Twitter enables free expression for Army officials

Malik Omaid

It is difficult to determine if the twitter handles operating as Army officials are real or fake but they do amuse a lot of Pakistanis especially those disillusioned with democracy and keen supporters of army rule.
Another trend which is evident is that PMLN and Mian Nawaz Shari is highly unpopular among these accounts. Is that a coincidence that protests against NS have brought the Shareef brothers close to their exit.

These are sample tweets from some of the popular “Army official” accounts from last 5 days. Some of them use highly abusive language against the civilian leadership and Media houses and are ardent supporters of recent “Inqilaab” and “Azadi” Marches.


Note: It was very difficult to choose tweets which were not abusive. This is why have to restrict myself on a very short collection of tweets from these very popular accounts associated to Army.

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