Major Jahanzeb Shaheed: Nation’s Real Hero!

Syed Foaad Hussain

Major Jahanzeb Adnan Shaheed
Major Jahanzeb Adnan Shaheed

Any martyred soldier leaves behind an aggrieved family and number of relatives. However, what apparently seems a sorrowful demise indeed carries along a substantial message for us.

Responsible nations do not forget their heroes. However, for Pakistani people, perhaps, there is a need to define who the heroes are and who are not. Would you call them heroes who shoot polio workers, blow up mosques and shrines, and attack religious processions? Or, those brave soldiers who risk their lives on the borders to protect us, day and night? These upright soldiers are serving us regardless of the media discourse on the possibilities of dialogue with the killers of 40,000 innocent people.

Indeed, each martyred soldier has a story, say, of gallantry and of his personal life. A number of examples can be quoted in this context. The courageous security officials yelled at the Taliban and pledged their lives to protect the land after a bomb blast on police van in Karachi left many dead and injured. For parents, it is haunting to even imagine receiving the dead body of their son, brought up with sheer love and care. Yet, one stands wonderstruck to see the parents of martyred ones reclaiming vows to pay any sacrifice for the protection of beloved country.

I have a similar true story to share. A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to meet the family of martyr Major Jahanzeb Adnan, who lost his life last week in an exchange of fire with the Taliban in Matni area in the outskirts of Peshawar.

It was a routine patrolling when the terrorists opened gunfire. Major Jahanzeb and his team fully retaliated to the attack killing three terrorists on the spot. In the meanwhile, the terrorists targeted and killed Major Jahanzeb.

Major Jahanzeb with his kids
Major Jahanzeb with his kids

Major Jahanzeb belongs to a military family in Multan. He was son of retired Lt Col Malik Noor Muhammad. He left a widow and three kids behind while the eldest daughter is seven. Earlier, I thought the parents or wives of the martyred ones can barely control their emotions. However, it was only after meeting Major Jahanzeb’s family that I realized how martyrdom strengthens the courage of the siblings. It was jaw-dropping to see his wife proudly sharing everything about the late husband. She expressed her determination to raise the kids so as to follow the footsteps of their father. Mrs Jahanzeb is just 26.

This single story serves the purpose enough to differentiate between friends and foes. It is prime time for Pakistan and its people to fully support our brave soldiers who receive bullets on their bodies to protect our lives. A soldier, on the warfront, is not bothered by the question of negotiating with the Taliban. They sacrifice their today for our tomorrow. Indeed, we as nation are indebted to the selfless services provided to us by the soldiers. Thus, we should stand by our forces and be prepared to extend support as much as possible.

Syed Foaad Hassan, is a Lahore based Journalist, Publicist and Advertiser. He Has Done MS in Mass Communication from Beaconhouse National University.

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