A Real-Life Superhero

by Ammar

imagesJanuary 6, 2014. It was just another day in Ibrahimzai, in Hangu district of Pakistan. A young boy from this small village, never thought this would be the day he will lose his status as a mortal, to become immortal for his nation. He would go on and make history.

Aitzaz Hasan was standing outside the gates of his school with his friends, when a man with beastly intentions tried to gain access to his school. This sick being wanted nothing else other than to put to death, if not thousands, hundreds of children who were inside the school compound. As the story goes, Aitzaz confronted him despite the pleas and cries of his friends. He fearlessly asked them to get shelter and went ahead, grabbed that stonehearted man in his arms, what followed next was inevitable.

In a glimpse of a second, this brave kid went from being an ordinary boy, to being a symbol of gallantry. Only few before him have imitated what he did, just a few. What was extra ordinary in Aitzaz’s case was the fact that he was only 14 or 15 years of age. An age where many like him would be enjoying their youth, going out with friends having fun around. But not Aitzaz, the moment he saw that coward marching towards the school, he was clear in his mind what he had to do. His goal was to save the precious young lives, a new generation in the making. To achieve his goal, he paid the ultimate price.

Words cannot suffice his act of bravery, no amount tears are enough for his patriotism. In a nation which is divided into castes, sects, ideologies and classes, comes a 15 year old kid who’s selfless act saved many families from visiting the graveyard that day. His bravery, shines in the face of those cowards, who are bathed in the blood of many before him. He sent out a clear message to them, to the enemies of his motherland. He showed them that there is still hope, there is still an Aitzaz ready to lay down his life when his motherland is in need. Let the terrorists know, that there are more like Aitzaz than those who are intimidated by their cowardice.

No medal, no prize is tribute enough for this act of valor, no honor too big. Children of that school in Ibrahimza, went back to school the following day but they will remember January 6th, they will remember it as the day they were virtually granted new lives. The children of that school will remember that day, when they witnessed a boy who used to be like one of them, become a hero. “A real-life superhero”.

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