Eid Mubarak

To all the readers and friends of Pak Tea House, Eid Mubarak.
May this Eid bring peace, prosperity and happiness to […]

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گوجرانوالہ سانحے کا ایک نوحہ

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آج صبح بھی کم و بیش ویسی ہی ہے […]

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Pakistan, Where Hate Crimes are a Norm

Raza Rumi tells us as why the latest Gujrawala massacre of Ahmadi homes where 4 people, including an unborn baby […]

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Taboos on the brink: What you don’t know about Balochistan

By: Farooq Abdullah

For Most of us, the group of words like violence against women, harassment at institutions or work places, […]

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Are Pakistan and Israel Similar Ideological States?

By Fazal Abbas
The Israeli onslaught on Gaza enters its third week; more and more evidence of atrocities is being made […]

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Pakistan’s youth: The ideological challenge

Pakistani Leaders have abused religion and Anti-America slogans to achieve political gains for decades. This has created a society where […]

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How Journalists have become kingmakers

پاکستان کی صحافتی دنیا میں بہت سے کالم نگاروں اور ٹی وی اینکرز نے عملی سیاست کا بیڑا اٹھا لیا […]

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Selective Protest of Pakistanis on Gaza

Raza Rumi points out the selective outrage of Pakistanis on Gaza under attack by Israel while remained silent on the […]

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Overcoming Pakistan’s Nuclear Dangers

By Ahmad Khan

‘Overcoming Pakistan’s Nuclear Dangers’ is an endeavor from one the prominent scholar from the west to undertake a study […]

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