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Some Thoughts on Imran Khan

By Nadeem Bajwa

Although I respect and admire Khan for the cricketing hero he once was, for the philanthropist he still is and for the revolutionary leader he aspires to be, I fail to follow him blindly as many of my fellow countrymen do. But to some extent their actions are justifiable by our political culture and the depths that we have driven our country into.

He might be patriotic, untainted by financial corruption and charismatic, but does that make him worthy of leading a nation or a country?

The road to revolution is not paved with fundamental contradictions, U-turns and half-baked theories. It is forged, inch by inch, by character, self-sacrifice, unswerving principles and passion for the people.

Those close to Imran speak of his hefty ego – the need to be the center of attention. It is understandable for a superstar who was mobbed wherever he went for two decades. That kind of fame is addictive. Remember the 1992 World Cup victory speech where he claimed the win as his achievement alone, forgetting to mention his team?

Imran khan has inexplicable and confused policies over certain issues. He has nothing to offer out of the box but rather relies upon conventional remedies. There is no comprehensive economic plan, that he has to offer, which can alleviate the economic difficulties Pakistan is in. I am not an economic expert but looking at the PTI’s economic plan, I failed to see where the resources are going to come from to do what the plan promises. The plan leaves several questions unanswered, such as: is only eradicating corruption or reducing government expenditures enough to eliminate all the budget deficits? Would it be possible to venture into low cost energy generation projects without borrowing?

I do not doubt his honesty and I do not doubt his intentions. I seek to judge him based on what he says and what he does, just like I would judge any other political candidate,

He is striving to bring change with old faces and new ambitions. He prides himself in opposing all dictators, especially General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, but the key leaders of PTI, such as Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Khurshid Mehmood Kusuri, Jehangir Tareen, Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali, Mian Azhar are pawns that Musharraf played with. I must ask, if PTI gains power, wouldn’t that be Musharraf’s cabinet once again except for the change of Prime Minister?

He had very strong views regarding MQM and he was very vocal about that but it all ended when he had his public meeting in Karachi on 25thDecember 2011 leaving behind all the hot conversation he has had against MQM’s founding leader and an ambition to file a case against him in a London court. Imran Khan did not utter a single word about MQM leader, forgetting his own previous statements about the latter and about the violence of 12th May 2007, wherein a number of PTI workers were killed, and which is attributed to the MQM. His stance against MQM’s self-exiled leader, Altaf Hussain has created doubts that “hidden” hands are brining MQM and PTI closer.

In the past, Imran Khan had always raised his voice against drone attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan. After the infamous Salala check post attack by US-NATO forces and the resultant huff-and-puff of Imran Khan over it, the recent statement of US ambassador, Cameron Munter, that Imran Khan was not against the U.S. has astonished large sections of society in Pakistan, which had believed Imran to be a hardliner when it came to US policies in the region. However, it is to be noted that US ambassador’s statement came up only when Imran Khan has quietly visited US state department and stated “his case” to Washington.

Imran Khan has always been at the forefront of highlighting missing persons issue including Dr. Aafia Siddique’s case. In one of his speeches against the Musharraf regime, he had demanded that “the government of Pakistan tell us how Dr. Aafia ended up in Afghanistan with her three children? How can a frail woman attack US marines? Why has the government of Pakistan not taken any active measures to bring her back home to face any trial? The government needs to expose those who have aided and abetted the kidnapping of Dr. Aafia.”

In recent days, he has not uttered a word about missing persons or Dr. Afia. Is it because the foreign minister of Pervaiz Musharraf regime has joined PTI? Time has changed; a politcian has been born and gained popularity by using these burning issues, and now there is no need to look upon these forgotten souls.

Imran Khan talks about bringing the Taliban and other militant groups into the mainstream, mostly through dialogue, which is yet another contradiction as on the other hand he dismisses Jamat-ud-Dawa and vows to shut them down. Imran also strongly believes in the fundamentals of an Islamic state. However, whenever he faces the international media he talks about a free market economy and other liberal concepts, which in a way are contradictory in nature.

