Malala Yousufzai Winning Nobel Peace Prize: Divided Reactions from Pakistanis on Social Media

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Malala Yousufzai the Swat girl who wrote diaries as “Gul Makai” for the BBC Urdu service and was shot by Taliban on speaking for Girls right of education won this years Nobel Peace Prize. While the whole world was praising this young girl, 17 years of age and the youngest of all Nobel Laureates, for her courageous promotion of Girls education not only in Taliban effected Pakistan but also worldwide, she was target of the same mindset who shot her on social media sites especially on twitter. This self righteous lot which has made the whole nation hostage believes to control the lives of others to the path of their self proclaimed enlightenment. Unfortunately this mindset has spread all over the society to the extent that event the leaders fail to muster courage to change this situation. Pakistanis are a funny nation. They worship heroes, wait for them while doing nothing to solve their problems but want them to have those traits which are in fact the reason of these problems. If someone tries to correct them, they deny them as a hero. Malala Yousufzai is a fresh example. She raised her voice against the oppression on girls by denying them for basic right of education. Her cause was against the chronic problem of the society, extremism. But here we are with a nation who wants her to accept this extremism, to not to raise her voice against denying girls from education. So if someone doesn’t walk our way, he/she is not a hero for us. Someone tries to correct us then he/she is an international conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan.
Yesterday the Nobel Peace Prize committee announced the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala Yousufzai and Kailash Satyarthi an Indian child rights activist were jointly announced to be the winners.

The Nobel Prize





          This decision was hailed the world over. International organizations including UN released statements praising both Malala Yousufzai and Kailash Sathyarti about their work and activism for child’s rights. 

 Many leaders of Pakistani Political parties also released statements hailing the decision and being proud of Malala (though still playing politics on Malala). 

It was interesting that Imran Khan praised Malala on twitter and chose to forget her in his address to a massive crowd at a rally of PTI in Multan. The answer to this mystery could easily be solved if you go check time lines of PTI supporters on twitter. 

Of course the Army congratulated Malala Yousufzai. Taliban are no more assets in Pakistan and North Waziristan was recently cleared from Taliban. Ironically the incident of firing on Malala was declared by the right wing political and religious sections a drama by CIA to pressurize Army to start operation in North Waziristan against Taliban. Today the operation is near to be successfully completed and PTI not only owns this operation but acts like they were never against it.

“بدلتا ہے رنگ آسماں کیسےکیسے”  

 As much as I like the idea of Malala coming back, for her life’s sake, she should stay away from Pakistan for some time (long time maybe) and work for betterment of children all over the world.


Unfortunately she is being painted as a blasphemer and traitor to the country by the followers of Jamat-e-Islami cheif. In these conditions my advice to Siraj Ul Haq is to focus on his own party rather than advising Malala on “How to avert being called as traitor from self righteous lot”.

       Civil Society, Media personalities, Analysts, bloggers and twitter activists praised Malala, gave new angles to the Pakistani tragedy to deny their heroes. 

       Remembering Dr. Abdus Salam, the first Nobel Laureate of Pakistan, unfortunately for the “self righteous lot”, an Ahmadi Muslim, was not a surprise. The distasteful way Pakistan denied Dr Salam is the worst form of ignorance. We shut our doors for scientific knowledge that day we shut our hearts for Dr. Salam.



Still so psyched that Malala won! Imagine a teacher interrupts your high school chemistry class to say you’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize! — Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) October 10, 2014



Indeed these two tweets sums up the entire case for Malala. Who could disagree with the simple fact that we all want our basic rights. The right to get education, the surety to return home safely. Not all of us want to become suicide bombers in fact we know they are wrong and need to be corrected.


Not only the world watched us but they also wrote dozens of articles on us as how we disregard our heroes. If you still disagree you need to Google Malala… Oh! in that case you would already be believing in international conspiracy stuff to malign Pakistan.  



MalalaNobel9   Sub-Continent is full of ironies. The time when the whole world was watching us, when the two of our icons were given Nobel Peace Prize, our armies were busy fighting silly battles on LoC. World will remember us countries who wanted territories not humans.  


This was a very fascinating fact that Ismat Sarah pointed out. Malala is the strongest advocate of Islam and Pashtun civilization in the west as she had been strongly unapologetic about her Muslim and Pashtun identities and that she again and again mentions and reminds the western media that she is a Muslim and Pashtun and still she is MALALA! Following tweets adds to this point,

If you have missed as to why her being a Muslim has to be mentioned here then you have to watch these two videos on this link.




This was a very wise and mature move by Malala and tells her political wisdom. She invited Prime Ministers of both countries at a time of tensions on borders in such a way that the whole world was listening to her. She did not lost the golden chance to bring peace at this needful time. We hope that she will be successful in her endeavor to bring peace in these two nations.


While the whole world praised Malala, back at home there were people who were not happy on Malala’s achievements. Lets see what were their reasons.


This tweet was interestingly from a Google consultant (according to his bio) and was mentioned by many pro Malala activists on twitter. The problem is when you start comparing tragedies, you enter into a never ending situation. Malala was not regarded for her being shot by Taliban. She is praised for her promoting girls right for education when she knew she could be killed by Taliban for this. Even after being nearly killed by Taliban she never ended her campaign but expanded it to whole world.




These tweets were from a Global Youth Ambassador for UN Education Program (according to his bio). If you were confused or uninformed about the “Holier than thou” or “Self-Righteous lot” I was referring above which targets Malala, then this is it. Every one has the right to disagree but the tactics used to malign Malala, the use of religion and false patriotism is what makes the difference. Malala unfortunately cannot and should not come back until such mindset persists.



For a renowned “Merchant of Menace” everyone’s patriotism is questionable except his. Of course what can he sell other than menace? Another interesting thing from the Malala Haters was to trend #NobelPrizeForEdhi as if there was a competition for peace. Peaceful people don’t compete each other, they compete on spreading peace. They are happy on others achievements. Do Edhi asked for Nobel? Ask him and he will tell you he serves for humanity, not your twisted ideologies. But for such mindset I would like to tell that there is indeed an International Peace Prize that Edhi has already won. The Ahmadiyya Peace Prize. Not only he won, he also received and was grateful of it.


Edhi Recieved Ahmadiyya peace Prize by Omaidus

Despite all this hate and attempts to Malign Malala, MalalaYousufzai was trending the world over.

I don’t thing anything other than this last tweet sums up the whole issue.

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