Photo of the Day: Imran Khan’s Jalsa in Lahore and its Political Implications

Malik Omaid

PTI Jalsa 3

Though by all standards yesterday’s “Jalsa” was of no match to Imran Khan’s first one in Lahore in 2011; still yesterday’s Jalsa was a huge “hit“. This has been said that flop show of PTI in Islamabad may not harm Nawaz Sharif and it can also not be a rehearsal of PNA movement against Z.A. Bhutto as PNA movement was widespread all over the country and continued to be for more than six months. Many analysts were suggesting that Imran Khan has to show Power all over the country to back his “Resignation Demands”. I personally feel being politically alone and with no response from the “Umpire”, this will not have any effect. But let us check out what the “Twitter Pandits” say about this “Lahore Jalsa”.



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Though many analysts declared this “Jalsa” a step forward for Imran Khan as in case of above tweets, some also pointed out that this movement is ten steps backward for the future itself. Imran Khan not making good precedent for himself, if he comes to power.

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