All politicians lie in Pakistan, but Imran Khan does it with a self-righteous impunity and feels he can go completely over the top.

The relative rise of Imran Khan has brought another disturbing and anti-democratic tendency to our already sordid political culture. Any argument against Imran Khan is addressed by attacking the credibility of the accuser or the questioner, often in disobliging terms. I have not seen that attitude except with MQM supporters and with PPP Jiyalas of the ‘70s and ‘80s. This trend is unmistakably indicative of a fascist tendency. And this trend did not start on its own but rather it came from the man himself. Listening to Imran now-a-days, one can mistake him for Bhutto of the 70s, in my opinion. To me his language is not of an Oxford or Aitchison educated person or a statesman,  but you can easily compare him with the likes of Jahangir Badar or for that matter Rana Sanaullah.

Imran Khan’s personality overshadows the party and that is a fact known to every person in the country, even his followers. In that way, his party will not be different from the parties that are criticized by him and his followers as being dynastic in nature.

Imran Khan’s slogan for a new Pakistan is more of an illusion rather than a vision for change. There is no clear vision behind the ambiguous slogan of a “new Pakistan”. It is more of rhetoric about corruption and the misdeeds of the PPP and the Pakistan Muslim League (N).

No doubt every human being makes mistakes, but mistakes of a leader carry a lot more weight than mistakes of a common man. It was once said to me in this regard that it takes a courageous man to accept his mistakes but it takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes. Only God knows what will be the outcome of the elections but if PTI does come to power, I fear it may not go the same way in 2018 elections as did PML(Q) in 2008 and PPP 2013.

Surely we all stand for change but change alone is not enough, as change can go both ways. What we need is a change for the better.



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29 Responses to "Some Thoughts on Imran Khan"

  1. Bashi Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Any alternative we have? Nawz League already served 2 times we the youth dont have any other option left. Sir Ik bare tu Bantee hain. Lets bring Imran Khan and then you can see the difference. IF Musharraf can drive this country on road of progress( 2003-2006) then why NT IK. I never voted, but this time i will vote for change

  2. Madeeha Malik Pakistan Netscape Navigator iPhone says:

    Those were many thoughts not some. But lot of your comments contradicts itself in your article. Its Good to identify the problems and raise the valid issues but what’s the solution dear author. Do we go back and do the same practicum and hope to get a different result. Nooo way. I support him coz I believe in him, my heart tells me to believe and have faith on IK.

  3. syed ali anwer Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Its obivious the writer has no clues about politics in Pakistan. If you dont bend you break in politics. As for his ego he will mellow with age. just give me one name one name of a better leader than IK and I will not vote for him. IK is a godsend despite his frailties. Pakistan is changing so be a part ot it or vote for the coterie of looters and pluderers and keep crying.

  4. zarqa mufti Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    The popular sentiment is against the misdeeds of PPP and PMLN. You have admitted that you do not doubt his honesty and you do not doubt his intentions. So you should help him remove the flaws or loopholes in the policies. You fail to identify that PMLN has come to the elections despite proven lies, short sightedness, cosmetic non productive heavy cost projects and their failure regarding long term planning.

  5. Thanks in favor of sharing such a fastidious thought, paragraph is pleasant, thats
    why i have read it entirely

  6. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Change will come when you start making local soil, water, mountains devine and worship them

    but u people worship them at the same time destroy them.they are not divine why should worship them.tum log sher kee puja karte ho par unhi ko almost khatam kar diya.hamara nara hai ek omkar or god is one.
    waise geeta pres gorakhpur ke pass he saloon raha hoon.mahant kee sare harkatein janta hoon.

  7. Kamath Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Why not give the Great Khan a chance? After all in a democracy every body must get a go at it. Wait for the results and then decide . He can’t make Pakistan any worse. So why make all this fuss!

