Photo of the Day: International Terrorism Report 2013-14, Pakistan Termed as third Most affected Country

Malik Omaid


According to News Tribe

NEW YORK: International Terrorism report 2013-14 issued, Pakistan stands third in the list of most affected countries by terrorism.

According to a International Terrorism report, Pakistan stands third in the list of most affected counties by terrorism with 1933 violence case, in which 2345 peoples were killed while 5035 wounded.

Iraq is the most affected by terrorism, further in report.

Almost 80 percent of death toll belonged to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. At least 61 percent violence attacks increased as compared to last year.

Indi stands sixth the list of affected countries by terrorism.


Photo via BBC

While Pakistan still suffers from the perils of terrorism, there has been a sharp decline in the terrorist activities after the Zarb-e-Azb military operation. Only one major incident has happened in mainstream cities which has been termed as a blow back of the military operation. But this is not the complete story… Pakistan’s terrorism problem is not any political rebellion or entirely based on sentiments of revenge but it is an ideological phenomenon. Until and unless its ideological base is not taken care of, more and more groups with new and unique names will emerge. The state has to understand that it is the Madrassas and Mosques who are the safeguards of “ideological borders” of the terrorists. Terrorists are being glorified both openly in religious sermons and within the corridors of these Madrassas. Pakistani armed forces are labelled as the helpers of “Kuffar” (Infidels), Army of “Murtadeen” (Apostates). This ideology can easily be found in numerous Pakistani Facebook groups and pages where Pakistani forces are termed as oppressors on the “Islamic Mujahadeen” and there are less to oppose these claims and more to hail the Mujahadeen and Taliban. In fact there is a growing phenomenon in social media of supporting the “Iraqi Khilafat“. I term these people as “Khilaftis”. These Khilaftis are openly preaching their barbaric ideology and condemning any action of armed forces even against Taliban in Pakistan. This facebook Jihad is a major game changer as more and more Pakistani youth is using social media and is easily influenced to the Jihadi glorification depicted in these pages. In fact, these pages and groups act as a trigger to the already affected minds from “Mohallah” (neighbourhood) mosques and Madrassas.

Thus Pakistani policy makers have to look forward for a bold policy which stops religious zealots to capture young minds. Mosque and Madrassa culture has to be changed and reformed. Leaders have to stop being apologetic towards religious extremist views. We have to understand that this is not merely a war to end any minor insurgency, this is a war for our survival.

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