By Saira A. Nizami

In the wake of the gruesome attack in Peshawar school killing 132 children, Pakistan’s interior minister Chaudhry Nisar gave a press conference on December 21, 2014.

He began by announcing of providing an alert system, which is a helpline to alert of anything that seems suspicious and for all to be alert for security. In an example of what could be “suspicious,” he suggested that madrassahs are not to be blamed for terrorism, rather to keep an eye on Tandoor walas, that if someone buys 50 naan it means they are harboring terrorists.

Looks like any restaurants with the name of “Tandoor” will be done for; even worse will be a full house. Customers cannot enjoy family time anymore. Anyone having guests over can forget about serving anything with which they will need naan. If the regular Tandoor walas have a good day of hard-earned money, they can bid it goodbye. In return there has been a Hilarious twitter comeback with the “Naan” and Tandoor trend, here a few selected for your reading:

…And last but not the least:

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