Minorities in Pakistan: More Focus Required

A courageous TV show was conducted last night by Beenish Saleem and Raza Rumi, on Capital TV, discussing the plight of Pakistan’s forgotten minorities. The show can be seen in its enitirety at the following link:
Rabia Mehmood and Shahzad Raza, journalists with extensive on-field experience in covering Minority issues in Paksitan were invited as guests. This kind of shows are a rarity in Pakistani media which usually revolves around its own cacophony. Godspeed to these anchors and may other media personnel join in this initiative and highlight this issue on a regular basis.

A closing remark by one participant was that Mr. Jinnah’s 11 august speech should be translated in local languages and disseminated in Pakistan. That speech was translated into Urdu in full, by historian Zahid Chohdary and is included in the book “Pakistan kesay bana-volume II”. With permission from the co-author and publisher of the book, we are providing the Full text of the speech in Urdu language.
(The origianl english text of the speech was published by Pak Tea House in 2009, and can be accessed here


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