Insanity continues…

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

This is just a quick comment on a vile, sectarian blog’s latest attack on me, PTH and colleagues here. I recently met Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and tweeted my picture with him.  It apparently has caused massive heartburn to the nameless faceless folk over there at LUBP.   Everything nasty I have ever said about the PPP is now being paraded out, as if I have joined the PPP or said that I support it.  I have not.

I support Bilawal Bhutto here and now. Bilawal Bhutto’s speech in Thatta was an extraordinary moment in the fight against the Taliban. He showed immense courage in taking on the Taliban.  My constant is Pakistan.  I will support anyone who supports the cause of a modern, democratic Pakistan.  At the moment only Bilawal Bhutto is standing up mightily in front of this deluge, this Tsunami of terror, as he calls it.  Having met him, I found him to be a most enlightened young man far more mature and politically astute for his age and certainly more so than what we see in politics these days. His speech in Thatta gave me hope for the future.

Does that change the fact that I criticize the PPP for the 2nd Amendment? No PPP was wrong in passing that god awful amendment.  PPP was also wrong in starting the Islamization process. PPP was wrong in making Islam the state religion of Pakistan My support for Bilawal Bhutto cannot and should not be conflated with unconditional support for the Pakistan People’s Party.  I reserve the right to criticize anyone and everyone who I feel are deviating.  By the same token I am ready to support anyone and everyone who seeks to support the cause of a modern, democratic, inclusive and progressive Pakistan, be it Bilawal, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan or whoever.  This is a consistent constant. I am not a constituency politician – I don’t have any political ambitions. I am a citizen of Pakistan and the consumer of politics. I will buy whatever brand I find most appealing and discard it if it turns out to be based on misrepresentations.

Now let us see how those crazed fanatics at the LUBP fare in light of their own standards:

1. They had vociferously attacked Salmaan Taseer throughout his governorship, calling him even an ISI stooge at one point. Of course the cowards that Abdul Nishapuri and his team of crooks, including Ali Taj, are , they have now removed a major portion of this from their website.  Instead they point to a personal opinion of Raza Habib Raja posted in a comment on PTH.

2. They are miffed that I was miffed at something Hakim Ali Zardari said way back in 2011.  Yet they were on record calling Asif Ali Zardari “Yazeed”.  Our record at least is clear. We at PTH supported Asif Ali Zardari’s presidency as well PPP government’s right to complete five years despite whatever disillusionment we had felt.  We never called him Yazeed.

3. LUBP claims that somehow Raza Rumi and I got Salmaan Taseer killed. Shamelessness at its worst.  To claim that us fake “liberals” (some of us who hadn’t even met Shaheed Salmaan Taseer) got Taseer sb killed is just pathetic. How about LUBP’s vicious propaganda against him and not supporting his cause to defend Asia Bibi. In fact they were arguing (now all shamelessly deleted) that why was Taseer not talking about Shia genocide.

4. LUBP may believe that Bilawal is just a kid who is being misled by us “fake liberals”, but he is not. Did you hear Bilawal’s speech at Thatta?  I am a convert to the cult of Bilawal – not because he is a Bhutto, not because he is a Zardari, not because he is the chairman of PPP, not because I need favours from him but because Bilawal is a courageous man who is willing to risk himself for Pakistan.

Today the country needs unprecedented unity against the Taliban. Anonymous cowards sitting abroad abusing “fake liberals” and trying to appropriate “Bhutto name” and “PPP” are not going to provide that unity. Bilawal – the leader of Pakistani youth – will.

This is all I want to say at present. I am proud to have met this brave young man.  I am proud to have shaken his hand and all my prayers are for his long life and success. May God bless him and always keep him immune from sycophancy and opportunism of people like those in the LUBP.

Mersoon Mersoon Pakistan Na Daisoon

Pakistan Zindabad.

PS:   Abdul Nishapuri : Lay off.

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