Nevada Multi-Ethnic Coalition Candidates’ Forum

October 18, 2014, a candidates’ forum was arranged, at Origin India, by Nevada Multi-ethnic Coalition. More than 250 community members attended to engage with progressive prospective leaders of Nevada. Coalition had members of different Naveda1 ethnic communities living in Las Vegas. Enthusiasm shown by different communities for engaging with these leaders was really heartening.

Forum was organized under the leadership of Mr. Akbar Moten and Dr. Zaffar Iqbal. Mr. Moten worked tirelessly to engage different ethnic communities from India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Palestine, Syria, Morocco, Philippines, Bhutan and many other countries.

Program started with Mr Akbar Moten welcoming the guests. Ram Subramanian and Marje Gonzales then presented the “Memorandum of Friendship” signed by community members committing to mobilize and engage our communities.Naveda2

Dr. Syed Rahman introduced a new political action committee put together to organize the finances of the community called “Progressive Americans for Change.”

Parwaiz Shaukat and Qamar Afridi then announced the plan for phone banking for Ross Miller (for Attorney General), Joe Lombardo (for Sheriff) and Kate Marshall (for secretary) and encouraged community members to help “get out to vote campaign” by the coalition.

Naveda3Aliyah Suba then introduced Gail Tuzzolo (Political Director AFL-CIO) and Karen Griffin (Spokesperson for coalition against Q3) who explained the “NO to marginal tax initiative (Q3).

It was then the time for the candidates. Dr. Sabir Saeed introduced Kate Marshall for secretary. Ms Marshall informed the members of the community about her achievements as treasurer and promised to continue Ross Miller’s work of making it easier for people to vote. Naveda4

Dr. Nafees Nagy then introduced Ross Miller who captivated the audience with his enthusiastic speech. Ross Miller then introduced Joe Lombardo for Sheriff. Mr. Lombardo was spirited and gave an engaging speech.

Naveda5The program concluded with Mr. Akbar Moten thanking the community. It was a huge success and the coalition is encouraged to do similar events to engage and inform our community. The coalition will be arranging voter registration initiative by hiring community members, arranging other candidate forums to mobilize our community. You can join the coalition by calling Mr. Akbar Moten : 702-336-5551.