  8. Zamir United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The thing that sold me on IK was the wikileaks. Unlike other politicians he says the same thing in public as in private. In his discussions with US deplomats he said exactly what he says in public.

  9. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Mr Bajwa might not have had any clues about Pakistan politics to which Mr Syed alluded, but he has definitely put out a number of thoughts which every intelligent would be voter should take into consideration. Besides, which country can afford to have a leader with a broken skull?The debate is therefore an academic one. Mr Sharif is the next King Pin in politics who has declared that Pakistan under his leadership wiil;

    . terminate its alliance with the yanks on war on terror, and
    . improve its relations with neighbouring India.

    Rex Minor

  10. Ex-Paki United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    All valid points but look at the alternatives. Such dearth of leaders in Pakistan.

  11. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Islam forces muslims to be cowards and liars. Violence, falsified history-narratives, hatred and superiority complex towards non-muslims, mental slvery under a fascist 7th century god-concept – all that forces muslims, esp. their leades, to be liars and braggarts.

    Whoever wons the election in Pakistan it will not change for the better. It’s not my wish – but it is the curse of islam.

  12. Vish United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    What if the great Khan also fails? Then what? But he deserves his chance and I do hope his time has come.

  13. Shazia Canada Safari  Android 4.0.4 GT-S7560M Build/IMM76I says:

    If imran khan can change Patkistan into a better place nothing is more welcome but I can not blindly follow and admire him as his supporters.
    He claims to bring change but like other ‘corrupt politicians’ he plays with public sentiments and weaknesses, lies and misinterprets to gcriticize his opponents and reneges on his promises when it suites him.

  14. ibn quddus United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    londoni dost says:
    May 10, 2013 at 6:07 am
    london se aya mera dost

    shv ne vshnu kee gnd marre to ayyapan paida hue.enlightened youth of bharat mata mstrbte on your devis.

  15. ibn quddus United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    sunny says:
    May 10, 2013 at 2:33 pm
    Islam forces muslims to be cowards and liars. Violence, falsified history-narratives,

    phir gnd ph…ti

  16. sunny Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to ibn qaddus

    muslims are always thinking of filthy parts of the body. When it is from the arabs then they kiss it and when of a hindu they try to hurt it.

  17. tajender United Arab Emirates Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    ran unveiled on Thursday a new drone, dubbed the Epic, capable of carrying out both surveillance and attack missions, the Mehr news agency reported.

    Defence Minister General Ahmad Vahidi was quoted as saying the Epic, which can fly at high altitudes, is a “stealth aircraft that cannot be detected by enemies.”

    On April 18, Iran made public three other models,

    The Throne, also a stealth model, has a long range and is equipped with air-to-air missiles, said General Amir-Farzad Esmaili, commander of anti-aircraft operations.

    Esmaili said Iran had already produced and used dozens of them.

    The Hazem-3 (Solid) and Mohajer-B (Migrator) are “tactical and combat” models and also capable of reconnaissance, the general said

  18. Chote Miyan United States Safari Mac OS says:

    In a way, the enthusiasm for Imran mirrors the support for Modi in India. Both belong to a loose right wing confederation and both of them do not come out of the traditional power structures. While Modi’s has the taint of 2002 pogrom and IK suffers no such handicap, in a way the rise of both these individuals can be seen as a revolt against the status quo and the incestuous elite. Similarly, the suffocating grip of some families over politics in India and the resultant bankruptcy means that only a flawed megalomaniac like Modi can break into the power structures. Imran is rightly blamed for having sympathies for Taliban but let’s not hold it against him. In the vicious environment prevailing in Pakistan, how can a newcomer gain entry? Only by dubious means, I suppose. Ditto for Modi.

    As I have watched the election unfold, I have been very impressed by Imran. He may not become the PM but none can take the credit away from him that he has transformed the conversation around politics in Pakistan, much as Modi has forced the issue of development at the top of the agenda.

    Imran was peerless as a cricketer but he has been even more impressive as a politician.

