Combating crisis

Letter to Editor


Today we are living in a time of immense crisis. Militancy and extremism have affected us all profoundly. In this situation, we feel it is vital that the media play a role in reshaping opinion and determining peoples’ behavior towards each other.
The owners, operators and publishers of all TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and other media outlets need to run a campaign for one year to combat extremism. To achieve this, all TV channels must assign at least one hour of daily programming time to material intended to combat extremist thoughts. Similarly, radio channels must assign 30 minutes to this cause, newspapers should devote a quarter page of ad space daily to anti extremist thought and the print and online media must also give editorial space to articles for this purpose.
We believe these actions could play a crucial role in helping to rebuild a nation that has been ravaged by bombs, bigotry and intolerance. A responsible media that unequivocally acts in the interest of people is our greatest need. Media outlets who engage in this will gain much needed trust and goodwill. We need the media to act today.
Pakistanis for Change.

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