A clarion call

By Shanzeh Iqbal

How far lifting the moratorium on death penalty would be effective in curtailing terrorism is a matter of […]

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Is DHA promoting sectarianism?

By Naeem Sadiq

Mr. Justice Maqbool Baqar
Chief Justice,
Sindh High Court
​DHA promoting sectarianism
In September 2009, two Karachi citizens filed an appeal in […]

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Peshawar Army Public School Attack – Time to prepare

Dr. Jahanzeb Effendi

The anger, frustration, disappointment, and rage cannot be expressed in words. The dastardly terrorist attack on 16th Dec, […]

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مذہبی رواداری

تحریر: محمد شعیب عادل

پیرس میں چارلی ایبڈو( ایک طنزیہ میگزین) کے دفتر میں دہشت گردی اور بارہ افراد کے بہیمانہ […]

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Drifting to a Martial Abyss?

Misbah U. Azam, Ph.D.

Award-winning journalist and author of two famous books, Zahid Hussain, recently wrote in his column in Daily […]

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Combating crisis

Letter to Editor

Today we are living in a time of immense crisis. Militancy and extremism have affected us all profoundly. […]

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