  19. Thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    “Imran khan has inexplicable and confused policies over certain issues. He has nothing to offer out of the box but rather relies upon conventional remedies.”

    Obviously, everything that could have helped has been tried, and now you have lowered your heads to the foreign invader that murders your truest patriots……selling Pakistan’s children to their drone god.

    It seems the place is so corrupt that an honest man is a threat….. What gives???? MAYBE IK will deliver real change, maybe not….. Maybe he will turn out to be another Zionist puppet like Obama…… IK is your only hope… All his warts and weaknesses still seem small to me.

    “He might be patriotic, untainted by financial corruption and charismatic, but does that make him worthy of leading a nation or a country?”

    Isn’t he a proven leader…????? From his football days…???

    You’re lookinmg for new ideas??????? ask Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan how Pakistan cam profit from it’s nuclear expertise.. You have many great leaders in many fields…. Don’t those leaders respect IK…????

    There is only one sane choice for better or worse… a new direction!

  20. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Imran Khan wins his Peshawar seat, is the news. Mr Bilaur did not need to loose against IK, but the guy was too stubborn to recognise the defacto power of the Talibans, whom he defied. Those who have made anti-Taliban pronouncemnts and pro war declarations are on the wrong side of history.

    People want peace thoughout the world. There are cosmic forces now showering the earth and those who are vying for war are exposing themselves to becoming a ZERO factor in the universe.

    Rex Minor

  21. Thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    WHO-ever IK turns out to be……. NS, I believe, will continue to be the past….old ways make a billion mindset….. A I wrong…???

  22. Thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Maybe Allah Ki MohMad is correct….. Maybe “krrrrrruption” isn’t so bad… It keeps society orderly…. the rich…rich….. the poor poor and those who know the ways of the “grease” …. well greased and able to buy others until eventually… everything… is about the grease and nothing is about the people or the well being of the country…. Hey, who cares as long as we get ours…. Right…???

    When foreign powers have an endless supply of the grease…. how to keep their thumb off the scale of your lives…???? If only we could know what is being done for whom and WHY…

    And why would the friends with the grease and the drones give the pass for access to commerce and technological access to the competitors in the nuclear field at peril and tremendous costs in the competition… Are your politicians stupid, or too well bribed to care…???

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    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
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  24. What bothers me is that I heard the floating rumour that 4 females nominated as MPAs by the PTI ex rel IMRAN KHAN are closely related to Ahajj (PC-Menage a Quadro) Parvez Khattack.

  25. Saniya Ahmad Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I completely agree with this article. Not because I have anything against IK personally, but because of his self-righteous and high and mighty attitude.
    Furthermore, we believed that he can be the voice of Pakistan, that he can help issues of every class, caste, race. But can he protect minorities after specifically mentioning it publicly that he will not support Ahmadis, who are an already persecuted community? Why single them out even further. He could have avoided the whole issue by not talking about it, but nooo he has to show that he supports the extremist view of our country.

    Throughout his campaign, he kept undermining Nawaz Sharif, he kept making the election campaign a personal hate speech against PML-N. He vows never to join the PML-N even if they win. Now, that after the elections, PML-N has emerged victorious, PTI has decided to align with them. How can you trust a person, who changes his words according to the situation that arises?

  26. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Good points, Sania. IK appears to be rather immature politically. Let’s hope he will work to protect all non-Muslims, including Ahmedis who keep their religion to themselves, as good Muslims do everywhere. Having said that, rejecting wrong paths and following the Right Path, and distinguishing between the truth and the untruth – which distinction has been made clear by Allah – does not constitute ‘righteousness’. It would be the basic requirement of being a believer.

  27. Saniya Ahmad Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    He has not “rejected” the wrong path by not supporting Ahmadis. He has just proved, like every other leader before him, that he is too scared and too much of a coward, to support them and their rights.

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  29. szkolenia China Google Chrome Mac OS says:

    Hello i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anywhere, when i read this post i thought i could also make comment due to this sensible paragraph.

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