Pakistan Calling

pak-uk-flag-400-1The RSA and launched Pakistan Calling a film project to challenge perceptions of today’s Pakistan and to promote constructive cross-cultural dialogue between Britain and Pakistan. The films depict Pakistani civil society organisations, social entrepreneurs and individuals who are attempting to tackle the country’s many pressing social problems.  Show your support by watching the films. You can read reviews of Pakistan Calling’s on the BBCNew Statesman  and Sluggerotoole.

Pakistan Calling is a team effort by British Pakistanis, universities in Pakistan and the UK, NGOs and welfare groups in Pakistan, the Samosa and the RSA, working together to increase awareness and support for Pakistani civil society organisations and activists. We want to promote cross-cultural dialogue and trust in the UK and Pakistan by profiling the many different faces of Pakistan, supporting filmmakers working in areas such as the arts, welfare, education, human rights, civil society and citizen journalism. We want to build stronger links between Pakistani social projects, Britain and the British Pakistani community.

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the RSA, says: “Pakistan Calling aims to build positive connections and awareness between those working to improve society in Pakistan with people in Britain, including the British Pakistani community. People trying to improve society in Britain have a lot in common with people working to do the same in Pakistan.” Anwar Akhtar of The Samosa says: “Whilst not a failed state, Pakistan faces mounting challenges which threaten to turn it into one. However, positive developments in Pakistani society rarely make the front pages. But in a country of 170 million people, there is a wealth of progressive initiatives and programmes.

Pakistan Calling aims to showcase some of this work.” More press reviews of Pakistan Calling! #pkcalling @aakhtar

Show your support by watching and sharing the films with your colleagues, friends and family. The next stage of Pakistan Calling – The Balakot project – Get Involved The bridge over the Kunhar River at Balakot is a famous landmark. The older bridge was demolished in a heavy earthquake and rebuilt by the Frontier Works Organisation with help of several international and local funding agencies. The focus of the Balakot project is self-help and collaboration. Pakistan Calling has raised significant profile and awareness in Britain of some of the most progressive, exciting and effective social projects in Pakistan. The Balakot project now takes this to the next stage. Our aim is to forge powerful, substantive connections between innovative, impactful social projects in Pakistan and groups working on similar themes and projects in Britain. If you or your organisation would like to contribute or be involved in The Balakot project, email

Have you got a story to tell about Pakistan and Britain? We want to hear from you! If you would like to contribute or be involved in Pakistan Calling then please get in touch or submit your video. Subscribe to updates from Pakistan Calling Be updated on the latest videos from talented young film-makers in Pakistan and the UK about social issues. Subscribe to the Pakistan Calling mailing list.