with their arty descendants, Babur used to carry two men on his shoulders while climbing hills. One of his favorite pastime was swimming in the rivers against the current. His descendant Bahadur Shah wrote soulful poetry when the Company annexed Delhi. An Aurangzeb would never have been dethroned by the upstart East India company. But Wajed Ali Shah sang, danced, and cried while giving up Audh to Autram on a platter ( ).

  24. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to no-communal

    So you have admitted that islam is fascistic. To use the word “practical” instead of “fascistic” in describing islam will only strengthen islamic fascism and the muslims’ need and love for fascism.
    But muslims claim that islam is the final guidance and the perfect example of how things should be.

  25. no-communal United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    No sunny, I never used the word “practical” as an euphemism for “fascistic”. There is nothing fascistic about Islam’s practical aspects. Muslim women had full remarrying rights in 600 AD and we used to send our widows to Varanasi and Mathura for chastity reasons until recently. Muslim men were prohibited from marrying more than four women in 600 AD. Kulin Brahmins of Bengal (I am not sure but may be elsewhere too) used to marry in hundreds even in the nineteenth century. Muhammad seems to have been a great social reformer of his times but now the Muslim world needs some well thought out “ijtihad”

  26. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to no-communal

    Muslim women had “rights” to remarry so as to quickly become sex-objects for muslim “warriors”. When a muslim thinks of a widow (esp. a young widow) then he thinks of her unused vgn… he “allows” her to remarry not because he rspects her human-ness but because he wants her as orgasm-giver and house-maid as early as possible (just 3 months “pause” in between). Muslim women will confirm this. In fact after islam came, women lost most of the rights which Khadija had before she became the muslim wife of the super-muslim agent Mohammad.

    It is like capitalists agreeing to minimum-wage for labour. This he does not because he respects labour but because he can exploit them more readily. He feeds his “work-horses” so that he can make them work more.

    Most of Mohammad’s islamic reforms do not stand the scrutiny of times – especially modern times. In fact many “reforms” are actually a slide into more slavery of mind and body.


    That hindus religions have and have had their bad aspects is not controverted. But hindu religions have shown the ability to become modern – islam has only shown its ability to be more and more primitive, stubborn, arrogant and fascistic.

    The more ijtehad the muslims do, the more stubborn primitive and fascistic and misogynic and violent they become – did you not notice that? This is because the kuran has a fascist-totalitarian core spirit and intention. So more ijtehad is not going to bring the good tidings. Quite the contrary.

    Muslim men were prohibited from marrying 4 women at the same time. But he can kick out a woman at short notice and take a new one. So what difference does it then make? In his entire life a muslim man can have ANY number of “wives”. He has to pay alimony to his kicked-out wife for only 3 months and that too a paltry sum equivalent to 3 kg of rice per month. (Remember the Shah Bano case in Rajiv Gandhi’s time and why she withdrew (how she was made to withdraw) her anti-divorce case from the supreme court?!)

    If islam claims to be the final perfect revelation then islam’s social agenda is extremely fascistic and anti-human. The grander the claim the more stringent the scrutiny. Mohammad was no social reformer. He was just the self-appointed agent of a self-made fascistic god-concept.

  27. no-communal United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Well, sunny, I am not here to argue with you on the sides of the Muslims. But pray tell us what you hope to gain by this constant barrage of repetitions on the evils of Islam. The same question is to Mr. Allah Ki Mohmad. sunny, I think the Muslims get it that the Hindus, in particular, don’t think much of Islam. That should be enough unless someone comes right at you singing the virtues of Islam and trying to proselytize. What you do is counter productive and it makes Muslims like tajender and Rex defensive. You end up producing the exact opposite of what you perhaps hope to achieve.

  28. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    no communal,
    In your thoughts and rhetoric if you were to replace the term ‘Islam’ with that of ‘muslim’ the one who promises to follow the teachings of Islam but may not have reached the specified standard for a variety of reasons including the lack of knowledge of the arabic language and the culture, not fully understanding or being able to interpret the difference between the philosophical reality as expressed in the scriptures as well as the very natural restraints put on the brains of the individual human of the 20th century homo sapien, you will then be nearing to the light that a believer so readily sees and has no option but to consider himself being blessed.

    Quraan is the only scripture which prohibits more than ONE wife, not allowing four in normal circumstances and simultaneously. History is time related; the catholics Popes had several women with illegitimate children bsides having a complete community of entertaining women residing next to the Vatican n Rome. Boja is the one who comes to mind. In the 20th century catholic Bishops have lived with women outside marriages and built a community of paedophilians within the premises of the Church. We have also witnessd the King of England declaring himself as the head of the church, after the papacy refused to condone his debauchry.
    Those muslims, kings and beggers, rich or poor, powerful or travelling salesmen, having more than one wife, or one wif with several mistresses as is pacticed by christians, tantamounts to debauchry pure.
    I am not going to comment about those who deny the existence of the GOD of Ibrahim and the prophet messangers who brought scriptures on the earth. They cannot be accused fo breaking the divine laws which do not accept o adhere to. For them and all the believers, the law of the land is valid.

    Rex Minor

  29. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    no-communal wrote:

    “…sunny, I think the Muslims get it that the Hindus, in particular, don’t think much of Islam.”

