Social Media Campaign: Go Nawaz GO

Malik Omaid

Tahirul Qadri announced a campaign of writing Go Nawaz Go on currency notes. State bank promptly reacted by giving statement that currency notes will be deemed void if there is any slogan written on them. Though this is very amusing as I have myself seen Mobile Numbers and religious slogans like “Qadiani ***** on currency notes. But we can leave this for another time. Here are some masterpieces made by either PTI wallas or  by the opposite team to malign PTI.


These are some of the “Now useless” currency notes which PTI/PAT have written the slogan “Go Nawaz GO”. Just to remind you that there are millions who are either homeless or effected by the devastating floods in Kashmir and Punjab.



Ok now Quid-e Azam is chanting Go Nawaz Go. What next? Gandhi?


Yes Gandhi ji Joins the chorus.


The Go Go pan masala turned into Go nawaz Go Pan masala, we never knew the inscriptions were always there. Thank god PTI came and solved this acronym.




I agree with those who believe these two pictures were somewhat disturbing. So I advise them to keep calm..



With this immense campaign even Maryam Nawaz Sharif has to ask her father to Go.


Healthy food!


So with state bank coming to the rescue of Nawaz Sharif, Tahir ul Qadri came with a new Idea. Use GoNawazGo in each SMS. Afterwards a father son conversation looked like this.

For all the ideas brought up by the PTI youth this one was most hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing for a minute.


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