The Father of Democracy

By Waqas habib Rana

Javed Hashmi

Javed Hashmi is the man who single handedly brought down the egoistic Imran khan and dented his plans to roll over an elected Government through unconstitutional means; as Khan himself pointed towards the “third umpire”.Hashmi’s exposure of London plan dented the whole script that was to be completed with the blood of innocent supporters of Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri. Javed Hashmi took away a piece of the moral high ground that Khan enjoys till day, which was enough to save the democracy.

Javed Hashmi pointed towards a script orchestrated by the establishment and also hinted that Khan informed the PTI leaders that the judiciary will also help them, these revelations pushed back the conspirators who were working behind the scene to bring down the Government and have a technocrat setup as a replacement. Javed Hashmi was seen vigorously trying to convince Khan to abandon his idea of marching towards the Prime Minister House, but as events unfolded, Hashmi was forced down the container while Khan emitted a very proud smile, a derogatory smile on Hashmi’s views. Later, addressing the Dharna in Islamabad, Khan announced cancellation of Hashmi’s party membership.

Javed Hashmi has been beaten by the PTI supported candidate in NA-149 by some fourteen thousand vote difference. Political analysts looked at it as a revenge effort by the Vice Chairman of PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the question arises, whose revenge was better, Qureshi’s against Hashmi or Hashmi’s against Khan, I’ll let your political know how to answer the question for yourself.

Javed Hashmi accepted his defeat and reminded Khan and Qadri to use the electoral process to oust any opponent.

The most heartening development of all is the sheer participation of the people in the political activity, although they are used for the wrong purposes but still it’s great for the democracy. You can’t blame people who support Imran Khan for a change because it’s all good as long as it’s done within the constitutional parameters. Also, some pressure on the government is good to get the better and faster results for the well-being of the people.

The economic situation is not good in the country and why PTI didn’t bring a shadow budget or why the likes of Asad Umar and Jahangir Tareen didn’t take the Government to the task on not helping the poor and needy through the budget? Why didn’t the PTI protest against the Government when they paid off the circular debt by borrowing money from the State bank which eventually resulted in price hike of Electricity? Why haven’t the revolutionary and brilliant minds of PTI exposed the Government on their accepted conditions of loans taken from the IMF? Isn’t that what the opposition should really be doing, protecting the interests of the people of Pakistan? Or it’s all about the Prime Minister ship?

The biggest possible sin for a politician who is supported by the people is to seek help from the establishment or anyone else other than the people themselves. As per Hashmi, Khan committed that sin. Right now, Khan has a following that is oblivious to this sin for different reasons, but history will have a different story to tell. Hashmi will never be forgotten by the democrats, history will remember him as the savior of democracy at a very sensitive time.

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