No More….

Uzair Khan

No more will we allow what has happened to 132 children in Peshawar. Let the date, 16th of December 2014 be seared in our collective memory. There is a limit to what we as a society can bear and choose to ignore. Those limits have been crossed for too long and far too many times. There should be no question in our minds that those who kill and those who misuse their power to misdirect people,  can no longer have the sympathies of the people of Pakistan.

No more intolerance. We can no longer afford to allow intolerance to further take roots in our society. No longer can we delay a decision on fighting intolerance in all its forms. Even a day is too late. It has to be now. Intolerance in any form, whether it be hate speech or flagrant violation of the law of the land, has to end now.  We have allowed a small group to control the narrative on faith and what it means to be Muslim. Through confusion, propaganda,  frustration and ignorance, they have convinced us that we are the ones who are wrong. It has to end here. It has to end now.

No more sacrificing our people. Images of blood stained green uniforms and bullet riddled bodies of minors should be etched in our conscience. The horror should remain with us for as long as we live.  No mother should go through so much pain and no person should be this helpless.  It is a sacrifice that we have asked too many times from our children. Aitzaz Hasan’s sacrifice is a heavy burden on our shoulders. For his death and the death of every individual who has been killed because of our silence, we should all be held responsible. Our humanity is at trial here, and our future generations at stake.

No more indecisiveness on what needs to be done. Politicians, Judiciary, Army, Bureaucracy, Media and Society need to be on the same page. They have to choose the only side that they can choose. The side that stands for the vision of Jinnah and dreams of a progressive state.  The mission is to save Pakistan from the worst form of corruption imaginable- pollution of the mind. Clarity is needed in revamping the school curriculum, for both private and public schools. Firm decision is needed on what we want to sow in the minds of our future generations.

No more fear. It is fear that has paralyzed our nation. Brazen attacks by the militants and justifications from the pulpit have sown fear in minds. People do not speak up against the hate, lest they be shot in their homes. Fear has completely incapacitated our nations resolve to stand up for what is right. The air is heavy with silence and the ground angry red.

They might have won the battle of fear, but they do not know the power of hope. For hope is on the other side. It shines brightly and constantly. They are blind to its brilliance, yet they can still feel its intensity. There is hope even if a single man stands. Let tears come forth and blood wash away. United we stand, divided we fall.  For this is nobody else’s war, but a war for our own survival.  No more. Let this be the last time we bury bullet ridden bodies of our children. No more bloodshed, no more violence, no more bigotry, and no more fear. But most importantly. No more silence.

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