Talibanistan – Land of the Taliban

Saniya Ahmad

“Welcome to Talibanistan. Yes, that’s what the name Pakistan has changed to. The country is run by a little bit differently now, but please don’t be afraid. You’ll get used to it soon enough. Just wanted to give you a little heads up on how things are running here so that you can get accustomed quickly.

Talibanistan is a Muslim country. Any citizen of any other religion is deported or found dead somewhere. The Muslim minority sects i.e Shias and Ahmadis are by all means Wajib-ul-Qatal, since their beliefs are a tad bit different than those of the Talibans, and of course the Taliban do not like anyone to have a difference of opinion with them. Ahmadis and Shias are running for their lives, they barely make it to the airport before they’re shot in the head. All these people are openly labelled as Kafir on print and electronic media.

Women have no rights at all. They do not have the right to vote. They are not allowed to educate themselves and their daughters; it’s considered unIslamic for a woman to go out and try to seek knowledge. Her place is at home. She needs to tend to household chores and look after her children. Of course, they won’t be allowed to work and earn money as well as that is the job of the man of the house.

If a woman is raped, she will be the one who gets a sentence for trying to blame a man for violating her rights, not when she is an object and it is her fault for dressing up in a way which would provoke men.

There would be no cry for human rights, women rights or rights or any sort for that matter. Anyone who does so disappears or ends up dead.

There is a ban on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GooglePlus etc are all be banned because they are considered unIslamic.

Women are not be allowed to wear jeans. Any girl without a dupatta, or wearing a short top will be condemned. Come to think of it, men aren’t allowed to wear jeans either. Everyone must wear shalwar kameez.

Violence has become the main problem solver. If there is any sort of problem, treat it with violence. This is the reason why arms and ammunition are so commonly sold nowadays.

Any product considered unIslamic is burnt or destroyed. Shopkeepers are not allowed to keep any product in their shops which might be considered unIslamic, by any standards.

Anyone found eating during Ramazan is beaten up, or arrested, or punished in one way or another.

This is Talibanistan. Land of the Taliban.”

Every politician in the country is talking about peace talks with the Taliban. Do they really think that they can negotiate with this inhumane creatures, who find pride in killing people? They just want power, and they find power in the violence. The Taliban are not dumb; they’re smart enough to negotiate only when they have the power. And when they do get that power, this is what is going to happen to the country. This is how the country will run, with every citizen living in fear and hopelessness. So just to let you know, oh-great-politicians-of-Pakistan, these peace talks will not bear any fruit, at least nothing sweet. Taliban need to be destroyed, they need to be taught a lesson for all the innocent lives they’ve taken. They need to be punished. Don’t hold peace talks with them, carry out a military operation. Or are you scared they’re going to kill you too? And to avoid that, would you give over your country to violence just to save yourself? Or would you be brave enough to save the country first?

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