National Maududian Hypocrisy and the Peshawar Blast



(Maulana Maududi – the God Father of Islamic Fundamentalism and Terrorism. Also Haider Maududi’s father).

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

As the nation comes to grip with the horrible massacre of Christians in Peshawar,  Haider Maududi on Duniya TV (which shamelessly said “jo kachra saaf kartay thay un ka safaya ho giya)  decided to muddy the waters by claiming that this was bound to happen in a country founded in the name of religion.

FACT: This fiction that Pakistan was founded in the name of religion is the doing Haider Maududi’s father Maulana Abu Ala Maududi (who had in 1947 opposed the makers of Pakistan.)

FACT: Abu Ala Maududi was behind the 1953 riots against Ahmadis and resorted to violence against Ahmadis which that community faces even today.

FACT: Abu Ala Maududi and his Jamaat-e-Islami shamelessly participated in the massacre of Bengalis as the Army’s B-Team in 1971 in the name of the same Pakistan that Bengalis had fought to create 25 years earlier.

FACT: Abu Ala Maududi’s Jamaat-e-Islami shamelessly supported General Zia’s Coup in 1977 and participated in the 9 star alliance to impose Islamic Law in Pakistan. 

FACT: Jamaat-e-Islami, Maududi’s creation, continues to support Taliban.

Of course this Maududian hypocrisy is a national phenomenon. Take for example ANP – the great bastion of secularism.

FACT: ANP’s forerunner Bacha Khan supported Faqir of Ipi’s Jihad against Pakistan to “rid” Pakistan of its un-Islamic rulers.

FACT: As NAP (ANP’s former name), the Party participated not just in the making of the 1973 constitution but was the foremost supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the Pakistani Constitution which brought sectarianism, not just religion, into the Constitution.

FACT: ANP was part of the PNA which sought to impose Islamic Law and Sharia on Pakistan and contested 1977 elections on this platform.

FACT: ANP was part of the agitation that brought Zia into power.

Even the PPP is not immune to National Maududian Hypocrisy:

FACT: PPP drafted and passed the 1973 Constitution after getting it vetted from Maududi.

FACT: PPP wanted to pass the 2nd Amendment to score brownie points.

FACT: PPP started the Islamization process in Pakistan.

FACT: PPP started the Afghan Jihad.

So my suggestion to Haider Maududi… instead of lying about why or how Pakistan was created… blame your father who is the kingpin in the whole sordid saga.


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