Top Tweets Feb 13: Modi, Musharaf and Hayatabad Shia Killing

Malik Omaid

Three main issues kept their space on Friday’s Pakistani twitter. The surprise and not so surprise resume of peace talks after the Obama visit to India and his Phone call to Nawaz Sharif. The unfortunate Peshawar attacks on Shia Imam Bargah and the Musharaf’s interview to International Media accepting of cultivating Taliban during his reign in Afghanistan.

The Dawn reported:
“The announcement came a day after US President Barack Obama called Prime Minis¬ter Sharif to update him about his administration’s efforts for improving Pakistan-India ties. The United States had been nudging India to normalise relations with Pakistan after a spate of skirmishes along the Line of Control in Kashmir and Working Boundary that added acrimony to the relationship between the neighbouring countries.”

Plight of Shia Muslims in Pakistan continued on Friday after just two weeks of Shikarpur incident another Imambargah at Hayatabad area of Peshawar was attacked by terrorists killing atleast 20 and injuring more than 59.
The Express Tribune reported:
“The attack was near-identical to the APS rampage,” Malik (AIJ Shafqat Malik) said. “The militant groups based in the northeastern Afghan province of Kunar might have carried out Friday’s attack,” he said. The Mullah Fazlullah-led TTP had claimed responsibility for the APS massacre, and Pakistani security officials say that Fazlullah and his fighters have found sanctuaries in eastern and southern Afghanistan.”
Its been two months since the nation’s resolve happened after the 16/12 attacks on APS and we are yet vulnerable to attacks in the words of security forces as “Near-identical to APS rampage”. So much for the resolve.

Even one doubt that this attack was not sectarian and by ignoring the previous trend of the attacks on Imam Bargah’s, the spread of sectarianism and extremism is evident as right after the attack sectarian outfits started lauding it on social media.

This question has been making circles for a time now if these same attacks on Shia mosque would have happened in India by Hindu extremists would the reaction by Pakistanis been the same. This has been answered by the huge response on Chapel Hill shootings by Pakistanis when the victims were Muslims.

A day after General Durrani’s speculations regarding Osama bin Ladin General Musharaf spoke the not so hidden truth.

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