A Fruitless Discourse

By K. M. Khan:

If the current political situation was a fairy-tale then Pakistan would be the heroine in trouble and Taliban would be the prince charming to the rescue of his dream girl from the nexus of the villain (USA). The prince would save his princess from the villain through tough action and in the end everybody will live happily ever after. Sadly, this is the reality of the perception of many people in Pakistan.

The Nawaz Sharif government has by taking a U-turn from confrontation to engagement proven that it is either naive or really foolish to believe that the dialogue with the Tehrik-i-Taliban will make them surrender their weapons and barbarity. In the past deals with the Taliban had been signed but the only result was that that these went down the drain. The previous governments had signed deals with the Taliban top brass leaders like Nek Mohammad, Baitullah Mehsud, Sufi Mohammad and Mullah Fazlullah. These peace deals signed with the Taliban were temporary and proved that the Taliban have no code of ethics and only believe in the language of violence.

In the past the talks had failed due to a fundamental conflict between the national interests of Pakistan and that of the Taliban. As the talks between the government and the Taliban proceeds various demands have come up on the negotiating table. One of the demands is that the Taliban want to implement their concept of sharia. In reality the policy of barbarity and ruthlessness adopted by them is not at all what God and his Prophet (PBUH) had said and preached. Islam is a religion of Peace and love. It promotes the concept of love for all mankind and respect for all humans irrespective of caste, gender, and creed. The Taliban are tyrants and amnesty to them would only welcome more barbarity especially for the religious minorities and the women folks as they are against women education and empowerment. Islam is a religion which discourages injustice between genders and ordains the people to acquire education even if they have to go to China. So, what kind of sharia do the Taliban want?

Similarly, getting a divorce from the USA is impossible for Pakistan as breaking of the bilateral ties would definitely have an adverse affect on the economy. Although the war on terror had been imposed on us by the Americans but now it is our war and we have to fight it. The primary national interest today is to win this war against the tyrants. The negotiations with the Taliban will bring no peace and are just an act to divert attention from other important state matters.

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