Habib Wali Muhammad Passed Away

Malik Omaid

Famous singer Habib Wali Muhammad passed away on Thursday at the age of 90, after being treated for his illness in Los Angeles for the past few days.

Habib Wali Muhammad was famous for his unique style of Ghazal singing and he rose to fame after the release of his song “Lagta nahi hai dil mera” which was a poem of Bahadur Shah Zafar.

We are sharing some of his celebrated songs for our readers as a tribute to this legendary Ghazal Singer.

“Lagta nahi hai dil mera” written with soul and heart by Bahadur Shah Zafar cannot be sung better than Habib Wali Muhammad. One imagines the last Mughal emperor is expressing his grief by the voice of Habib Wali Muhammad.

Lagta Naheen Hay Dil Mera Ujray Dayay Habib Wali by f100000713276688


Another of his gems was “Kab mera nasheman ahl-e-chaman gulshan mein ganwara karte hain”.

Habib Wali Muhammad – Kab Mera Nasheman B&W by AsifShamsTabrez

For the film Baazi he sung “Aashiyaan jal gaya gulsitaan lut gaya”.

Aashiyaan jal gaya gulsitaan luT gaya Habib Wali by f100000713276688

In the film “Badal aur Bijli” his sung the song “Aaj Jane ki zid nah karo”.

Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Habib Wali by f100000713276688

Habib Wali Muhammad also sung “Sohni Dharti“.

Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhey – Habib Wali Muhammad by f100000713276688

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