Twitter Trends: Movies in Naya Pakistan

Malik Omaid

Naya Pakistan2

Since Sunday, #NayaPakistanMovies is trending in Pakistan like a roller coaster. Lots of people mostly those against the Dharna’s of Tahir-ul-Qadri and Imran Khan are taking part in it. This trend points out the irony behind the PTI “dharna” as how can Pakistan be changed altogether by just making Imran Khan Prime Minister. Many of the twitteraties made titles relating PTI youth mindset. Some of the hilarious titles are following.


Omar R Quraishi, Editorial pages Editor The Express Tribune was pointing on Imran Khan’s self obsession which his opponents normally accuse him.

Not only the “Opponents of Dharna” participated in the trend, PTI supporters also overwhelmingly took part and made counter satires towards the Ruling elite.

A twitter handle depicting “Abdul Sattar Edhi” tweeted these titles.


Note: This account doesn’t represent Abdul Sattar Edhi and in its own words is a “tribute to Edhi”.

Shirin Gul’s addition to Farrukh Patafi’s title “Never ending story” (as many name PTI/PAT dharna’s as “Indian Soaps”) was excellent reminder of 1977 when the Umpire struck back. Many are fearful from the day first of these dharnas, what if the umpire struck back?

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OK! I dont have words for this one.


You can’t miss Anthony Permal if you are talking about twitter trends especially on movies. This one reminded me of the countless memes asking to end the “Dharna soap” so people can shut their Televisions.

Can’t stop laughing on the “Bayghairat Brigade”, hope the band “Beyghairat Brigade” don’t mind.


“Naya ho ya Purana” there is no space for Ahmadis and any other minority of Pakistan. Neither the ruling elite and nor the ambitious elite have any space for Ahamadis or Christians or Hindus and any other minority in Pakistan. If you have doubts then you have two options,

1: Search relevant stuff on Google, do some reading etc or
2: Troll me on twitter without reading anything on my twitter account given at the end of this article.


Why I tweeted this? Because I believe if there is any such outcome such as “Naya Pakistan” after this Dharna duet, it would not be in favor of Democracy in anyway.


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