Are they Serious this time?

By Syed Foaad Hassan

Terrorists have targeted our future by attacking Army Public School in Peshawar and killing over 130 children, Sacrifices of our children will not go in vain. Terrorists will have to pay the price for their heinous act, and they will pay soon

·         There will be a crackdown on hate-speech, and action will be taken against newspapers, magazines contributing to the spread of such speech

·         Measures will be taken to stop religious extremism and to protect minorities

said Nawaz Sharif during his speech today. So have a look at this pamphlet

call to Rabwah-

It’s not more than a miracle for any Pakistani to hear such kind of hard hitting on banned outfits, Madrassahs, speaking against sectarianism by a right wing Government. It clearly demonstrates that those 143 angels shook our hearts, I don’t think any Pakistani had a sound sleep that night and this incident was one of the worst terrorist attacks in my life, I haven’t felt like this before, I was not so curious and confused before but irony is just after couple of days we hear about release of Malik Ishaq, Campaign against Ahmadi community in Rabwah and pamphlets are revolving all over but there is no control. Earlier this year Eight Months old along with an eight year old girl and 55 years old women laid to rest just a day before Eid in Rabwah. A  mob attacked Ahmadi houses in Gujranwala, Four people were burnt, there was an unborn child also who died in womb due to suffocation. On media people in mob were seen dancing and enchanting slogans against community after burning down their homes. Series of attack on Ahmadis is not new, Few months back police arrested five men from Badin on blasphemy charges as well and who has forgotten about Dr Mehdi Ali who was shot at same place where they have buried the girls and woman who died in Gujranwala.

Every second day there is some mob and they misuse blasphemy law like it’s their moral duty to kill and arrest Ahmadis, Police seems to be useless. Today Prime Minsiter’s speech was a ray of hope.

But when Government talks about controlling banned outfits, hate speech I fail to believe even if they are sincere. Falah e Insaniat foundation (Jammat u Dawwa), Ahl e Sunnat wal Jamaat (Sipah e Sahaba) and outfits like Lashkar e Jhangvi are roaming and operating freely, most recent example is Abdul Aziz and Jamia Hafsa how they are threatening civil society so if we know all of this why don’t they know? Or if they know why don’t they take action? If students of Adbul Aziz at Jamia Hafsa have announced support for ISIS then why Government and security agencies seem powerless? Why can’t they question him? Who is stopping them? But civil society is trying its level best to confront Mullahism now and Muhammad Jibran Nasir’s efforts are commendable.

In Lahore all you can find is posters of JuD and SSP even in posh areas, stickers to boycott people belonging to specific sect in markets but no one cares. In all this scenario how can I trust Nawaz Sharif and all parties including Pakistan Army and ISI? I have no doubt about their will; they must be certainly sincere this time because this incident has changed our lives and whole dynamics but some questions should be answered and at-least they can take action about above mentioned pamphlet.

By Syed Foaad Hassan, Lahore based Journalist, Consultant Publicist and Advertiser

Can be reached at twitter @foaadhassan

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