Photo of the Day: Bilawal Starts Politics with a Massive Rally

Malik Omaid


Pakistan Peoples Party launches its chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari with a massive rally at Mazar-e-Qaid, Karachi. Although the rally was in Karachi but it was not a rally of Karachi as people from all over Sindh participated in it. On one hand it shows the ‘Rally power’ of PPP in Sindh but uncovers the aready known fact of weak political power in Karachi. This PPP has to take a good care of if they want National Leadership in the upcoming elections.

Post 2013 elections, Units of Pakistan were evenly divided among the political players, instead of ‘Jalsa’ politics the simple formula to gain National Leadership in future elections was to serve the people of province they were governing. We instead of watching a national competition of serving the people of Pakistan now witness a total political chaos just after a year and some months of power transition.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, instead of putting his agenda focused on Politics of criticism and praise for the late Bhutto’s. I disagree to such Politics. We don’t need a change of mere leader or a governing team, we need change of governing style. Leaders, instead of selling themselves should focus on why we should vote for them. What economic, social, constitutional and foreign policy changes will they bring if they are in power. How are they going to create jobs? What magic do they have to reduce poverty instead of Benazir Income Support? How are they going to make investors more confident to invest in Pakistan. How are you going to deal with ‘Modi India’, a changing Afghanistan without US in the future, a to-be-becoming hostile Iran? How on earth are we going to deal with growing sectarianism and as a result terrorism? There is an insurgency in Balochistan and yes many Baloch do support it, is there any will to understand their concerns? Minorities remain voiceless and defenseless in Pakistan, how are you going to change that Mr. Bhutto?

The more we ponder more questions come to mind. Is ‘Bhutto day Naaray wajjan gay’, ‘Ai Ai PTI’, ‘Aik wari fair-Shair’ going to answer any of these questions? I think not. Please do think before you give unconditional support to any Political Party.

Photo via Daily Dunya website.

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