Photo of the Day: Quetta Bombings, Hazara Comunity again Under Attack

Malik Omaid

Quetta’s Hazara Shia community was again under attack yesterday when a suicide attacker blew himself inside Hazara town, the self maintained Ghetto by the Hazara community. Five people have died and 25 have been injured in the attack (Source)  No one has yet claimed responsibility but in the past Hazara Community has been under attack due to their Shia Identity and this is a fourth attack in the Hazara Town in past two years. (Source Dawn)

People busy in Eid shopping will now be mourning on the dead bodies of loved ones. In the past dead bodies of Hazara community have protested twice to demand protection for their loved ones “Still Alive”. It seems that their demands are not yet fulfilled and state institutions have more important “Political” issues to deal and preserve their proxies in Balochistan rather than maintaining Law and order.



Quetta4 Quetta5

Image via Dawn

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