Don’t worry Braadir!

by Quratul Ain Haider Zaider

I don’t care if Latif Johar is on hunger strike till death! Yeah I know he’s not eating anything from the last 35 days. It’s his choice after all. To hell with those people who are demanding their rights by indulging in novel techniques of protests in Balochistan. You know most of them are involved in anti state activities, and what is happening with them is what they deserve. Our agencies know better about the issue and we should not create any hurdle in their work due to our own naivety. Balochis are basically trying to gain the sympathy by these subterfuge acts. I laugh at the people who try to compare the situation of Balochistan with East Pakistan. They don’t know anything actually. Long Live the united Pakistan!

What? An #Ahmadi heart specialist has been killed by some unidentified people in Rabwah? Why so much fuss over it? After all, he should pay the price of not following the Islamic teachings. People deviating from the right path should immediately be killed. There is no place for such people, at least in Pakistan. They are constitutionally declared kufaars, and a true Muslim is not supposed to cry over it. But every time I come across with stupid/naïve liberals who brag about the Nobel Prize thingy. Seriously this is not something to be praised of! I am sure about the fact that Ahmadis are heavily funded by other ‘international kufaars’ and one can draw logical inferences after that noble prize incident.

LOLL @ facebook/twitter which are filled with Shia killing news and stats. Stop ranting about #ShiaGenocide on the killing of the Doctor in Quetta. There is no point of using this term. This is hyperbole basically. Everyday lots of Muslims get killed but we don’t use sect-specific hash tags. These are just Muslim killings! And yes why don’t you care about the atrocities being done on Muslims by Kufaars in other parts of the world?!

Let me pray peacefully on the holy night of Shab-e-Miraaj.

It’s the life of a common Muslim in Pakistan but luckily majority of the population has not a single clue about these happenings.

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