    I don’t argue here as a hindu.
    I argue here as a human being.
    I have never pleaded in favour of hindu religions on this forum or anywhere else. Hindu religions are a “work-in-progress”. Not finalized, hence not fascistic.

    Anyone who keeps his human self-respect and intelligence and develops/strengthens them will find islam fascistic.
    Every finalist ideology is fascism.
    Khaatmaa e nabuwwat is a fascist and blasphemous idea.


    rex and tajender may strengthen/continue their own islamic fascism, but many other muslims (the silent, scared and intelliegnt among the muslims) will see that, and recognize islam as the very root and cause and source of this fascism. Every muslim knows that the worst-case islamofascists and muslim liars and violence-doers are all loved up in the kuran and quote the kuran and and enforce it. They expose kuran as the real source of this fascism.
    What else GOOD can you do for the muslims on the PTH?
    PTH stands for exposing the “Perversity, Temerity and Hypocrisy” of the muslims.

  30. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    rex preaches:
    “…..if you were to replace the term ‘Islam’ with that of ‘muslim’……….”

    Islam is what muslims do.
    Muslims are what islam produces (has produced).

    Many muslim sins and lies and violences and crimes are fully supported/instigated in the kuran.

    Islamic fascism and imperialism and arab hegemony are fully instigated by/in the kuran.

    How long will you keep lying about this?

  31. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    sunny says:
    May 2, 2013 at 9:48 pm
    tajender is bootlicker of all those who kill or slander hindus. That describes him and all his posts fully

    u know that tajender also fkd your mother.u brhmns came from central asia.u are not indian.u fkd our mothers we used to fk animals till muslims came.india cannotlive in peace till u bstrds are thrown in indian ocean.

  32. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Many muslim sins and lies and violences and crimes are fully supported/instigated in the kuran

    it was good and had aim u people enslaved indian snathed their land and declared them dalit and untouchable.muslims brought message of equality and justice.which was great message.u simply vomit abuse which has no meaning.even vivekanand and mnroy gave call to indians to convert to islam enmass.

    sunny i dont know if u are computer or really man.

    what u brhmns have given to indians was jihalat.fake idols.youth of bengal masterbate on durga and parvati.kali being god of indians is shown very ugly.ur butter thief bhagwan krishna,is shown in bad light being indian.he kidnapped 11000 married women and had 5003 virgins.used to fk neighbours wife called radha.u are propagadist
    AFTER PLUNDERING INDIAN WEALTH U came to europe which is going to become muslim majority continent soon.

  33. no-communal United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    The following is a very loaded statement with meaning in layers. It expresses a level of anguish and emotion not hitherto seen in Tajender.
    “u are not indian.u fkd our mothers we used to fk animals till muslims came.india cannotlive in peace till u bstrds are thrown in indian ocean.”

  34. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Dharati Ka Lal seems some of the Raja Mansingh’s sons are returning to fight with Rana Pratap, the great

    rana pratap had no following among rajput who were ally of moghuls.brhmns were bootlickers of muslim rulers.main work of these shaitans is to plunder india and support foreign invaders.they switched their loyalities to britishers and whole heartedly supported their robbery of india.after 1947 plundering and exporting indian wealth was carried out full because of robbery and hiding wealth in temples and ashrams,indians are paid slave salaries become impotent at the age of 35.u people are curse for india.wealth has saved millions of india.

  35. kaalchakra United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Tajender is a good, straightforward, and honest man. I personally wouldn’t worry too much about descrying layers of meanings that may be embedded in his posts. His presentation is of rather standard popular Islamic historiography which has developed some intelligent approaches.

    I was reading sometime earlier about history as seen by Burmese Muslims and that by Sri Lankan Muslims. They have almost indistinguishable (dominant) orientations of their times in their own societies as Indian Muslims/Sufis do in India, and are bound to face the same issues that different communities have had to face in India. Unfortunately, history and destiny cannot be so easily separated in this imperfect world.

    Of course, that’s almost a trite statement, given that, unlike religion, history is always humanly constructed. Yet what is fascinating is to see how different various approaches to the past and its recollections can be. Ideologies may have relatively more to do with histories than individual angst

    PS: As tajender is a friend, in his honor, I continue to hold that Indians should pay more attention to tajendering – the widely replicated processes and durable projects through which worldviews and histories so different from, yet tangentially related to, those held by dominant majorities are generated and maintained over time. Merely abusing tajender is simply counterproductive and does not offer any solutions.

  36. Maggu India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    “indians are paid slave salaries become impotent at the age of 35″
    That’s much needed and Brahmins must be thanked if that’s true

  37. Maggu India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    KAAL:”given that, unlike religion, history is always humanly constructed.”
    How is it a “given”? Religion is humanly created too. Religions have needed humans as carriers; as prophets etc. These prophets have claimed prophethood themselves. God has never appeared to humankind or made a direct transmission.
    And if god were the omnipotent and omniscient being that religions portray him to be, he wouldn’t need us to read books etc. He would just program us so.

  38. Mohan United Arab Emirates Google Chrome Windows says:

    If anything/anyone stops a person to question whether he is a human being, a country or a religion is not worth a respect. Nothing can be final. Everything and everyone should be open to questioning and criticism.

  39. kapil India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Markandey Katju is the son of S N Katju who was the president of the Vishwa Hindu parishad

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