Goodbye My Friend

by Abdul Quayyum Khan kundi

I met Israr(Israr ullah Gandapur) for the first time, three years ago in Peshawar in a face to face private meeting. I wanted to know his thoughts about future political plans. I sent an sms to Chairman(Imran Khan) after the meeting. Chairman responded to continue engaging with him. I kept talking to Israr until his last days. My last message to him was eid greetings yesterday morning. He was an honest and pragmatic man. He worked for the people in low profile and avoided lime light.

I tried my best to bring him to PTI but he had his own views. He contested as an independent and won third time from PK-67 Kulachi. During the elections there is hardly any village where I have not gone in DIK and Tank area. Everywhere I went, I always heard good things about him. So I decided not to damage his election prospects. I never set foot in Kulachi to help him, in my own small way, win as ethically I could not support him openly because there was a PTI candidate on the ballot paper.

After elections he formed a united front with 11 independent MPAs and became their leader. I sent him a message that he should now join PTI as Pervez Khattak was one of his old friends. He joined PTI and was given the portfolio of minister of law. I told him that naya KPK can not be built until a group of honest people is created. So we agreed on a modus operandi. He became the anchor and I became his guide. He would work in the province to build a team and I would work in the center on PTI CEC. We were making good progress as we were adding people everyday to the team. I told him do not make false promises to add people to the team. He responded that “I don’t make false promises”.

He was a shy man. I told him recently if he wants to lead KP then he should start going to tv talk shows so that people know his thoughts. He responded that PTI is not clear on many policy issues and he does not feel comfortable defending an ambiguous position. He also said that it is the job of Information Minister to perform the role of a spokesman. But I kept pushing him and few days before Eid he promised to appear maximum two programs in a month and speak about new laws promulgated by PTI government.

I lost a good friend today and kpk lost an honest son. He accepted martyrdom on a day when we are all reminded that sacrifices have to be made to build a better future.

Rest in peace my friend. I will miss you.

P.S Israrullah Gandapur, lost his life while celebrating Eid with his constituents due to a suicide bomb. May his Soul Rest in Peace (PTH Eds).

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