Cold Storage and Feudals of Sind

By Waqas Habib Rana

It is a curse to be born poor in Pakistan, but it’s a greater curse if you are born poor in Sindh. You are nugatory for your Feudal lord.

Who the Taliban couldn’t kill, might be killed by the PPP and bureacracy’s negligence.

After the attack on Jinnah International Airport Karachi, seven young men were trapped inside the cold storage of the premises. One of the boys trapped inside, Faizan, calls his father at 8:30 pm on June the 9th asking him to help him, rescuers ignore his Father’s plea to rescue his son, the Information Minister of Sindh Sharjeel Inam Memon comes on TV and pronounce them all dead, while there Is hardly any rescue operation going on. Sharjeel, not only pronounce them dead, but also refuse to take the blame, he says Civil Aviation Authority is to be blamed.

While I am writing this, the rescuers are waiting for water so that they can shower it on the wall to cool it down; the wall which they intend to take down in order to reach the trapped men.

The elected government’s rescue department is struggling to find water after a successful operation against the militants by the ASF, Army, Rangers and Police. Security Agencies did exceptionally well by protecting all the planes and the passengers, killed the 12 terrorists and saved us from a greater loss. But mine and your’s elected government can’t provide water to help rescue the trapped men.

And instead of looking over the rescue operation the information minister tells us that CAA is responsible for rescue and the airport comes under federal jurisdiction. If that is so, then why did the CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah along with Info minister visited the airport last night and valiantly talked to the media, had their photos taken and boosted their PR.

No wonder why people hate politicians and the democracy.

PPP is showing its typical bad governance, incompetence and feudal trade.

Faizan’s old father burst out on a crisis management official while the official was talking to Dunya TV reporter, his son is trapped inside, authorities have failed him and his son, but here is what a poor man had to face, a lady standing beside him who probably was his wife, kept stopping him from speaking against the government and the authorities. She placed her hand on his mouth to stop him, a grieved man must stay silent. She obviously fears the consequences, she knows that the feudal lords of Sindh will not like their outburst.

I don’t know as of yet if those trapped men will be saved or not, but I can tell you  that if ever you and I are trapped somewhere; God bless our souls. These men have been trapped inside since yesterday and just now the rescue operation is started around 12 midnight. Media reported that 7 men are missing and it took some live coverage to wake up the politicians and the authorities to take notice of the situation.

Democracy doesn’t fail us, but its these democrats who fail the democracy.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s photos are circulating on twitter about him visiting the injured men at the hospital, Sharjeel Memon also accompanies him. So if its about the photo opportunity than they take the ownership of it all, but if something goes wrong then they find refuge in shifting the blame.


I hope those men are rescued, I hope the politicians feel the pain of Faizan’s old aged father and family members of other trapped men, I hope the feudal mindset is defeated an buried by the common man, I hope democracy isn’t defeated by these feudal cum politicians. I hope!

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