Photo of the Day: Another Ahmadi Killed in Sindh

Malik Omaid

One more member of the Ahmadiyya sect in Sindh has been gunned down. It is reported that in Mirpur Khas, Mubashir Ahmad Khosa, a member of the already persecuted Ahmadiyya community was shot dead in his medical practice by two gunmen on a motorbike.

Minorities in Pakistan have been facing persecution and target killing in recent years. Recently there have been incidents of target killing of Sikh Community members in Peshawar. Many in the Christian community in Peshawar also plan to flee after the church explosion last year. Forced conversions in Sindh have already “forced” Hindus in Sindh to migrate to India. Ahmadis for decades have been migrating to other countries to save their lives. Minorities in Pakistan are shrinking so fast that soon there will be no need for white color in the Pakistani flag. Pakistan will soon become “land only for pure”. Although conditions for minorities in other provinces are no different but Sindh is fast becoming home for extremism and graveyard for minorities especially for Ahmadis. There have been many incidents of target killing of Ahmadis in Sindh in recent years. In September 2008, a prominent Ahmadi doctor Abdul Manan Siddiqui Sahab was also shot in similar fashion.

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It has been 40 years since Ahmadis were declared Non-Muslims constitutionally and 30 years since the brutal persecution began after the “Zia Laws” came into being. Each year in September the Anti Ahmadiyya sentiment intensify and the leading Anti-Ahmadiyya organizations or as they say themselves “Khatam-e-Nabuvat” organizations start continuous campaign of hatred against Ahmadis with no one to stop them. This hate mongering always results in more blood shed of Ahmadis. What can stop this? How can minorities be saved from this brutal persecution and target killing? Will Pakistan ever take a U-turn from state discrimination of minorities? The answer is No. Not in the near future. The state has given such immense power to the non-state actors that no decision maker is even willing to accept that there is any such problem, let alone to solve it.

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Minorities in Pakistan are a lost case. Asking for prosecution of culprits is itself a joke to minorities. Where are the law and order institutions when open incitement of violence happens? Go to any market in Lahore, you can see Anti-Ahmadiyya stickers and posters everywhere asking for social boycott of Ahmadis, describing them as blasphemers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Do we not know how grave are the effects of declaring someone blasphemer? Where are the “law enforcing authorities”?

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I only demand one thing and that is for the state to open its eyes. This cancer of extremism will not only harm Pakistani Minorities but as this is fast becoming norm of the society, it will put a question mark on the very existence on the Pakistani society itself. Qadiani2 Following are the two tweets by the official representative of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan.


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