Photo of the Day: Pakistan Army digging trenches at Durand Line

Malik Omaid

In an attempt to counter insurgency from Afghanistan, Pakistan Army has started to dig trenches on the Durand Line. Though these will be of little help in stopping terrorists from entering the country, it will surely affect the social circle of Pashtuns living on the both sides of border being relatives to each other.

On more details on the trenches The Express Tribune reports:

QUETTA: The Paramilitary Frontier Corps (FC) Balochistan has started digging 480-kilometre-long trenches along the border with Afghanistan in order to curb incursions across this border into Pakistan. Soldiers have completed digging roughly 235 kilometres of the trench and the remainder is expected to be completed by October 30. An estimated Rs260 million has been spent on the work on these trenches to date.



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