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Adobe Certification Brings with it Respect

Adobe-Logo-1You know there are a lot of certifications available in the world of IT. There are certifications for just about everything you can imagine, but few are as widely accepted and recognized as Adobe. This name and the accompanying certification for those who step up to the task and pass the exams brings with it respect. Other professionals respect Adobe certified professionals and more importantly, bosses respect Adobe certified professionals.

Bosses know that you have proven yourself when you are classified as an Adobe expert. They know you have passed a measure of high expectation and that you can get the job done. Better than that even, they know that you seek to advance. They know that you are interested in doing something besides just warming a seat.

SO, if you’re not interested in impressing the boss and you’re not interested in a raise or advancement, then don’t worry about this little ole certification. BUT, if you are interested in moving ahead, getting the raise and the promotion before some other less qualified, non-certified individuals then reach out and grab a hold of the respect you deserve. Adobe can help you get there.

Whether you are interested in Adobe Flex where you develop rich internet and desktop applications or Adobe Flash where you can learn all about deploying flash content to the web and desktop or any of the rest of the Adobe suite, certification will help you take your career and your life to the next level.

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3 Responses to "Adobe Certification Brings with it Respect"

  1. One long ad jingle…this is not what a blog post is supposed to be. I thought I’d learn some more about what the certification entails and why it enjoys such a lofty status, if it does so at all–a few testimonials or sound bytes from employers would have been a good way to back up this article.

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