GEO TV and Aamir Liaquat Spreading Hatred

by Saira A. Nizami

Many would be aware of the hate incitement by Aamir Liaquat in his program Subah Pakistan, on December 22, 2014. One would think that a morning show would have some kind of soothing content to get one ready for the day ahead rather it was a session of spewing vile.

GeoTV- Subh e Pakistan program incites hatred… by rabwahtv

In the past, in 2008 on his show Aalim Online, there was a same kind of program held due to which 2 known Ahmadi leaders were brutally murdered in next two days. After that, as a result there was no prosecution and Aamir Liaquat, neither those clerics were questioned nor held accountable.

After the recent program where the cleric bashed Ahmadis as being “the biggest enemies of Pakistan” also there has been a similar reaction where yesterday an Ahmadi was killed in Gujranwala. 27-year-old Luqman Shehzad was fatally shot in the head becoming the 11th person killed this year solely for the reason being Ahmadi. He had no ties of enmity with anyone but there was a Khatme-Nabuwat conference held last week in Gujranwala.

In this type of incitement PEMRA should take strict action against it and stop the show ASAP. According to precedent PEMRA doesn’t stop such telecasts. The naïve society is being pulled into talibanization due to such hate preaching and incitement of violence as they put blind faith in these clerics.

The irony is that Geo Television was targeted abusing the religion in the recent past. Their anchor morning show host Shaista Lodhi and guest Veena Malik and her husband were accused of committing blasphemy during the show on GEO tv. As a result GEO had to face one month’s suspension and as a result all three Shaista Lodhi, Veena Malik, and her husband had to flee the country. The irony is that still Geo learnt nothing from this example and has given space to such religious hate speech in its telecast.

For past two days there had been a Twitter trend #AmirLiaqatSpreadingViolence where people strongly protested against such hate speech on national TV which was also broadcasted in outside countries. Instead of having an educated discussion, Aamir Liaquat and these panel of clerics are spreading talibanization with their opinions even after Peshawar attacks and blaming it upon the already persecuted Ahmadi Community. It is questionable on what kind of “new code of ethics” was Aamir Liaquat rehired at Geo Tv when he has to carry out such a program again.
Here are a few of the tweets out of the many:



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