We shall see – Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Following is a translation of Faiz’s remarkable poem ‘Hum Dekhen Gay’. Though the season of Inqilab in Pakistan has passed away without any revolution, it was not for any real one in the first place. This poem will remain eternal to find real and everlasting revolution.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz1We will see
It is true, we too shall see
That day which has been promised
Which is written with God’s ink
We shall see
When the mountains of oppression and cruelty
Will float like carded cotton
Under the feet of us, the oppressed
This earth will quake
And over the head of the ruler
Lightening will thunder
We shall see
When from the K’aba on God’s Earth
All the idols will be removed
We the truthful ones but out of favour
Will be raised to the stage
All the crowns will be thrown away
All the thrones will be turned over
Then only God’s name will remain
Who is Unseen but present
We shall see
It is true we too shall see
We shall see

Translated by Syed Mohsin Akhtar Naquvi

This translation was originally posted here.