Understanding the region

By Raza Rumi

In the last few weeks, I have been asked to write and speak on the region. First was a podcast on China, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Please see the video and its transcript here (http://razarumi.com/the-future-of-afghanistan-towards-a-regional-solution/). My key argument is that China is a player in this region and its role in future stability cannot be ignored. For that to happen, regional dialogue is necessary.

Second, the recent visit of Afghan President Karzai: Here I argue how Pakistan’s Prime Minister is struggling to taking charge of the country’s security policies, away from the security forces, and turning around its economy. Pakistan in real terms has no choice but to facilitate a peace process given the likelihood of more instability after 2014. Read the full post here.

This region above all needs stability and the time has come that regional solutions are found by the local actors rather than world powers who have only compounded matters for all of us.

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