Top tweets Feb 10: Chaudhry Sarwar Joining PTI, Altaf Hussain’s Sorry and Kijriwal’s Victory

Malik Omaid

On Pak Tea House we are starting a new daily series of top tweets from Pakistani and non-Pakistani twitterati. The idea is to bring the discussions on microblogs here on the old school blog. Your feedback and comments are welcome.

Top trend for today was former Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar joining PTI. Many lauded the decision but many also criticized it and reminded PTI supporters of their past statements about Ch. Sarwar.


This tweet by Murtaza Solangi questioned the excess of Punjabi office holders in PTI but eventually it was announced that Ch. Sarwar declined the offer of being made party president.


Altaf Bhai finally asked for sorry on his statement about Shireen Mazari but MQM Rabta committee had very tough last two days defending the indefensible. But it seems this is a norm for Rabta Committee.


Let the courts decide as we haven’t forgotten the Jinnahpur maps controversy and the killing afterwards.

AAP victory in Pakistan was taken as a surprise given the Media hype and the mockery campaign against Arvind Kejrival but in the end it is the “Aam aadmi” who gave the verdict.


Many in Pakistan thought it as a turning point in South Asian politics and a sign for PTI becoming Pakistan’s AAP. The reality is its the AAP which has become the PTI of Delhi if one keeps in mind the surprise victory of PTI in KPK, though not comprehensive.


Not to forget, and we should never forget:


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