Top Tweets Feb 17: Lahore Blast and Urdu trends

Malik Omaid

Yesterday Lahore once again struck with a suicide blast outside Police lines Qila Gujar singh killing at least 8. Initial reports start pouring in on Twitter. In fact I was informed via twitter about the incident.

Soon the twitter feed started to fill with different view and satire on the ruling “Sharifs” especially this one which says “Shahbaz Sharif should give this statement once again (The infamous statement given in 2010 by Shahbaz Sharif asking Taliban to stop targeting Punjab as their and Talibans philosophy is same) this last one has expired.


While watching TV coverage of Wahga border blast in last November I saw these FIF (Falah e Insaniat Foundation) which is the new name of Jamat ud Dawa and it struck me that those who are alleged to commit same crimes across the border are given permission to act as rescue workers afterwards when terrorists in our country kill people. It seems Pakistani authorities define terrorism by borders.

If you want to know which was the TOP TWEET for #LahoreBlast then see this:


A very comprehensive detail of the routine reactions of Pakistani decision makers after each Bomb blast and terrorist attack.


Raza Rumi and Jibran Nasir pointed to the grave facts on the funding of promotion of extremism in Pakistan especially Punjab. Something which was to be checked according to National Action Plan.



After Lahore blast there was another unique trend on twitter Aoo Lambi lambi choRen based on the boastful claims of Pakistani society and leaders. This one satirizes the tsunami brought by Imran Khan in 2014.

“Pakistan Army is a non-political Institution.”


This one saying only three people in the world have all proofs. Faisal Raza Abidi, Mubashar Luqman and Imran Khan.

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