Peace, Volunteerism ,and Youth: Perspectives Pakistan

By Muqeet Tahir Malik

Have you ever thought of youth as the building blocks of peace? Why are there plethora of aspirations attached to youth? How does the psychology of youth affect the society? Do you know the significance of volunteering? How to assess productivity of Youth in relation to volunteerism? Do you know the pivotal consanguinity that exists between Peace, and Volunteerism? How can we eradicate terrorism from Pakistan through productive generation? These are imperative pertinent questions that will be covered upon in my essay.

Firstly, the idea of social cohesion through volunteering is evident as people always volunteer in groups which means that they are selfless and work together for a common concern.
For instance, the program Dream Education for All, headed by Jasir Shahbaz of Lahore university of management sciences was initiated by handful of students; but today youth is mustering up support for his organization. The project is aimed for provision of quality education in suburbs of Lahore where government schools have failed to impart education. The motive behind this is the realization that it is not the fault of the poor hat they are born with meager resources. Every one has the right to education which has been promoted by various youth communities in Pakistan ranging from AlifAlan to education for all. They have even developed a mechanism through which one can volunteer to teach as well as work as a observer monitoring particularly, over government schools It is evident from these projects that the youth of Pakistan is aware of the major dilemma of Pakistan;Illiteracy upto 49 percent less than many third world counties which tumble skilled professionals. This lack of diverse knowledge becomes a reason for the intolerance that prevails in some areas of Pakistan ,but through such volunteering schemes, this can be rooted out. These groups are trying to provide foreign education here to the unprivileged but the government does not assist them. Now, in all of these bodies, there are no complications regarding the structure, or governance rather everyone has to contribute in something ranging from teaching to raising funds to working for social media campaign. Above all, people in these bodies do not have financial demands rather they teach children with love,and with hope to make them contemplate over Pakistan.

Secondly, there are precedents in history that reveal to us that volunteerism is a boon in mitigating crime rate in cities. . These are volunteering people who safeguard their community or area from any terrorist by cooperating with intelligence in sharing details. Some people fight along with a Pakistan Army against extremist. For instance, in NorthWaziristan ,there are committees known as “Aman Razakars” (Peace Volunteers) who have been successful in rehabilitation, and protection of their areas in swat.Support network of peace volunteers has enhanced because this organization is an epitome of all elder tribals in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as federally administered tribal region. A shocking decline of 60 percent has been seen in terrorism in KPK after this volunteer group according to local sources . People are setting up their own security zones in their respective communities in places like Florida, United States to organise a force, incontrivance to all sorts of criminals. We have witnessed a depreciation of 70 percent in all crime related activities in Florida.. It has also helped confidence building measures of people on government as they develop a sense of something more than mere contractual relationship with government.

Thirdly, in my perspective a general template can be extracted that includes a nexus of peace, and education. This framework involves employment, peace, security, economic sustainability through education aided by volunteerism. In third world countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe,Nigeria implemented volunteerism programs in collaboration with the youth. For instance, they fostered culture of education by highlighting the importance of vocational training. They raised skilled labour which in essence is the brick of industrial production as more skilled labour means more productivity. Therefore,greater outputs by industry in areas like tea production has appreciated exports, and employment opportunities for people. Ghana was once in a vicious circle of instability is now a growing democratic state in Africa as ,through education, people are now more politically aware of their rights. In Pakistan, we have seen how Pakistani youth has also refused to accept perennialfeudal politics; are successful in bringing up a third force to confront imperialistic parties who have always dominated. The class of young minds who have stood in opposition to government are living an ideal life but have volunteered themselves to serve for their poor fellows. The chain that unfolds is volunteering people setup internship programs which lead to people getting aware about importance of education. Then people pursue their fields of interest whether it is technical so, they add to state machinery which in turn will generate employment as more diverse entrepreneurship ideas. It will give rise to better living quality environment reducing health related diseases. This all will help achieve ademocratic state with less or no disparaging values.

In my viewpoint, by incorporating more people into the system by promoting volunteering spirit in particularly education, we can carve the dimensions of internal, andexternal peace.. External peace which includes relations with India have also boosted. Volunteering groups like Aman kiAsha , a joint effort of Jang, and NDTV India has been successful to some extent in bridging the entirely opposite people under one umbrella: The commerce sectors have developed cordial relations which is evident from the rise of exports, and imports in Pakistan. If media sectors cooperate to volunteer to spread arms of friendship towards our neighbouring countries, people will begin to understand other nations, and vice versa. Moreover, at the western border with Afghanistan, there can be volunteers for cultural festivals which will integrate the communities, and reduce fanatic ideas. If we engage people in a constructive project or sector ,we would be able to decrease time wasted by people in criminal, and unworthy activities.

Lastly, if we observe all the aforementioned advantages of volunteering on the peace index which includes, ratio of volunteering to rate of crime; We come to know that United Sates has the highest number of volunteers. In Fairfield, IOWA volunteerism ‘’Invincible America Assembly’’ has decreased violent crime rate from 200 to 120 persons a year as in times of unified awareness, hostile tendencies disappear.

In a nutshell, volunteerism can be a source of relief in many aspects but perspectives of youth of Pakistan are shaped according to their state of living, and resources. If provided with guidance, no one can underestimate the power of Pakistani youth and if someone will, it will be on his or her own peril. Haroon Tariq, has scored 87 A’s thrashing all previous six world records in Cambridge examinations. All global resolutions bodies including United Nations should focus on creating more volunteering choices for Pakistani youth as future tranquillity of South Asia is based on them. I end on the note:
” Effective volunteer leadership ideas are the “keys” by which we unlock volunteer hands and minds. ’’

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