Citizens Criminals Police Liaison Cars (CCPLC)

Naeem Sadiq


Sindh can add one more feather to its unenviable inventory of achievements. The Sindh police, based on the notion of “equal opportunity for all classes” has come out with a car numbering scheme that enables the same car to be used by any citizen, criminal or policeman. In simple words, the car is painted, numbered and suitably monogrammed in a manner that it meets all three requirements simultaneously.

The manufacturing process of this unique product is as follows:

a. Beg, buy, borrow or steal a car.

b. Remove its number plates and put on new plates painted in red and blue colours of Sindh Police. For better effects, also write “Sindh Police” in bold letters.

c. Install a blue light on the car roof, to further confirm its status as a police vehicle.

d. Place a large size Sindh Police monogram on the front windshield.

e. Write “Mashallah” in extra large font to emphasise the Lord’s help in creating the product.

Scores of such cars were seen in action in various districts of Sindh. (two pictures attached). One car with family members on board was seen enjoying “doodh jalebi’ in Khairpur, another standing in the car park of Mohinjodaro and the third actually stopping vehicles in Sanghar. The beauty of this scheme is that in no case could one decipher if they were being used by a citizen, criminal or policeman. These brilliant inventions could meet the requirements of all three categories concurrently.

It must be mentioned that the patent of this ‘three in one’ product has not yet been registered with the Excise and Taxation or any other department of this province. It is therefore impossible for anyone to say how many of these new multitasking vehicles exist in this country. Perhaps the Sindh Police may wish to investigate and determine as to who is behind this latest version of criminality – mafia, ‘wadera’ or the police itself .
A government can be supporting terrorism when it refuses to:

A. Arrest terrorist Abdul Aziz operating from a government supported mosque,

B. Disband Jamia-e-Hafsa, that doubles as the ISIS office in Pakistan,

C. Arrest the killers of minority communities,

D. Control the spread of weapons amongst its population,

E. Eliminate 103 million unverified SIMs,

F. Prevent the use of millions of illegal vehicles,

G. Put an end to foreign funding in support of domestic mosques, mullas and militancy,

H. Release the police from the clutches of the self-serving politicians.

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